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  1. Hey all. well, skyrims nearly here (sort of) i'm a tad excited and from the look of the trailer the graphics are going to be insane. I want to be able to run it with everything on high. at the moment i've still only got a 5770 which i'm relatively sure doesn't have the power to do that. If i had to go out and buy a card tomorrow it would probably be another 5770, but i'm not totally sure about that. any advice? looking to spend a maximum of three hundred. thanks, raxo.
  2. raxo55

    Surround Headphones

    Surround headphones are a gimmick. An awesome pair of stereo headphones coupled with a nice sound card will get you better surround than any "Surround sound" headphones.
  3. raxo55

    Desktop Shots

    I got mine from Digital Camera Warehouse for $400, it's in sydney. If I remember correctly your in victoria? That's awesome sorah, I thought it was real car for a moment.
  4. raxo55

    Desktop Shots

    hey guys, this is my first post in this forum so, go easy on me. recently bought a canon 1000D that came with an 18-55mm lens. Had a bit of fun with that over the holidays, went and bought a macro lens for some fun, here are the results (or atleast the ones I liked) An old piggy bank I found in a cupboard. Propped a light up behind it and I liked the effect. Close up of my snowball mic. Very nice mic I might say. The volume dial on Cambridge Audio amp. Audio Technica AD-700. Very nice set of cans particularly for the price, could do with a bit more bass though. So yea, I took some more but they aren't too good. Any input? Thanks guys, raxo
  5. raxo55

    Desktop Shots

    Is this from a Canon - EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro ? I have the Canon MPE65 and Sigma Macro 105mm F2.8 EX DG Lenses. I love Macro Yea thats it, nice lens I think.
  6. raxo55

    Desktop Shots

    It's a canon compact macro lens.
  7. raxo55

    Show us your Rig

    your really need to do some cable management work on that rig jdog, and why is there a massive heatsink in one of your PCI brackets.
  8. hey all, just got an email telling me that my plan change had gone into effect and that i would now receive 0mb of download each month, I then checked my usage and it showed 5% used out of 1TB?!?!?? Has optus finally woken up and upgraded their fusion plans to something realistic? Possibly! EDIT: ok just got another one telling me that they were so eager to tell me the news they got it wrong. I have been upgraded to a 1tb fusion plan, for $129 a month!! sick.
  9. raxo55

    Fractal Design Define XL case!

    seczay no, really. It looks awesome. me thinks we might finally see some watercooled fractals.
  10. Slow torrents hear too, but speedtest.net has stayed the same. Rob. prety much my exact problem. but an update to utorrent seemed to do the trick. still slow on the wow downloads though.
  11. weirdly though, Im getting amazingly slow downloads at the moment on everything. from torrents to wow patches everything is slow.
  12. raxo55

    Jdog v Nobody813

    BSOD I'll go into more detail when I figure out a few things Should have let me OC your PC XD I want a retro OCing comp. All competitors with Abit NF7-S Nforce2 mobos 2x512mb of BH-5 RAM Each powered by an Athlon XP-M Barton core And a 9800XT vid card. That shit would be awesome. do want.
  13. hmm guess I overlooked that, anyways much awesomeness delivered from optus. I was contemplating moving this month, good timing.
  14. raxo55

    XFX GTX 460

    IC, so my XFX7800GTX box under the bed is old now......... yes....if you want XFX you have to go red... after seeing this it doesnt look real.. yea that makes it look really fake.
  15. yes...i think ill start saving.......it would go nice with my rig im building next year (similar to nukes rig but without WC and a ud7 and i7 950 instead) really is that what it is? thanks for clarifying what was in your computer, we all just wanted to hear it that one more time. it's not as if we couldn't just look down at your sig and read about it, you've posted in pretty much every single thread.
  16. Hey guys I'm looking at buying a headset for gaming and movie watching and such, and I was wondering what you all thought? budget is about $200 and I would prefer that it had a mic. I've been looking at the roccat kave and the G35. I'd prefer the kave for the nice looks, and the fact that it has true 5.1 surround as opposed to simulated. any opinions are helpful, raxo
  17. raxo55

    Atomic's moving

    I am mwhAHAHAHAH BEWARE P.S SHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT who else am gOING TO ANNOY? I don't get the joke tell me every1 is staying Hawkeye:( what?
  18. raxo55

    Atomic's moving

  19. raxo55

    Atomic's moving

    This thread is full of lols.
  20. raxo55

    Show us your Rig

    jdog seriously, what is all this high end modelling/rendering you do? for some reason I don't see it being particularly "high end".
  21. raxo55

    Show us your Rig

    Seriously, don't aim to high for your first build jdog. I was reading a couple of stories on OCAU about some kids who just went straight out with a high level $4000 beast, only to have the motherboard and all other components get fried due to motherboard stand offs being forgotten. build something small, a nice $1000-$1500 rig. You'll get some practice building and you'll be able to buy it sooner and not "plan" in everyone elses threads. I know personally, that after building my rig I know feel a lot more confident in my self, I feel as if in the next couple of years as I plan to do something maybe a lot more powerful I will be able to aim higher without the small chance of all my hardware just being flushed down the toilet by one small thing that I might have forgotten.
  22. raxo55

    Show us your Rig

    Now you can add that to the ever growing list of rigs that you want to build but never will :) he can start telling everyone about it in every thread as well.
  23. You make me laugh =D

  24. raxo55

    Project Nanaki Begins

    Awesome, 800D seems like a fantastic case What are you doing power supply wise? If it's nothing huge you should definitely sleeve the cables, MDPC style!