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    4 weeks of BF3

    week 1 I Received BF3 retail version as a gift. I Installed it, setup my Origin account jumped into a server with some mates … and got disconnected from every game on every server we tried. Noooo! So i spent the rest of that night and part of the next day trying to track down a solution. To my dismay I found I wasn't alone, there were thousands of posts from people suffering the same plight. To resolve the issue I had to disable SSSD and uPnP as services in windows and uPnp in the router! Now one would think that this issue would have been addressed in one of the patches prior to the R20 patch considering the amount of people who experienced this problem … but NO … this problem still persists ... The R20 patch did not address this issue either. It remained stable and we had no more "disconnected from server" issues for the rest of the week. week 2 With the above issue resolved we decide to go ahead and rent a 32 slot hypernia server, so we are up and running, and having have a ball, yeah! Towards the end of the week DICE/EA release the R20 patch. The RSP updated the server and Origin updated all of us...great back to the server go. Only to be kicked out by Drunkbuster! .... NOOOO! the reason ...an undisclosed violation! FFS week3 So it’s back to trolling through the forums in the hope of finding a solution … after several hours we gave up on the forums ... and did a manual update of drunkbuster for BF3 and made sure that the server was updated as well. This fixed the problem and were off and running again. The sever is running flat out with people queing to get in ... fantasic we have the start of a solid base, and can see gaming nirvana on the horizon. week 4 its midweek the server is still running hot and we start getting kicked with “You were disconnected from EA Online (1)” WTF! .... NOOOOO! and this happened in every game. So its back to google in search of a solution. At this point I'm thinking that if you want me to be your beta tester DICE/EA you should be paying me and not me paying you! Now to make matters worse, there is no fix for this issue. Once again the forums are flooded with people in the same boat as us. No responce from DICE/EA ... why should they, they got our money. So now were left with a server we cant play on ... and a game that is now unplayable AGAIN! This was the deal breaker. A quick point on servers, we wanted to password protect ours for a private session, but for this to happen it has to be unranked, but according to R20 documentation once a server is unranked, it can never be ranked again! What! So here we are paying premium prices for servers to serve DICE’s community. Certainly another sweet deal for them at our cost!, and lets not talk about the % they get from the RSP’s contracts. $$ka-ching$$ and in return we dont even get the tools to admin our servers in a fair and proper manner. We use procon, but it's crippled by the BF3 code despite their close relationship with DICE. Aye Karumba! Moving on, I’m sure the techno savvy amongst us might be thinking it’s all related to hardware, and that maybe a fair assumption. I’m running Asus Sabertooth P87 mobo sandybridge chipset, i7 2700k CPU, 16gb corsair vengeance RAM, twin GPU GFX card with 2gb of DDR5 Vram, across an eyefinity rig {3x24”} on Win7 x64 ultimate. Network is controlled via a 1gb switch to ADSL2+ router. Is this not good enough? In retrospect, a bunch of us got together last week for a BFBC2 bash with some friends in the US, heavy metal for 7 hours without the slightest glitch. It was one of the best punch on sessions we have had in a long time, we all just had so much fun. Looks like we need to go back to BFBC2 for our battlefield fun fix, and leave all this fustration and misery behind us. Will they ever sort this mess out, I cant see it. So we decided to cut our loses now and move on with our lives. I have cancelled the server, we have all uninstalled Origin and BF3 and we BBQ'd all our retail disks on good friday.{they tasted crap btw, no surprise there}. Shame on you DICE for treating those that have stayed loyal and supported you over the years in this manner. We've been giving you our money since BF 1942 and this is the way you repay us. You bent us over well and truly this time DICE/EA. But never again! Cheers all
  2. ddt.

    Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW

    Hi Guys, This is a painful problem with these monitors ..... and for that very reason .... I would neither recommend nor purchase another Samsung product. How stupid not to allow the end user the ability to turn this off! I canceled an order for 2 more of these .... because of this problem .... {but sadly we have already purchased 3 of them ... lol} The only solution I have come up with is to drop the your screen res down via your GPU interface to something close to the programs native res. ie. if the apps native res is 800x600 ..... I found you could go to 1360x768 before the bitch screen kicks in. And yep .... you guessed right .... it will screw up your well laid out desktop when you return to 1920x1080!!! I wonder if the idiot who thought this was a good idea still works there? {probably owns the company ... lol ... 'cause there mobiles are just as painful}. Cheers All.