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  1. Hey, I was using xubuntu 10.04 and decided to give lubuntu a try (by installing lxde). I installed it, selected it and rebooted. I was using programmers dvorak in xfce, now it's dvorak classic. I can't find how to change it back via the gui, there aren't many options in the keyboard part. After a quick google I can't find where the keymaps are in ubuntu. If I could find the keymap, which must be there somewhere, I could fix it with terminal. Well, one of my friends could give me instructions to help me fix it in terminal. I'm also using a 2 monitor set up. My second monitor currently only displays a background, and I can put my cursor it in. When I right click on the desktop (set to normally bring up a menu) nothing happens, and if I have my mouse in there and alt-F2, then run pops up on my primary monitor, while in xfce it popped up on the screen my cursor was located.
  2. harpy queen

    To keep a tradition going

    Heh, nice animation :). Did brighten my day.
  3. harpy queen

    Queers in religious schools

    I don't know about the school's policy, but I know someone that goes to a boys protestant private school, in which students will talk about how they hate openly gay students purely for being gay. Sticking up for the gay students can be enough to get your bag thrown down the tram. Such a contrast to the public school I went to.
  4. harpy queen

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we officially have our Bilbo.

    Haha, good one :). Edit: I um...intended to quote orinjuse there.
  5. harpy queen

    Star Wars Retold in Icon Form

    Heh, awesome.
  6. Hi, I am looking at getting a new monitor. I need VGA and either HDMI or component. 24" would be a good size, a friend pointed this one out: http://www.scorptec.com.au/computer/38038-g245hbmid/ I don't know much about monitors so can't really tell how good it is though. I haven't actually had a budget set (been asked what I want for Christmas and told to pick it myself), which makes it a bit hard, but I think it's $200-$250...maybe up to $300. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. harpy queen

    record PC footage

    Hi, I need to find some good windows software for capturing video while playing games.
  8. harpy queen

    $200 2.0 or 2.1 speakers

    Not at the ones I go to. We usually use our speakers. Funny story relating to that. I was tired, and decided to lie down and play my psp since I'd fall asleep when I needed to. So, my mates got to a quiet bit in their games at the same time, and hear disgaea music. They look over to see me clinging to my PSP, asleep. They manage to get my PSP out of my hands (I was holding on hard). I then started grasping for it in my sleep. They turned it off and handed it back. Apparently I hugged it when I got it back XP.
  9. harpy queen

    Natal has a name!

    /rages at them for saying Nintendo started motion control. Eyetoy anyone?!!? It may not have had anything for me but it was still motion control. I'm a PS2 fangirl.
  10. harpy queen

    $200 2.0 or 2.1 speakers

    I don't mind fucking huge, I have so much space free on this desk that I have a CRT sitting on here, obviously unused. I'll check that one out more in depth once no one else is bandwidth hogging. I did see that it has a wireless remote, which is very appealing. The size shouldn't bother me, I can just take my current ones lanning anyway. I probably don't want really nice speakers lanning, since they tend to have rushed cable set ups and lots of people walking around.
  11. harpy queen

    $200 2.0 or 2.1 speakers

    Thanks :). I'll check them both out.
  12. harpy queen

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Kiss me goodbye japanese version. Performed by Angela Aki, composed by Nobuo Uematsu.
  13. harpy queen

    I'm going to kill him

    That sucks! If someone did that to me I'd get so angry and yell so loud they would suffer serious, permanent hearing damage. I'm not exaggerating. In Year 7 I reached the DB meter limit easily, and I'm louder now. That was 120DB.
  14. harpy queen

    Blue-Tac and an LCD screen.

    Actual cleaning kits with a specialised spray are really cheap, so you may as well just use that.
  15. harpy queen

    $200 2.0 or 2.1 speakers

    I'm looking for some new speakers around the $200 mark. The vast majority of the use is for music, but some games and movies. I definitely want 2.0 or 2.1, probably 2.1 but if someone comes up with nice 2.0s I'll be happy with them. I'm thinking around $200 as how much I pay, not the RRP, and considering I'm intending to look at places like MSY and CPL, I should be able to go below retail.