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  1. jetbuster

    Windows Live and Steam ids

    Pretty sure my steam name is RaRemoz
  2. oo okies ive only ever seen it done on two exactly the same monitors so i assumed otherwise
  3. jetbuster

    MechWarrior Living Legends Mod for Crysis

    i loved everything but the over complex traditional controls.... I know its supposed to be a remake... but come on the controls are a nightmare for newcomers
  4. @nukejockey Firstly if i had them on extend it would mean when i turn my primary monitor off or have it on TV/console mode, i can no longer use the start menu. Then of cause it means id have to scale my res down, which i hate. @raradawg o yah XD thats right it was 1440x900 haha i couldn't be mothered plugging it back in to see the res XD, but yes thats essentially what i was wanting ill have a play around later today. @Harvey :/ he doesnt have an HDMI-DVi male adapter everything else was awesome xD his whole site is very easy to use too.
  5. i know he sounds overly excited but hear him out he has a reason too
  6. basically how can I do it, I have a 5770 hawk, an HDMI port and a DVI port, a 1400x600 screen and a full 1080p screen (this is the new one). I don't want to extend desktop and i would like to keep 1080p becasue i use the HD screen as my primary monitor now. I was thinking of running the 1080p screen on the HDMI, the 1400 on the DVI, but my problem is how can that be done without extending desktop and having them run interdependently. Keep in mind that I haven't gotten the HDMI cord yet, becasue they are ridiculously priced T_T"
  7. jetbuster

    win7 fixing//

    1:20 p.m. - Gingie: I've tried that, command console even, its active, but its not there, and its not just hidden either. 1:20 p.m. - Gingie: Effectively, I've created a computer in my computer. just ended up putting xp32bit on and showing him how to get all 4gb of his ram seen by the games :D thx atomicMPC!!
  8. jetbuster

    win7 fixing//

    exactly.... im thinking xp is easiest i definitely have a legit copy of tht and im not using it on any machines
  9. jetbuster

    win7 fixing//

    his dad brought an oem cd home one time he wouldn't be able to remember which one and that could take forever to find at their work too XD if only it was soo easy :/
  10. jetbuster

    win7 fixing//

    so my friend basically managed to remove all traces of Admin accounts form his PC hes a guest on it he cant even get admin in safe mode.. I would just re install windows but i cant for the life of me find my 7 disk.. anything i haven't done i can try? we are leaning to wards xp64bit right now seems easy enough
  11. jetbuster

    Halo reach Limited edition Console!

    Mirosofts noob naming aside (most stores forget to add the S on the new Xbox) theres a limited edition Xbox360 S console with a halo reach version !!!11 lawl i needed a new xbox my brother was taking our old one to Tech XD
  12. jetbuster

    HDTV monitor!?

    yes shortly after posting I went and searched furiously because i'm special like that..... Any way found the same one from a local retailer 2shy, problem is it costs about 80 dollars more (currency converted of-cause)your one costs $452.686 NZD. How reliable are PC case gear? would they deliver overseas? I want my bargain :3 otherwise its Ifocus.co.nz for $539.00 NZD I got my 5770 Hawk from there, less than 3days from ordering to arriving it was amazing
  13. jetbuster

    HDTV monitor!?

    With the review of that ben-q monitor/tv on the site it got me thinking because that sort of thing would be what I needed, I could PC, Xbox and TV all with the one product (and also because I Xbox on and old but capable CRT). Problem is in NZ we have this thing where we don't get the latest stuff just in case they wont sell and some times it really digs into the verity of products available. So I come across the "Samsung Touch Of Color T260HD 25.5-Inch LCD HDTV Monitor" and im all like omg wtf bbq <3 it covers my bases http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Touch-T260HD...r/dp/B001AYCNIW is it worth it trying to get it?
  14. jetbuster

    varying multipliers

    Shweet ^_^" just looked a tad fishy but ill do some comparisons in the weekend with it on and off
  15. i have an AMD athalon 64 X2 4600+ and its old, its 90nm old. The thing is I got cpu-z for curiosity reasons and my CPU alters its multiplier and voltage depending on what its doing... Ive never looked at it before so idk if this is a normal occurrence.. it moves form x5-x12 and 1.104V-1.2V its quite a big diff the core clock ends up being 1ghz at x5 seriously is it normal?