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    Computers, tech in general, cooking, aviation, space exploration, science, politics, history, literature, creative writing and anything else that catches my attention.<br /><br />I have both the curiosity of a cat AND the attention span of one.
  1. sir drinksalot

    Facebook - is there nothing it can't do?

    Maybe so, but from I've heard, more and more companies are reviewing social networking sites as part of the hiring process and if you think about it, there is some sense to it. My last job, after I left, they promoted a close friend into my old job and hired a new girl to replace her. My friend told me some things about this girl that raised some red flags for me and so I did a bit of digging. Didn't take me long to find her facebook page, which was open to everyone. Among her more interesting posts was her BF was in prison and she couldn't wait for him to get out so they could get high together. That's something that as a potential employer I would be interested in knowing and said girl ended up being fired for felony level theft. That whole thing came from, I got suspicious, found what I found on facebook, told my friend, who told her boss, who told his boss and then big boss started watching video of this girl and saw her committing felony level theft on a daily basis. In no way am I a facebook hater. In fact, I visit facebook on a pretty much daily basis and I've used it to reconnect with some friends I hadn't seen or heard from in the better part of 20 years. I'm just saying that you should be careful about who you share things with.
  2. sir drinksalot

    Facebook - is there nothing it can't do?

    I actually found it on my own, after researching some of his lies against his real name. I found his home address, mobile number, and a site that i forwarded on to a few folk as a bit of a "wtf!?" moment after realising its the same handle he uses on non atomic sites. If anyone here thinks that having drunken photos of you on fb is going to ruin your career prospects (which is what this all amounts to, or at least has done the last billion times anyone has posted a topic online about how fb is used in recruitment processes), i would hate to see what they think having a rape fantasy site registered to your full name, address and phone number would do. I'm sure a few links to the relevant military bodies, as well as the cops, of the bullshit claims and grand posturing posted around the place would surely fuck up his day. As i said, facebook aint the problem... I actually agree with you on facebook. I'm on fb and I've enjoyed reconnecting with old friends, some of whom I hadn't seen or heard from in the better part of 20 years. I do however think everyone should be careful as to what info they share and who they share it with. I've ZERO intention of getting involved in the ongoing feud between you and Chrisg, that is in no way my fight. I will however reiterate that site is a FANTASY site, for consenting adults, it is hosted in the US, it is totally compliant with US law and these days, I'm both running it and paying for it. On the rare occasion that we have someone who doesn't understand what FANTASY means, I ban them in a heartbeat. Oh and BTW, that little forum has a total of four admins and two of them are women, both are close friends of mine and one is pretty much my best friend in the world. You might think about getting an education before making stupid ass assumptions. Again, that forum is about FANTASY. Whatever your issues with Chrisg are, I'd appreciate it if you didn't drag what is these days MY forum, into your feud.
  3. sir drinksalot

    Facebook - is there nothing it can't do?

    Okies, well it’s either very late or very early on this side of the world, just kind of depends on your perspective. It’s currently 6:20 AM and I’ve been up all night drinking, tried to go to bed a few hours ago, but I wasn’t able to get to sleep and so I got back up and read an email from Chris about this thread. In no particular order, I live in a part of the world where as long as you’re an adult and not a convicted felon, nobody really cares how many guns you have. Personally, I currently own two that I actually have ammo for and a third that is a souvenir my granddad brought back from WW2. All total, I have sub 100 rounds of ammo, about 30 of which is in charged magazines. If I need more than that, in the civilian world, well, it’s been nice knowing you… Really, if you EVER have to reload in the civilian world, the shit has hit the fan so bad that you don’t want to be there. Assuming you can shoot straight, if you ever need more than a couple of rounds to center mass, the shit is definitely on. Life is weird folks. That’s just how it goes and the more you try to do, the weirder it gets. I’m going to be honest and say that SOME of Chris’s posts, both here and elsewhere, have left me scratching my head as well and maybe he should think more before he posts, but at the same time, I know what it’s like to juggle a lot of balls at the same time. Facebook, you have to be damned careful with your security settings there. I enjoy facebook, but unless you are a friend of mine, all you see is a picture of baby me sitting in my granddaddy’s lap. Finally, to both Juggs and twinair, you need to read up on sexual FANTASY. As it happens, that is the site where I originally met Chrisg, which led me to finding my way here and also where I met a woman who is one of my closest friends on the face of the Earth. As Chris said, it’s a play site, nobody there is out to hurt anyone and while I congratulate you on your detective work, these days, I run the site, pay for the hosting and pay for the domain name and so, if you want to pick a fight, pick it with me. I’d say the same thing to the guy who I’m around 90 percent certain is the person who sent you the link in the first place.
  4. sir drinksalot

    Computer chairs - from milan direct

    I'll look the next time I'm in a DIY place, but to my knowledge, no. At least, I'd never heard of it. What I used was in a tube like what silicone caulk comes in and you dispense it with a caulking gun. Well, I was actually glueing some baseboards in the kitchen but since the rest of the tube was going to go to waste, I decided to see how it would work on my chair. It worked just fine. :)
  5. sir drinksalot


    @OP Sure, it’s possible that your manager has it in for you; for whatever reason and it’s also possible you’re just taking things the wrong way. Either way, all you can really do is, relax a bit, try to do your best and see what happens. Remember, the worst thing they can do to you is fire you and well, there are other jobs out there. Also, don’t try to take it personally. Age, race, gender, things they have going on in their private life and just general personality conflicts can all impact how someone above you treats you. My last job was in retail management and they hired a new manager who was directly above me and in the beginning, he didn’t like how I was doing things and told me he was going to “coach” me. Sorry, dude, but I’m 30 something and been in retail most of my working life, I have my own ideas on how to do things. He did eventually come to accept that, we worked together for the better part of two years and for the most part, we got along fine. That said, I benefitted greatly from being one of the boys because he was also a sexist, misogynistic asshole and I’d feel sorry for any woman and especially an attractive one, who had the job I had and I certainly feel sorry for the cute as hell, 20 something blonde who now has my old job and thus my old boss as well. In his world, there are only two kinds of women, bitches and sluts. A bitch is a woman who won’t hop in bed with him and a slut is one who will. I can pretty much guarantee he’s trying his damndest to get in this girl’s pants and if she ever gives it up, he’ll then ride her ass incessantly until she either quits or he finds a reason to fire her. My point is, just because somebody above you is giving you a hard time, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re doing anything wrong or that there’s anything you can do to change it. In your case, you might could try going around her and talking to her boss, but that’s a minefield you should avoid if at all possible.
  6. sir drinksalot

    Computer chairs - from milan direct

    My advice on chairs would be if at all possible, you should try it out in person before you buy it. Chairs are like mattresses in that what's great to me might be totally uncomfortable to you. If you can't try it out first, at least check to see what their return policy is. The prices seem relatively reasonable, but I do wonder if uber expensive chairs are really worth the money. I paid about $200 for the one I'm sitting in right now and that was back around 2002. It's kept my fat ass off the floor for nearly 10 years of almost daily use and other than the fake leather on the arm rests is cracking, it still does the job just fine. Oh and I did have a problem with the screws working loose over time. I finally solved that problem with a sub $5 tube of construction adhesive. One by one, I took the screws out, squirted some glue in the hole and then put the screw back in.
  7. sir drinksalot

    Steve Jobs. Dead

    I'm no particular fan of Apple. I don't own, have never owned and have no plans of ever owing an Apple product. That said, Jobs is someone who contributed a lot and died far too young and so I'll lift a glass to him tonight. RIP.
  8. sir drinksalot


    I actually prefer digital because I think they're easier to read. The decimal point floating isn't really an issue. Any halfway decent meter is going to let you select the range, e.g. volts versus milivolts. I do agree on Fluke. Not that I'm an expert but from what I've seen and heard they make good gear. I am curious as to what exactly you will be doing with it? I ask because if you're say using it for work, then I would say get the best you can afford. If on the other hand it's just for occasional use around the house, then pretty much anything should work. In other words, $50 is probably overkill for a casual use home meter but may be a bit on the cheap side for something you're going to be using every day.
  9. sir drinksalot

    Best Printer?

    Well, I'm a bit late to the party, but here's my two cents and it's mostly just based on personal experience, at home and at work as well as a bit of helping friends out over the years. Personally, I'm not a fan of all in one machines. The only way I'd consider an all in one would be if space was at an absolute premium, but maybe that's just me. I'd agree with what others have said in that if you're going to print a lot of stuff that's is just black and white text then laser is definitely the way to go. I have an HP LaserJet 1020 that I got on sale for around $100 USD back in 2006 and it's still running flawlessly. I can't say it's been hugely used but it hasn't sat and collected dust either. The only problem in terms of recommending it is, HP no longer makes that model. My inkjet is a Canon Pixma ip4200. It's also from around 2006 and I think was about the same as the laserjet. I was just looking for a color printer to print the occasional picture and since I'd just bought a Canon camera that I really liked, I focused on Canon printers. One thing I'd look for with any printer is the cost of replacement ink and that's one of the things that sold me on the Canon is the ink cartridges aren't just black and color, each color is an individual cartridge and so when one runs out, you can just replace that one instead of all of them. Something else I'd be looking at today if it were me is printers that have a built in wireless capability. Both of my printers are in my home office. However, my laptop and netbook seldom are. While I'm not going to spend the money to buy a new printer just so I can do wireless printing, if I were in the market for one anyway, that's something else I'd look at.
  10. sir drinksalot

    time to kill all american pit bull terriers

    You can have a rat dog that, worst is can do is, bite your ankles. You can also have a dog that’s fully capable of killing a grown man. Obviously some breeds are larger than others and I might even buy that some breeds are more naturally aggressive than others, but in the end, it comes down to the owner and how the dog is trained and how it’s treated. I’d agree completely with the person who posted about how which breed of dog is a “bad dog,” seems to depend on the year. In my lifetime, which isn’t all that long, I’ve seen German Sheppard’s, Chow’s, Rottweiler’s, Doberman’s and pit bulls all at one time or another get thrown into the media’s “bad dog” that will boost our ratings bucket. I’ve owned or spent significant time around almost all of the above breeds and as I said, it’s not the breed; it’s how they are trained. I SORT of agree that young children shouldn’t be left alone with dogs. I say sort of because my baby sitter when I was little was a Pekingese who was appropriately named, Peeky. So I’m told, the day my parents brought me home from the hospital, Peeky took up residence underneath my bed and never left. I certainly can’t remember him ever not being around. He literally followed me wherever I went and had anyone or anything tried to hurt me, he would have killed them or died trying and so that’s why I don’t totally agree with the idea that dogs need to be supervised while around kids.
  11. sir drinksalot

    what could interfere with bluetooth?

    LOL. Okay, lets go back toward Green Room land... bluetooth technology is really just part of a vast government conspiracy to use radio waves to achieve mind control of the general population.
  12. sir drinksalot

    what could interfere with bluetooth?

    I've no idea other than to mention that bluetooth is imperfect technology. Case in point, I'm currently sitting in my home office, with a bluetooth headset in my ear and my phone laying on the desk, not two feet away. I've not been here 30 minutes but I've already lost count of the number of times the headset has told me that it's lost the connection to the phone and then that it's reconnected. There are a lot of electronic devices in here and a heat pump just outside the window and so my guess would be some type of EMI. In the same vein and this is ENTIRELY speculation but it seems to me there may well be merit to AD's idea that something is interfering with the signal from your tire sensor and that's being interpreted by the receiver as being a flat tire.
  13. sir drinksalot

    When being a geek is awesome

    So, I have an old slow cooker that while perfectly functional, has been rendered obsolete by its replacement, which is totally programmable. I also have a rice cooker that while supposed to be an identical model to the dead one it was bought to replace, it's actually crap and has burned any rice I've ever tried to cook in it. This thread has gotten me to thinking about what kind of interesting things I could do with these otherwise unused appliances...
  14. sir drinksalot


    So, having just played what's probably the worst game of chess ever, I'm going to bed... At the point that I resigned, I had king, queen and 2 pawns. The computer had king, queen, 2 rooks, 1 knight, 1 bishop and 2 pawns. In my defense, it is 1:30 in the morning here.
  15. sir drinksalot


    At lot more than I did. Including several major pieces. LOL@ the Star Wars pic. I'd forgotten all about that scene. Yeah, probably a good idea to let the wookie win.