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  1. t-dog

    Need recommendations

    Yeah a budget would be nice as my headphones were pretty pricy as they cost me nearly $200 and that was with a significant discount. I just tested the control talk feature with my Nexus S. I was able to answer the phone with it and the person on the other end said I was coming through clear through the mic. I was able to skip through tracks while playing music but I was not able to adjust the volume via the control.
  2. t-dog

    Need recommendations

    I just got a Nexus S last night of my mate who has just come from the states and he also picked me up a pair of Monster Turbine Pro Gold IEM's with control talk which means that it has a mic and phone control built in to IEM's. It is meant to work with all IPhones and some Blackberry’s but I am not sure about androids as I am yet to test them out with my phone as I am still burning them in but if the control talk feature works with my phone I will let you know and you could possibly get a pair of Monster IEM's that have control talk.
  3. t-dog

    New Google Nexus S

    I just received my Nexus S last night from my mate. It set me back around $600 once you factor in the sale tax and the currency conversion charges. I haven't really had much time to play around with it and being my first android device I don't know where to really begin to optimise it. It seems to be faster than my brothers SGS but then again I don't really have that many apps running on it at the moment. I will give further impressions on the phone when I have had more of a chance to play around with it.
  4. t-dog

    New Google Nexus S

    I have heard that a lot of people are having problems getting one from Best Buy as Best Buy is not accepting credit cards from outside the US and are also stopping/cancelling all orders that are sent to known freight forwarders. Thus it will be hard for people to import this from the US. You can also get the phone from carphone warehouse in the UK but the UK pricing is much more than the US pricing at £550. Hopefully Best Buy stores will have some in stock so my mate can pick one up for me.
  5. t-dog

    New Google Nexus S

    I will hopefully be getting one soon as my mate leaves for the States on Friday so I will get him to pick me up one if there are any in stock so I should have it by January when he comes back. While I don't think it is much of a step up from the current phones on the market it is still a very good phone for the price as you can't get any phone with its specs for $550. The only major drawback that I find with it is the lack of a memory card slot but it is not a deal breaker for me as it still has 16gb onboard which is enough for some movies, tv shows and music. I was planning on waiting for dual-core phones to come out early next year but they will be much more expensive than this and I currently don't need that much power from a phone as it is the Nexus will be a huge step up for me. I will hopefully give my opinion of the phone when I get it and have some time to play around with it.
  6. Hey Guys, I am looking for advice on buying a laptop as I have never bought or owned one before. I am sort of in two minds with regards to the laptop size as I will be using this laptop when I go out into field for work in the mines. As I will be on a fly in fly out arrangement I am thinking that a more compact laptop may be more suitable. However smaller laptops have a higher premium than larger laptops spec for spec. On the other hand I am thinking that a larger laptop may possibly be better as I would have a larger screen to watch movies or play games on. So I am basically looking for recommendations on various different sized laptops, although I think 16" would be the largest I would want to go in the $1000-$1500 range although closer to the $1000 mark would be more favourable. I have seen a promotion of some Acer laptops from Big Brown Box that is offering the Acer cashback plus an Acer Betouch 120 Smartphone. I am only considering this deal as my current phone is playing up and I need a replacement and I don't want to buy a phone until some new android phones come out later in the year so I was thinking I could use the Acer until then and then get rid of it. The laptops I was considering were the Aspire 5742g both the $1099 and $1199 model but I can seem to find any information on these laptops and they aren't listed on the Acer website. I am also considering Aspire 5820g Timeline X. Are these good deals? I am mainly considering them because you get the free phone but the laptops seem to me to be alright. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  7. You do realise that desktop components are completely different to laptop components and are far superior. The core i5 750 is clocked at 2.66GHz which is a lot faster than your i7 in your laptop. Plus with a decent cooler like the one nesquick listed you would be able to over clock it to 4ghz. The desktop HD5850 would destroy your laptop HD5870. Your card would probably be on par with a desktop HD5770. A desktop HD5870 is like 11’' long and struggles to fit into smaller desktop cases let alone into a laptop.
  8. t-dog

    Upgrade build idea

    Another person is looking at a similar AMD upgrade to you here. http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=30431 You would be better of going with a intel system like a Core i5 750 over the AMD as it is a better performer.
  9. t-dog

    Pls Help - Hot CPU?

    Those temps are ridiculously high. Have you overclocked the CPU? Are you using the stock cooler or an aftermarket one? Even using the stock cooler your temps are really high especially if it is not overclocked. Check to see it you have mounted your cooler properly and that the fan is working.
  10. Well considering the current top spec Gigabyte board the UD7 is around the $400 mark, I would expect the UD9 to be over $500, which is a quarter of your budget.
  11. t-dog

    New, cheap i5 build

    I had a feeling I was right. Let me guess you were looking at the MSY pricelist.
  12. t-dog

    building a new pc

    I suggested the i5 650 as the OP said that his friends will not be overclocking and clock for clock the i5 650 will be faster than the i5 750 at stock speeds.
  13. t-dog

    building a new pc

    Go for a P55 platform as the 775 sockets are outdated. Grab a i5 650 over the E8500 as it is pretty much the same price as the E8500 and performs better. Grab a 4GB kit of ram for it. You may want to look at another brand like G.Skill for ram as Corsair are generally more expensive. For the graphics card since they don't game now and you are not sure if they will game get a HD5770 as it will play most games fairly well and since they aren't gamers’ they wouldn't notice/need the performance of a HD5850.
  14. t-dog

    new i5 build thoughts

    I haven't found the noise of the fan on my cooler to be loud even under full load. I guess it really comes down to if you are willing to spend more than double the cost of the Hyper 212+ on the Thermalright and obviously you are.
  15. t-dog

    new i5 build thoughts

    You could virtually build the same build that I have listed in my sig with a few changes for example the case. P55 platforms are dual channel so a 6GB kit of ram is a waste, as you would use either 4GB or 8GB in my opinion 4GB should be fine for light encoding. You could also go for a cheaper kit of ram from G.Skill or Geil instead of the Corsair's. Go for the HX-650 I have got one and it is a great PSU. You can get a 24" monitor from Acer, Benq or Asus for around $250 so I would look at them. In my opinion the Sata III Black is a waste of money you may as well get the Sata II version and save so money because as far as I know you won't see a performance difference to justify the price difference. For cooling look at a Hyper 212+ as it is only $39 from umart or MSY and it does a very good job of cooling for the price.