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  1. dysfunctional16

    Guild Wars 2

    I've found the bugs quite frustrating. Specifically the party bugs, not being able to change overflows to play with ur party members (this i somewhat fixed but still buggy). And when we finally did get on the same server if our party member were more than 2 feet away from each other they would appear 'out of region' and their portrait would go black. That and map drawing and map pinging wasn't showing up for anyone else in the party. It's hard to focus on the positive things when these bugs really ruin the game when u play as a party. A few crashes in the first couple days. How do you view you in-game ping?! As far as the public questing go and the 'heart' quests, i find them extremely confusing. It's difficult to figure out what you actually have to do and where to do it. There's rarely map markers that indicate where to go. I feel the open public quests were done better by Warhammer online TBH. Combat is cool and feels good, BUT when the system relies on dodging attacks and evasion by moving around alot, us Aussies kinda get screwed again. It's not too bad for PVE but for PVP it's a killer.
  2. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III

    I thought we buried this thread? :P Wait till later this week (allegedly the 21st) for the 1.0.4 patch, should make thing interesting, at least it'll give u an excuse to try out the classes again. I suspect bliz is trying to transform d3 into a wow hugfest. Bring on the end game content. If u want to progress in inferno, level a monk up, I've found they're the easiest to fit out for inferno for fairly cheap due to the 'one with everything' passive.
  3. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III

    Before the IAS nerf, all i ever used, pre-lvl 60, were daggers with IAS for all my chars (cept for DH of course). Even now, if u can find a high dps dagger with LoH they sell for millions. I never noticed the change in melee distance personally, since it's such a small difference, it's not an issue worth assessing. My monk has 1k LoH at 1.6 attacks per second and is solid. I experimented with a 2H axe with 900LoH which put my total to about 1.3kLoH but only at 1.1 attacks per second and I couldn't stay alive. Need high attack speed for LoH to be effective, minimum is 1.4-1.6 in my experience.
  4. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III

    I'm just leveling my Wiz in inferno. I have about 1800 Int, 800 Vit, with buffs about 4k armor and 250 resists. I cruised through act 1 using a pure DPS build: 35k dps. Can't handle Act 2 with that amount of resists tho. Even when kiting like a MFer you can't avoid the occasional hit and I get 1 shot if I don't happen to have Diamond Skin active. I found that high DPS build is more fun that low dps high tank... for act 1 anyway. I found my best item i've come across/seen so far the other night in act 1, not even farming, just progressing though: Rare pants with 590 armor, 130 Int, 130 Vit, 76 Resist All, Health Globe bonus and Life after kill. I checked on the AH and it's worth between 20 and 99 mil (with the massive gold inflation anyway). Much more valuable to me wearing them atm tho.
  5. dysfunctional16

    half life 2 mod 11

    Correct, the mod requires content from Ep 1 and 2.
  6. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III hacking debacle

    Blizzard haven't been hacked. You haven't been hacked. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-mail_spoofing You're account is fine. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5911721680 Be sure you have SMS security and B.net Authenticator attached.
  7. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III

    I'll give it a go. I'd recommend working the Watch Tower in the Northern Highlands into it also. I had a good run on that: 1 Fortune Shrine, 6 Champ/Rare packs, 1 Treasure Goblin and the Resplendent Chest. I got Eternal Union from that particular run.
  8. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III

    Ma Zombie Bears are RUINED! It pretty much makes WD useless since I use Zombie Bears are my primary AOE in Inferno. Looks like I'll have to start gearing up one of my other level 60 chars. Not impressed with the 30000 gold repair bills when my shit turns yellow. @nobodyishere Anything up to Inferno is no problem. As a rule, when I'm levelling a character, if I hit a wall I go to the AH and limit my purchases to 20k per item and do an upgrade the the best I can get for that price. I've levelled 3 characters to 60 doing this and I have the other 2 at 37 and 42. Not expensive and effective. Don't bother farming for items until you get to inferno imo.
  9. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III

    Yeh, that's the way I read it also. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6262208/Pa...w-6_6_2012#blog Very smooth changes.
  10. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III

    Good luck with the Chattering Gem. I wasn't paying much attention at the time, but I seem to remember I bought the staff of herding plan from an NPC. It could have been for one of the higher difficulties though... I'll have to check with my blacksmith.
  11. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III

    Dude, take a breath! :P You don't have to upgrade right away, you can play up to lvl 13 with any character, if u killed the Skelly King, just start a new game... if that floats your boat. You can upgrade through Blizzard as a digital download or you can buy a physical copy and active your key with ur battle.net account. This will also upgrade your Starter Edition and you'll keep all your items and XP. If you hover over an unidentified item it will tell you in the popup tooltip to 'right click to identify' the item then you will be able to see the stats.
  12. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III

    Not entirely true. Apparently it intelligently detects your machine's ID and stores a session online for your computer. So if you use another computer (even on the same day) it will ask you for the authenticator code. You are right though, checking every time you login is the most secure.
  13. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III

    Ermagawd guise, get orthendicaters! Seriously, I've yet to see a case where an account had an authenticator attached and it was compromised. If u don't have a smartphone, order to standalone authenticator from Blizzard. Also, are you fucking serious? No AV? I have a G110 keyboard so I set up a macro key to do it when I login. Bam!
  14. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III

    So what exactly is D3 "supposed" to be? As for compromised accounts; the blame falls on the users. I can't see how Blizzard can do much more to make Battle.net accounts more secure. They already have more client-side security measures than paypal ffs!.
  15. dysfunctional16

    Diablo III

    The point of getting the best (better) gear is so you can kill mobs faster and thus get better gear faster... (and then showing your items off to your friends as a bonus). Or in terms of Inferno: just surviving the next mob. I agree that D3 is more dynamic than D2 which adds to the enjoyment but at the end of the day the goal still remains the same. The goal is NOT to "finish" the game. You don't "finish" Diablo 3, you just stop playing.