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  1. sp@rky13

    Atomicans, retailers special deals program?

    This idea sounds good. Don't think MSY would do it unless atomic payed for the discount :) They probably couldn't afford it
  2. sp@rky13

    A few suggestions for the forum!

    Normal it's not an option because your posts need to still exist and they can't be deleted without killing loads of threads etc. But yes I agree that I wish we could somehow delete our account if we needed to etc, but have the name for our posts changed to deleted account or something
  3. sp@rky13

    Is PM trading allowed?

    But what can you do about it in the trademart?
  4. sp@rky13

    Gumtree advertising on ebay

    I just saw this ad and thought it best to screen shot it: That's pretty weird that ebay allows a direct competitor to advertise on their site isn't it???
  5. sp@rky13

    ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠ Can we unicode in thread titles?

    Yah it seems to only work on FF and Opera
  6. sp@rky13

    Pic resizing gone away?

    Agreed there. GIMP's way too complicated and slow. This is my order: PS > Pain.NET > GIMP > Paint > Doing nothing :)
  7. sp@rky13

    Free Music?!?

    Well for whatever reason guvera is now down
  8. sp@rky13

    Posts not appearing until later

    Lol, that's weird as. I see what you mean
  9. sp@rky13

    Free Music?!?

    That's true argotha ut I know for me. All I did was chose a song, chose a random channel, clicked download and that was it. In no way did the advertisers get anything out of me. It hasn't made me want to go to dominoes more or anything of the sort
  10. sp@rky13

    Free Music?!?

    Very true there Cyb3r. I don't see how it can last though
  11. sp@rky13

    Free Music?!?

    30 Seconds To Mars Arctic Monkeys Alice In Chains Beastie Boys Daft Punk David Bowie R.E.M Queen OK Go Megadeth Jethro Tull Iron Maiden Iggy Pop Something For Kate The Beatles The Knack The Proclaimers The Sex Pistols Underoath You Am I To name some of the better ones. Hope it helps. EDIT: Sorry .:Cybe3rGlitch:. :P He even spelt your name wrong :)
  12. sp@rky13

    Free Music?!?

    It's pretty awesome. Got accepted for the beta too. Basically you get 2 credits for each sponsor (my understanding at least) then each download takes away a credit (not sure how you get them back). I downloaded the whole coldplay Viva La Vida album (each song seperately but still worked). I don't understand how dominoes and every other sponsor is getting their money's worth but oh well. Any other good artists on there? I downloaded a yellowcard song too
  13. sp@rky13

    Free Music?!?

    Will try this out now. Thanks for the link :)
  14. sp@rky13

    Windows Live Messenger.... GGRRR

    Trying it through pidgin will determine if it's the software or your account (AKA the servers etc)
  15. sp@rky13

    School Computers

    sounds awesome :) but very costly :(