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  1. svd115

    "This is a Joke Right ? "

    the north american Marlin Brando look alike club?
  2. svd115

    Ultramarines the movie

    *cough* i was talking about Avatar the movie... that had CGI in it didn't it?
  3. svd115

    Ultramarines the movie

    who knows, maybe if this does really well, they'll do more WH40K movies...as a first timer movie type for the games im rather looking forward to it, and am not overly phased by incorrectness in the movie and if the CGI isn't Avatar standards etc...(note i haven't seen avatar, its just that i hear it has good cgi...) so im just going to enjoy it
  4. svd115

    can anyone recommed an decent FPS?

    im sorry, i just could not get into borderlands...was waayyyy too slow at the start and thats where i said, pffft, next!! others are good suggestions though, but fallout 3, only if you don't mind walking around alot...
  5. svd115

    GPU war flames up

    haha, i call massive BS.
  6. svd115

    A tickley new mod!

    negative points are pretty easy to get around here...
  7. svd115

    Camera porn

    damn...i need new lenses now...
  8. svd115

    Is this board Pci-e 2?

    i think pci-e x16 v1.x has been long since discontinued...
  9. hmmm, do i get the 5970...or wait for a 69xx card...hard decisions...
  10. svd115

    I gotsta promotion!

    cool all the same, oh and i heard beer in this thread....?
  11. svd115

    Games with multiplayer campaign mode?

    RA3 does, Dead rising 2 does.
  12. svd115

    Battlefield 3

    im holding my breath...
  13. svd115

    Google appears to be doing evil

    HAHA, nice work google.
  14. svd115

    AMD and nVidia have email war

    there needs to be a third competitor, then we would be having even greater choice!
  15. svd115

    Fan-Made Sonic

    Awesome looking sonic!