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  1. Barbies1ut

    Work bonuses

    My old work was retiring a laptop, nothing flash, 1GIG of RAM, about 1.6Ghz cpu, and webcam. Found it helpful with my studies. Nice freebie.
  2. Barbies1ut

    Atomic: my personal blog

    Just wanting to add to the well-wishes, and hope that everything continues to work out for you. Take care, and I wish you all the best. :>)
  3. Barbies1ut

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Hello again. My turn. Was time for an upgrade.
  4. Hey, bimbo, call me sometime. It's been a while. :)

    I know I'm ignorant, but then, you should know that. :p

  5. Good luck with the new fella, and keep in touch babe. :)

  6. Barbies1ut

    [PAC] Little creatures Big Drunking

    Don't you have a woman who can do all those mundane tasks like getting you a beer, wheeling you into Little C's, spoon-feeding you, etc? .......you're single, aren't you?
  7. Barbies1ut

    What is your political persuasion?

    How typical. Someone was asked their opinion, and then interrogated over their answers. Good thing it's Friday. Pub night. :>)
  8. bwahahahahaha you are obviously the most naive person posting in this thread so far Heh, normally I'm accused of that. :p
  9. Barbies1ut

    The hottest girls in the world

    Feel free. :>)
  10. Barbies1ut

    [PAC] Little creatures Big Drunking

    Hardly. Have a decent Irish pub just down the road, and heading off for our usual meetup very shortly. Now I just have to wait for someone to get home so I can try and drag them out as well (he's s fucking hermit, I swear), and it'll be a fun Friday night. :>)
  11. Barbies1ut

    Another one gone!

    At her age, I expect she's shitting herself regardless. Not to mention wondering who these people are. :p
  12. Barbies1ut

    The hottest girls in the world

    One of? What others? If I had to guess, I'd say boobs would be high on the list as well. :>) Heh. Only a guess? >.> Well, most guys (the non-gay ones) seem to like mine. Their drawn like moths to candle-flame, it's quite amusing. I don't think a single one could tell you what colour my eyes are , but could guess my bra size. :p
  13. Barbies1ut

    Another one gone!

    ....um, yeah, sure whatever. :/