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  1. Hi all, been a while since I've been on here. Built a new rig, something that I have not done in a long while, brought back memories which is why I thought I'd pop in :P Just thought I'd post about it and my thoughts thus far Ryzen 3 1200 [$145] MSI X370 SLI Plus [$219] 8GB Kingston Fury 2666Mhz (2x4GB) [$118] Gigabyte "Gaming" RX 570 4GB [$349] WD Blue 500GB SSD M.2 [$229] Deepcool ATX Case w/ 580pW PSU [$79] Windows 10 (yet to buy the license) Would throw on some photos on here (am happy with my cable management work). Is it possible to share pics through google drive or one drive? The following tweaks have been made so far: CPU OC'd @ 3.6Ghz - I think this Ryzen chip hates overclocking, or need to upgrade the BIOS RAM OC'd @ 3066Mhz - 1.35v (auto) 16-18-18-38 timings Not going to bother with the graphics oc'ing, from what I've seen it's not worth it. Only played Overwatch, bit of Starcraft II. Steam games are still downloading. Destiny II will be a game I'll be looking in to as well. For a rig around ~$1200 I was still quite happy. Snappy and fast. THANK YOU AMD for finally, FINALLY, releasing a worthwhile product at a low cost.
  2. Ok, So I reinstalled win32diskimager and now it works fine. Quite odd, but I'll take it. My next option was to re-download and unzip the files once more, as I saw somewhere on google someone mentioned. Just exploring different uses I can make with the Raspberry Pi, including surveillance system (motioneye OS) - extraordinary little devices!
  3. I did run as administrator too, and still all the same. In fact when I go to the SD card, there's absolutely no files on it whatsoever haha.. I'm going to try and use Ubuntu on an old PC and see if that works. Have done a google search too, there seems to be a myriad of issues going on with that program. It is strange as I've had no issues with it before (with both Win 7 and 10).
  4. Hi all Having difficulties writing any images on to a SD cards with my Windows 10 Laptop. Using win32diskimager, I have no errors yet when the write is complete - it actually writes nothing to the card itself. The purpose is making new OS image for my Raspberry Pi. I've done this plenty times before, yet now nothing works. Have used diffierent SD cards, different Raspberry Pi boards.. to no avail. Any help would be appreciated
  5. My brother's rig Intel i5 2400s GTX 460 1GB Asrock H61M-VS Motherboard His budget is ~$1000 Is starting to show its age and he's wanting to upgrade as he's starting to use programs like Unity and Blender. So I am after some advice from everyone, as I am not the best to decide on what would be the best route to go for. He is not an overclocking enthusiast, and just wants something neat and fast without any tweaking involved. Loves his games too. Doing some reading online, I'm under the assumption that these programs really need more graphics horsepower than anything now. Are there any benefits to using the latest i7 1150 processors for these kind of programs? The build I had in mind so far was Intel i5 4690s $299 Gigabyte H97M-D3H $125 Gainward GTX 970 $439 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz (from the old system) Any thoughts?
  6. alkahest

    Online IT courses feedback

    Thanks guys, Originally I assumed it was dodgy. Was curious to see if anyone has been through any yet. And if it is legitimate, as you say Cybes, major pro is definitely not physically being there - flexi-part time style. I'm going to start digging further to see what I can find out
  7. alkahest

    Online IT courses feedback

    Any feedback on what these online courses are like? Are they worthwhile? Pros and Cons? I see a few of these Diplomas in IT being offered online (bonus free laptop, probably those chromebooks). And while you do pay a considerable amount of money (Can be HECS) it's still not a bad looking avenue if ever one wants to jump out of the industry he's currently in. So if a bloke was wanting to start out in a new role, while maintaining his finances to pay the bills, would anyone recommend it?
  8. Wouldn't bother buying old tech to suit a smaller case. I normally use this as an opportunity to upgrade my entire rig - starting anew. Otherwise if the system performs fine as-is, try and hold off for a little while at least while newer tech approaches, often as it does .. Just an opinion :)
  9. alkahest

    Show us your Rig

    Sorry about the low quality camera, saving up to replace my 3 yearold smartphone. New rig I built to replace my Phenom dinosaur. Just a new CPU, Case and Mobo - the rest of the parts are from the old rig. I quite like the case, was a lot easier to build with than I originally thought. AMD A8 7600 Gigabyte F2A88XN-WIFI G.Skill 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz Cooler Master Elite 110 Cooler Master Seidon 120v Cooler Corsair VS 550 Power Supply
  10. alkahest

    Why does everyone hate Jews?

    Not "Everyone" hates them. But a lot of people do, because their harsh and crude tactics in trying to actually eradicate a group of people native to that area is being exposed to the world by the media. Rockets and mortars launched at Israel? Well, expect resistance when you come in and start stealing other people's land.
  11. Right you are, because of the issues with it failing to post properly it is not worth fixing (well out of warranty), so I'll just salvage the parts. Thanks for the help though, Most appreciated.
  12. Hi thanks for the quick reply! Well it seems that when I do plug the external monitor in, and I see no Post on the Laptop screen - I get no signal to the ext monitor aswell. And this does happen rather frequently, although inconsistent as I've yet to understand why it happens :) But yes, when it does power up and post properly, boots in to windows - the external monitor works just fine. I ran Furmark, and it actually crashed. I noted it when the GPU temperature got to around 84 degrees. I also had HWMonitor installed and it seems the i7 740QM CPU runs at an average 60-70 degrees when starting up. Not sure if it's normal, would hope it would be lower due to the ASUS G53J "unique" cooling design. I have uploaded some images on photobucket, so I hope these work. I'll just post them as links.. Sorry about the crappy quality, took it with my phone Photo 1 This is a photo of windows when it boots in, probably not easy to see by the photo but the white colour is saturated with a cream white, almost yellow. A lot of the black and dark grey background has turned a navy blue.. and the horizontal lines running rampant on the screen. Photo 2 Loaded up Paint, turned the background black and that's the result (navy blue). Photo 3 Still in paint, turned it dark grey, just to show off all the lines that is occuring. Photo 4 Decided to take a photo of Atomic Forums main page, to demonstrate just how awful the screen is displaying.
  13. I actually bought a Raspberry Pi 512mb rev B off Ebay for about $60, and for what it's worth it's pretty straight forward and easy to use. Currently hooked up to the TV with OpenELEC XBMC, runs awesome! Soon I'll put on a different OS and try it out for basic internet use, I'll keep you guys posted :)
  14. Hi fellas, my brother's ASUS G53J has been deteriorating over the last few months. Started with a problem with the screen, where the display's white texture became yellowish. Then to not successfully powering up, and this became progressively worse (can hear the HDD's cranking, but no display). Tried hooking up an external display to it, and the ext display runs perfectly alright when it properly loads up but other then that - nothing. And now, it barely powers on properly, and have loaded up in to windows and am getting dark blue background where black or dark grey should be, and plentiful horizontal lines that you would get from nearby static interference. The G53J has a GTX 460M 1.5GB card, and a 3d 1080P display. I'm assuming the card may be the cause to all of this? Just wanted to make sure, because if that's so it may not be worth fixing Soon as I get an account with photobucket or imageshack underway, I'll put in some links to the photos. Not at home yet Thanks for any feedback in advance
  15. Many accounts at once, yeah.. :) I thought as much too, because I could hardly find anything out there tackling this situation I never got to know the capabilities of those little USB Android PC's. But if they're capable of tackling all the basic stuff; so emails, youtube, facebook, xbmc, then that would be perfect. Guess I'll be looking in to these Are there any little Android PC's that you would recommend?