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  1. You just need to filter your interests on Facebook.
  2. deedee

    SSD caching

    Is someone going to do this and post the results?
  3. deedee

    iPhone repairs

    Yep. Apple will check that straight away.Then sell you a new phone.
  4. deedee

    New laptop

    I prefer the ASUS. Might cost a little more but I'm impressed with their build quality.
  5. deedee

    In the interest of talent.

    I like them both.
  6. The Greens would have us run up debt until it is too late and the then we'd have to invite the Chinese to run the place in a proper communist fashion. Or maybe North Korea is more to The Greens liking? I don't know about you but communism looks a lot like fascism to me.
  7. deedee

    [Syd] Meet 12th July

    It's right around the corner from me. Oppisite the Taxi Club in Darlinghurst.
  8. deedee

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    I don't think it's too expensive over time and I think it will be seen to be a solid investment in the long term.
  9. deedee

    Laptop HDD slow

    I'd be getting a new drive. Possibly a SSD if you can afford it.
  10. deedee

    Best Budget Laptop for Under $1200?

    ASUS make a good range of touchscreen laptops which you need with Windows 8. I'm happy with mine.
  11. deedee

    Sex from a male point of view.

    [quote name='Foods' date='Apr 17 2012, 12:56 AM'Sounds quite reasonable.
  12. deedee

    Sex from a male point of view.

    What kind of sex are we talking about here? What kind of sex are we talking about here?
  13. That's a name that looks familiar. Here, or some other 'deedee' in some other place? I haven't logged in for a while. The lack of in fighting was turning me off.
  14. deedee

    Asus Z77 boards on show

    First generation is bound to have a few problems though.
  15. deedee

    $129 Android Tab

    Can't you plug a USB drive into it?