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    What is a stack/call stack/stack frame

    Hello everyone, I'm sure for most of you this is probably a pretty stupid question. Right now I'm in my first two years of college learning java and python with hopes to be a pen tester. In my free time I'm trying to learn exploit development and the terms stack frame and call stack keep popping up. I've looked on the internet on countless sights to find out what these terms mean but it seems to me a pretty abstract idea. I was wondering if someone could break these terms down for me to understand.
  2. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    New Programming Language

    Charcoal-Thank you for the information. Luckily for me I've started learning Python in my intro to programming class and I'll be taking Java with an emphasis on object orientation next semester. Cyb3rGlitch-Wouldn't I need to know assembly for debugging and disassembling programs to look for vulnerabilities?
  3. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    New Programming Language

    Okay that makes sense. That kind of sucks universities don't offer hands on experience in the security courses though. How hard was assembly to pick up?
  4. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    New Programming Language

    Powermaniac-You're right, I'll be taking java in a couple of weeks. And when I say computer security I'm talking more along the lines of pentesting, essentially being a white hat hacker. CyberGlitch-I appreciate the information, although I'm a little confused about how I would go about picking up the code. Is that something that is generally taught on the side along with the security concepts? I'm just trying to get a good idea for what to expect.
  5. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    New Programming Language

    I just started my freshman year going for a bachelors in Computer Science and I just finished my first computer programming class that taught the basic ideas of computer programming such as loops, functions, file IO etc by using Python. However now that I have the basic ideas down I'm wondering what you guys think would be a good language to really start on and learn that would benefit me most going for my degree. BTW I intend on focusing more on computer security.
  6. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    Firefox 15 crashing

    Disabling the graphics acceleration fixed the problem! I finally have a functional web browser again!
  7. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    Firefox 15 crashing

    I'm about to give it a try, thanks A Hitman
  8. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    Firefox 15 crashing

    Update:I got rid of FF 15 and installed 14, I also disabled flash and I am still having the same problem
  9. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    Firefox 15 crashing

    How well is chrome working? I'm not a very big fan of chrome, but if it'll run better than FF I'm willing to give it a try. What could be the cause of firefox using up almost all of my RAM though?
  10. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    Firefox 15 crashing

    I just recently bought a new custom computer(specs at the bottom) and have been having trouble running firefox. I upgraded to the new FF 15 and no matter what website I go on FF decided to crash randomly. I did some research and haven't found too much information on this happening to other people. I did however find that there are several reports of people having the same issue with FF 13 and 14. The reason being various plugins such as Adobe flash and Active X crashing on them. (All of my plugins are updated) I've tried running other browsers such as SeaMonkey and Waterfox but with no luck. At one time my computer started running extremely slow so I opened the task manager and saw FF was taking up most of my memory, which is strange since I have 16 gigs of RAM on my computer(I've went into about:config and set my disk cache to 100000 and it exceeds that). This leads me to think that I've been infected with a virus/malware, in which case I'm running scans right now. Other than that does anyone have any ideas? ASUS P8Z77-VLK motherboard 16 gig Corsair black vengeance RAM Intel i7 3.4Ghz processor 2 tb hdd ATI radeon 2 one gig 5700 series graphics cards (running crossfire)
  11. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    Load Balancing Cluster problem

    We're using a load balancing cluster to use all of the memory and power from all of the old Desktops we don't use to make 1 fast computer, pretty much just for a learning curve. We have windows server 2008 one one computer and for the rest are either running ubuntu or win7
  12. Me and my friend have several computers and wanted to put them to use so we decided to use them in a load balancing cluster. We've researched it for a while and are aren't sure whether or not if we should use linux's cluster knoppix, or a version of windows. I know that you can make a load balancing cluster using windows server 2003 and 2008, but is it possible using windows 7. And whether we used Windows or Linux, would we have to install the same OS on every computer?
  13. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    ubuntu in XBox without mod chip

    Is/was it illegal to install linux on an XBox?
  14. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    Registry cleaners for XP

    ccleaner and defraggler
  15. d0es_n0t_c0mpute

    How secure is linux/unix

    "Valid points... as I say though, it is wrong to state X is more popular, therefore more malware will be written to target X. While popularity certainly has a bearing on the likelihood of security issues, it often is wrongly blamed as being the reason. This needs to change." Isn't that the sole reason that windows is targeted more than linux? Windows is used more than any linux/unix distro. Which is why there is more malware/virus's and exploits out there targeting the Windows OS