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  1. horizon011

    Aliens Vs Predator!

    this game runs smooth for me..heres a list of bugs known so avoid them as much as possible : 1.Torchlight (T) makes game crash alot so use flares instead 2.Turning down your audio sample rate to 4800 nothing above 24bit is okay(game barely runs when its not set like this) 3.If you dont have up2date drivers alot of things will screw up!! ATI 10.2 is out go get it!!!
  2. horizon011

    Alan Wake PC Officially cancelled

    the console players ruin it again for us..damn console players!!!! someone invent a serious virus that makes all consoles play up terribly and teach em a lesson
  3. horizon011

    Empire Total War

    i run it at max no problem and it still looks average i dont see why they couldnt do WW1 or WW2..they could just put limits on how big your army was..make it even..make it so u can only have a certain number of tanks.. i think it would run great if they put thought into it.. and i wouldnt wanna as Genghis Khan cause there would be 2 many asians :P what about the Ireland,Scotland,England,Wales,France war...they would be simple and formations..even still have melee!
  4. horizon011

    Empire Total War

    i hope the next game they release is based in like WW2 .. get some old skool machine guns in there tear up the infantry.. if they did it well and polished it..i reckon that would be a great game!! or a Dawn Of War version of it .. haha hell yea!
  5. horizon011

    Steam Purchases

  6. horizon011

    Aliens Vs Predator!

    it has begun!! countless hours of AVP!!
  7. horizon011

    Shattered Horizon

    no.. i just thought it wouldnt be very hard to click home or whatever to go the front page..lazy!
  8. horizon011

    Aliens Vs Predator!

    well it released in north america today..and its all over the net.. so why the AUS hold up..maybe there is restrictions ?
  9. horizon011

    Mass Effect 2...

    everytime they bring out a DLC your gonna have to restart the game just to do it..so im just waiting ive already finished the game once...wait and wait until all the main DLC's are released or it starts taking 2 long.. they might even release a expansion pack because of how popular it was!
  10. horizon011

    Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

    nukejockey stole my candy :(
  11. horizon011

    Heroes of Newerth Beta Keys

    me! ill have one please :)
  12. horizon011

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    yea i have that problem aswell.. how tha hell do u fly ? sometimes i can remain still in midair..thats the best i can do.. are all the controls reversed or something its impossible ive sat there trying over and over and failing each time..
  13. horizon011

    Battlefield BC2 compatiblity

    to scratch and lose and rebuy over and over again while my digital copy stays the same as the day i bought it :)
  14. horizon011

    Crossfire Game

    http://games.on.net/file/32255/Cross_Fire_...me_Client_v1040 its free and available for download :) anyone playing this game ?
  15. horizon011

    Battlefield BC2 compatiblity

    yes itll work..but why would u wanna do that ? u can get it on steam for about that price