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  1. sojourn

    How do I share internet.

    Yes, what Sledgy said. It is really not all that difficult to set up ICS.
  2. I apologized because I felt that you would not be happy to find out the truth. Does it say that all of the numbers must be consecutive?
  3. That is not what it says on the ballot paper. Or the ad shown at election time: "One above, or all below." My apologies.
  4. sojourn

    It's easier from Opposition, isn't it Kevin?

    It does not matter how badly they do, the Coalition will not win power at the next election, nor probably the one after that. We are in this for the long haul, we might as well sit back and make ourselves comfortable.
  5. sojourn

    Is MSY open today?

    MSY Ultimo closes at 4pm on Saturdays. What is this about national trading hours? I have never come across this before.
  6. sojourn

    Is MSY open today?

    Call them, email them, or go for a drive. It is just that you said that you would be disappointed by not getting your parts, so I assumed that you had found out that they are closed. My apologies.
  7. sojourn

    Is MSY open today?

    They are not open?
  8. sojourn

    Is MSY open today?

    Like I said, it is not all that far. Make a day of it, go and do something interesting while you are there.
  9. sojourn

    Is MSY open today?

    tomorrow = Sunday ?? That does rather depend on where you are. Drive in, it is not all that far.
  10. sojourn

    Is MSY open today?

    It is a public holiday today, so the chances are no. However, I have heard that MSY are quite busy and very rarely answer the telephone anyway, so it might be worth the drive in just to check.
  11. sojourn

    How not to throw a grenade,

    Two very different throwing techniques, I am afraid. Watch the video. It's a stick shape more than it is a ball. Oh. I thought you were talking about the M1 type of grenade. My apologies.
  12. sojourn

    Would you eat this?

    The Squire Bar? Is that not down near Sydney Harbour?
  13. sojourn

    Great Photography Article in Issue 111

    They are probably not allowed to.
  14. You do not have to number all of the boxes below the line on a Senate ballot paper for it to be counted as a valid vote.
  15. sojourn

    "The Internet's not special" says Conroy.

    Conflict should be resolved at the lowest possible level without resorting to higher authority. Please, my name is Sojourn, not Sam.