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  1. activate

    Razer Switchblade

    What's everyones opinion on the upcoming portable gaming netbook/handheld from Razer?
  2. I don't think I need a 4890 for my gaming anymore. What would be a good card to downgrade to? Maybe a GTX 260?
  3. activate

    Sandy Bridge Build

    Agreed. I don't think it's necessary either. Overall it looks awesome OP
  4. activate

    Free Benchmark Software

    I always use Prime95.
  5. activate

    Noisy 2 Pin fan Graphics Card - HD 4850

    My Palit 4850 cooler is extremely loud also. Been meaning to replace it for a while.
  6. activate

    Thermal paste life expectancy

    The good stuff like AS5 will last a few years. It doesn't really expire. It just degrades and you'll notice a temperature rise.
  7. activate

    Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus

    I own the Hyper 212. Seems that the 'plus' gives a rather significant temperature change over mine.
  8. activate

    What do you do with your old HDD's?

    I have a big box where my fireballs and old deskstars are stashed.
  9. activate


    Fermi will be a much better purchase option IMO