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  1. So that's what they do at University.
  2. vat3r


    Can we get a score tally, please.
  3. vat3r

    Instant Karma may get me

    You're very intrigue, aren't you?
  4. vat3r

    I'm just disgusted with this place

  5. vat3r

    I have a Job opening at my work.

    Reminds me of my old position as a billiards tester. Decent work if you can get it.
  6. vat3r

    Civic Duty in Critical Emergencies

    The priority would be to capture the event on my camera phone, followed by YouTube (whacky soundtrack and fast-motion to taste).
  7. vat3r

    First shots from AMC's "The Walking Dead"

    In my locality it'd take a keen eye to spot the transition to a zombie apocalypse.
  8. vat3r

    Instant Karma may get me

    He's probably too young to understand what a shakedown run is anyway.
  9. vat3r

    Bloody Good Time

    I think I'll pick this up. The Ship was lots of fun.
  10. When we look beyond the surface humour and deeper into the themes of this joke we find some startling, yet touching, social commentaries. I've learnt a lot about myself today.
  11. vat3r


    Massive view/post ratio. Get a job, you slack cunts!
  12. vat3r


    I'd be gay, too, if I lived over there. Their women are scary!
  13. vat3r

    World of Tanks

    I wonder if there's a way to macro "BOOM" to chat every time I shoot.
  14. vat3r


    You just derailed a feverish group-wank, Scorpius. Hope you're happy.