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  1. ssar

    What's on your mind?

    At 11 am on 11 November 1918 the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years continuous warfare. My Great-great-uncle from the Bombala NSW area: Private George Hammond (1885-1917) Australian Infantry Force 35th Battalion, was Killed in Action at Passchendaele Ridge, Belgium on 12 Oct 1917 aged 33 fighting with the Allies against the Germans on the Western Front in World War I. Lest we forget. A beautiful piece ~2mins: The Last Post - String Quartet (The String Family) @ Aust. War Memorial, Canberra: https://youtu.be/E7_Z-nQwFt8
  2. ssar

    What's on your mind?

    Geez: various Syd toll roads over a few days recently (trips: 3 x M2, 2 x LCT, 2 x M7 & a cppl others) - total $42!!! AND pretty much the entirety of a lengthy $7.38 M2 (Thurs arvo peak hour) trip was either at a crawl or slow through roadworks. Don't mind paying a bit for reasonably good flow & motorway distance, but that's a but much.
  3. ssar

    What's on your mind?

    Orionid meteors are visible from anywhere on Earth and can be seen anywhere across the sky, best viewed ~2am ~peak dates 21-22Oct but still likely sightings a few days either side. https://www.space.com/34373-orionid-meteor-shower-guide.html Much of the dusk sky is clearing in the Hunter NSW region anyway.. Get out there later, sit back & gaze upward...
  4. ssar

    GPU upgrade?

    Out of curiosity, did you tell them you'd moved countries, or had bought it/shipped it from the opposite side of the world? Yea, I advised straight up that I'd bought it via Amazon UK, shipped internationally to me here in Australia. Hmm, wonder if I shouldv'e tried not to advise that? Probably would have had to eventually, with the Tax Invoice details, shrug. Looks like I'll have to send it to ASUS service centre Sydney for Out Of Warranty service, $44 initial examination, then quote I guess. Doh.
  5. ssar

    GPU upgrade?

    I bought an ASUS RX480 via amazon.co.uk (for ~AUD$265, saving ~$100) back in Mar17 and it's developed a fault. (ASUS DUAL-RX480-O4G Radeon 4 GB RX 480) Looks like some electronic fault or some such was causing it to intermittently cease sending any video out signal, particularly when attempting to load & run 3D-graphical games. Then more recently simply attempting to play videos. A few days ago it failed (monitor signals stopped abruptly) and now it won't send a signal at all. I removed it and re-inserted an older PCI-e video card (PC running Win 7 Enterprise 64-Bit) which boots and sends the monitor video signal fine. ASUS Service Australia has advised that no global warranty applies to ASUS VGA cards, & since it was not bought in Aust. no warranty applies, which is disappointing. I expected most mainstream global brand electronic products would have a 12-month warranty pretty much regardless.
  6. ssar

    What are you reading?

    I guess bumping this from almost 2 years ago works.. Re-reading Raymond E. Feist's Magician atm (1st read it & it's series in the late 80's, then again several years later or something I think). Enjoying revisiting it now, the Revised edition with more content re-added which was originally culled etc. Quite like the extra details, and some parts I think Feist shouldv'e expanded/detailed even more, though it is a lengthy novel as is. Almost finished, have burnt through it pretty fast, will get straight into Silverthorn after, then A Darkness at Sethanon to finish the Saga. Have read a heap of Dragonlance stuff ages ago (range of authors & settings).. Really enjoyed: - R.A. Salvatore's Dark Elf & Icewind Dale triolgies + other stuff, - Eddings' Belgariad & Malloreon series + other stuff, - Terry Brooks earlier stuff (Original Shannara trilogy, Heritage and a few others) Will have to check out some Brent Weeks stuff after browsing this.
  7. ssar


    I'm not sure how long this has been happening, I can't paste text into any Reply fields when replying to a forums thread here? Is this by design? And can it be adjusted in some user setting? Haven't tested it with many diff browsers on multiple machines, but I find it annoying.
  8. Thanks for the replies & info. Yea, will be looking at building a new desktop PC likely sometime within the next year or so, with new parts along the lines of: - Smallish reasonable ATX case - Good PSU ~650W - Intel i7 6/7 series or similar Ryzen CPU - OK mainboard to suit (nothing too flash nor expensive) - 16GB or 32GB reasonable RAM - SSD ~750GB, maybe 1TB, likely cheap SATA ..To run my already reasonable peripheral/other items: - Dual widescreen monitors: AOC 27" 2ms + HP 24" 6ms IPS - New ASUS Dual RX480 4GB Radeon PCIe vid card - Newish reasonable wired mechanical keyboard - Nice new ASUS wired mouse - Some OK Sony speakers - Win 7 Ultra 64bit So I'd consider a new PSU now (to enable proper power plug-in to new RX480 Radeon vid card) that will also go well into the new case later. I like these new modular ones, something like: - Corsair CS650M 650W 80+ Semi-Modular ~$129 - Coolermaster Vanguard Semi-Modular 650W 80+ ~$135 ..Thoughts?
  9. It appears this 8-pin PCI-e power port on the new Asus Dual RX480 needs a PCI-e 8-pin or PCI-e 6+2-pin power plug from the PSU, and care must be taken to ensure it's correct, and not the very similar 8-pin power plug designed for the CPU/Mainboard. Apparently there is some small difference in the shape of some of the pins on each. Modern good PSUs apparently may have this PCI-e 8 or 6+2 pin power, but my old Aywun doesn't. A suitable adaptor may come packaged with some new video cards apparently, I don't think mine did, but I'll double check. Course, a new PSU would do the trick, but I'll see if I can get hold of a suitable adaptor first, perhaps. Added: Here's the pinout diagram for the GPU & CPU connectors: http://ocau.com/pix/ywyap
  10. Seems I do need a power adaptor such as a 2 x Molex to 8-Pin PCIe Adaptor cable, to power the new RX480 from my Aywun A80+ 550W PSU - is such an adaptor likely to plug in and work fine, in anyone's experience?
  11. Ordered an ASUS Dual RX480-4G Radeon 4GB PCI-e card via Amazon UK on 10th March, worked out ~AUD$265 total incl. postage, international transaction fee etc. It arrived today 28th March, looks good, lookin forward to installing it. My PC has an Aywun A80+ 550W PSU, hopefully it all fits in fine & connects to a power cable OK etc.
  12. ssar

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Replayed Sniper 2 on XBox360 recently on moderate difficulty, was fun. Yesterday started Doom18+ on XBox1, pretty cool.
  13. ssar

    What's on your mind?

    At a little past 10 past 4 this arvo, the time & date will be: 16:10:16 16/10/16.
  14. The modern Touchscreen TAB Electronic Betting Terminal (EBT) machines, which require no staff human contact to insert cash and place bets in many NSW pubs, clubs & TAB centres seem pretty handy. The traditional staffed bar/counter TAB Betting Terminal using the hardcopy paper betting slips which punters fill out & insert into the terminal, processed by the staff operator who handles the cash transaction also seem easy to use. Many venues have both types of these betting terminals these days, some other states would have similar setups. And of course, online betting via PC, smart device, tablet etc. is growing in popularity and also easy. Disregarding online/device betting, as well as the venue installation & running costs of the different terminals, if a venue several years ago added, in addition to their current terminal(s), either 1 Touchscreen Electronic Betting Terminal (EBT) machine, OR instead 1 staffed counter Betting Terminal, which would have been more likely to attract more betting by more punters? Question: Do the Touchscreen Electronic Betting Terminal (EBT) machines, compared to the traditional counter terminal, lead to significantly more punters betting?
  15. ssar

    What's on your mind?

    Tax Phone Scam: Had another couple of messages left on the landline during the past week or so, claiming tax audit problems, legal action will be taken, a possible warrant for my arrest, surveillance, blah blah, in an american/asian/digitized type voice, requesting phone them on 0285181291. So dodgy: http://www.numberlookup.com.au/number/0285181291