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  1. arkiek

    Competition Results

    can someone say what the game was, being 16 i think it was a bit before my time.
  2. arkiek

    What of Atomic?

    i think it should be renamed to Atomic MPC & TA
  3. arkiek

    Black Mesa Source Gameplay Leaked!

    so in case you guys didn't know there's also an ARG included in the game. ARG on Reddit ARG on the BMS forums The Chopper is actually a boss fight. actually i played the original HL for the first time weeks ago and got through the first minefield by skirting around the edge. i didn't realise why there was grenades and shotgun ammo everywhere.
  4. Samsung is planning to counter-sue apple if the Iphone 5 contains 4g LTE technology. Samsung owns 12% of all LTE patents issued so the case seems pretty much in their favour. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/appl...technology.html
  5. arkiek

    Android 4.1 - Jelly Bean

    cm10 experimental mods are finally out for the galaxy s2 and i'm loving jelly bean right now. it feels faster, smoother and seems to be more battery efficient. also i love google now and the new search.
  6. arkiek

    Acer Predator Competition (July 2012)

    no you didn't Q1 "What is the storage capacity of Acer’s new Predator as featured in the video above?
  7. arkiek

    Acer Predator Competition (July 2012)

    there's also the storage space which is listed as 120gb ssd and 2tb hdd in the video but ony 2tb hdd on the description
  8. arkiek

    The gripping Nobody813 v Asus saga continues

    I've had a similarly annoying problem with my HP laptop, except it's the graphics card that seems to be playing up. after using it for a while for anything (playing games, watching youtube) these flickering evenly spaced bars will start showing across the top of the screen and won't go away until i restart. (i've also tried closing the lid and opening it but that doesn't help). i sent it in for repair once in january and once a week ago and the first time they replaced the screen and the second time they were going to replace the system board however they couldn't replicate the issue so they just reinstalled windows for me (i wipe laptops before i send them in for repair as a privacy thing). the issue is still there so i'm sending it again this week. Any advice guys on what to do next if it isn't fixed? video of the issue edit: i'm assuming it will be the same as above
  9. arkiek

    Skyrim: Dawnguard Beta

    Hey Guys, i'm surprised no-ones mentioned this yet, Bethesda have anounced a beta of the upcoming dawnguard expansion pack for the xbox 360. http://dawnguardbeta.elderscrolls.com/ to register you need to have a bethsoft forum account and to fill in a quick questionnaire about what type of xbox you have and the characters you have in the game.
  10. arkiek

    Sydney Overclocking Event

    and I can't go, I have exams starting the next morning.
  11. arkiek

    Sydney Overclocking Event

    If I were to attend there would be no intention of drinking. I mean alcohol just generally tastes shit.
  12. arkiek

    Sydney Overclocking Event

    so I'm assuming that being under 18 i won't be able to attend?
  13. have you tried following this guide? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1075278 it is extremely useful, also make sure it's i9100g firmware not i9100/i9100t firmaware, they have different processors and GPU's so they aren't cross compatible i9100g firmware download
  14. arkiek

    Dodo Advertisement - non PC?

    i always thought there forums would be more popular ασ ιτ'σ μορε γενεραλισεδ ψομπθτινγ edit: how the fuck did my KB go greek as i was sayingi always thought there forums would be more popular as it's more generalised computing.
  15. Fagbook app has worked fine for me... well, until I uninstalled it the other day after seeing the sms permissions it has. If you get an application that allows you to manage permissions manually you can stop Facebook accessing all that. I installed cyanogenmod 7 on my nexus one as a test before I get my galaxy s2 and I found that you can manually manage app permissions natively so I don't know if the store has any apps that do it. So I disabled facebooks access to my contacts, messages and phone/call state and it's running fine.