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    6970 vs 570/580

    How I normally choose my video card is based on the size of my monitor or monitors am running with. I have 3x 1920x1080 res montiors so I have very limited choices. In my case I have to have a pretty beefy card for my setup.. for you and I figure you like to game at the native res your monitor can handle. from the look at your computer you prob want to invest in a healthy PSU, I like to have around 20% head room. meaning, if my total PC usage is 550w, I would get a PSU that is around 750-800w area.. obviously if you can afford it, more the better, but really not need to go overboard, as today's PSU dont last all that long.. you'll prob change it every 2yrs or so. that said,, regarding about your video,, think hard, are you planning to get more monitors? are you going SLI/Xfire? if not, you will have to get the best single GPU solution. running at 1920x1080(1200) is very taxing to any video especially with high AA and details.. your only choice really are 6970, 580/570 or the SLI/xfire solution. Nvidia these days seems to have the better 3D solution, so if you are planning to 3d, go nvidia for now.. I use surround gaming so I use ATI for easy setup. as a warning for me, first person shooters didnt really go all that well for me in 3d, I think it could of been the extra depth perception made my aiming and reaction slower. but that could just me be..
  2. elmo198

    24" Monitor Suggestions

    if you had one of those dell, you would. coz this bloody thing has every thing, display port, hdmi.. all the standard.. that said.. I know what you mean.. I mean come on ppl, remember those 21inch Sony tritron CRTs?? shit I kept mine till I can no long turn the brightness up.. and yes 3d monitors are coming out of the wood work.. so that said.. think carefully with your future plan and investment. but I still dont think ppl who uses 24" monitors would very go back down to say 20inch monitors.. I personally wont be going to 22in 3d monitors until they have an affordable 24in or bigger..
  3. elmo198

    24" Monitor Suggestions

    the dell are awesome monitors and worth every cent.. I have 2 of those suckers, and considering your monitor is something you dont change very often ( you would probably change 3-4 generations of CPUs b4 you would ever change a monitor of this quality). is worth paying more, since is something you stare it the most. I would break it down like this, the dell in question is worth like $800, one that would probably last like 8-10yrs, $800/8yrs is bugger all. $100 a year.. omg, where do I sign up?
  4. elmo198

    omg Blue Ray!

    yeah, I was thinking the samething, but I just wanted to know if anyone tried it b4.. coz atm I am about to create a recovery blueray disc off a laptop hdd that has about 13gb of stuff.. win7 x64, wtf, they are huge!!!
  5. elmo198

    omg Blue Ray!

    why, because some clone of hdd are too big for dvd, and price isnt a concern.. the point is, can it be done? regardless of reasons.
  6. Does anyone here know if you can boot off blueray disc, if is made into say a "Recovery ghost disc"??? and how would one make a blueray recovery disc anyway?
  7. elmo198

    Water Cooling advice please!

    are you saying I should use 2 pumps? the MCP655 and EK one? BTW, I brought myself a Danger Dan 4870x2 block for my vid. came with 1/2 barb. I was thinking switching all the 1/2.. but than you said stay with 3/8. so I am confused. just that there are atm any that alot of stuff are in 1/2 barb. so save me buying more barb to change to 3/8. regardless I hear what you are saying.. all of this stuff is going into the Corsair D800 case.. which I will mount the triple rad on the inside of the roof of the case.
  8. elmo198

    Water Cooling advice please!

    Just got my Danger Dan 4870x2 water block.. is nice.. cant wait till I have time to set it up. :)
  9. elmo198

    Water Cooling advice please!

    ok so here is the actual shopping list - what else do I need? Are all the adapters/tubing there and correct sizing? I dont really understand all those G14, 1/2, 3/8, blah blah, zzZZzzz! I can alter the tubing and adapters size (atm they are all G14 with 3/8ID), I just want to know what it all means? can I mix and match.. now logically I would assume that 1/2 ID is larger than 3/8 ID. can I mix and match. I was thinking like this, now I am most probably very wrong, as I have no idea what I am doing, but this is just an educated guess.. if I use, 1/2 ID on resor and rad, and 3/8 ID on the water blocks would I get better performance from it, as the 3/8ID will give a better pressure flow to the blocks. and in/out of resor and rad would be quicker due to larger 1/2ID tubing. Or is it better the other way around? or is using straight 1/2 ID just better than 3/8 ID. One more silly educated guess, lol, would it make sense to use all 3/8ID on input and 1/2ID on output? reason why I was thinking like this is that, well. the smaller 3/8ID will keep the water going in slower, but when water gets hot, the 1/2ID will move it out quicker. yeah? but here is one problem which can face. hoses/tubes that has 3/8ID one end and 1/2ID one end. Honestly I have no idea what I am talking about, lol. but I am so sure that someone here would know or even understand where I am coming from. so please please advice me on it. btw this looks pretty sweet Corsair Obsidian Series 800D Case, how you think all this will go with all those water cooling stuff along with a 30cm long 4870x2 vid?
  10. elmo198

    Water Cooling advice please!

    yeah, so instead of a double fan rad, I will need a triple fan rad. thats cool. now as you said I need to find a case that can fit a triple 120mm fan rad, yes? have any suggestion as to which type of fans? do I need special fans to push/pull enough air through the radiator grill?
  11. Finally I've decided to take on water cooling and all its glory. currently I have Q9550 sitting in an Asus P5E deluxe M/B, and HIS 4870x2, which is what I want to water cool. I dont have any care what it should look like, as it will be a closed case. but what I do want is coolness. the 4870x2 is kinda giving me the shits with the fan noise everytime I starts to play game. so I am looking into something that will keep that quiet and cool. I have been looking at this EK-FC 4870 X2 CF Acetal and Swiftech H20-220 Apex Ultima Liquid Cooling Kit. (all items from www.pccasegear.com ) question is, is this enough to keep my gpu and cpu cool. I want my vid at load to be sitting if not at around 50-70°c. I know the vid is extremely hot, so I dont want hot water get piggy back to vid. the flow chart would look something like MCRES Micro R2 reservoir (do I need bigger?) --> MCP655-B pump (is this strong enough for vid and cpu?)---> MCR220 radiator & fans with pre-installed Radbox (big enough to cool all the water before passing out to water block?) ---> Apogee GTZ CPU water-block ---> EK-FC 4870 X2 CF Acetal ---> reservoir ---> repeat what really worry me is that would the water run pass the cpu and vid too fast b4 it can actually collect the heat from the block to the radiator? While I have you all here too, what is a good, actually great case for all these stuff? I also have a 1xblueray player, 5x sata hdds, snd card and tv tuner card. so I'm guessing all need to fit nicely. I dont particularly want a massive case. but do want something roomy enough to stick you hands inside and fix all the stuff I have without looking like too much stuff inside. (know what I mean?) I have a silverstone 750w PSU atm, do I need more power? or will it be enough? anyway any help would be nice. please give reasons, links to where I can purchase it. I have a very large credit card. so price isnt so important. but obviously not stupidly expansive to buy thinks I have no need for but just for show.
  12. elmo198

    5.1 Speakers for music?

    sounds like you cant make up your mind. tho logitech is good, but if you notice, most ppl here only mention logitech's top of the line speakers, z-5500d, so to be fair, it isnt so much fanboy. is just that that model is very good. Also as mentioned above post. spliting stereo to 5.1 and more need a decoder, hence why ppl say the logitech z-5500d, coz it has it all there in one package. hell you dont even need a decent soundcard, coz the decoder is more than fair. digital out to z-5500 and you have golden sound. :) regardless, drop into hardly normal and start turning up all their speakers and see which suits your sensitive ears. than you can go price hunting. I think hearing it from us, who obviously have different hearing wont do you justice. you really have to go hear it yourself. Like myself, Bass sound I find is a personal taste. sound like it loud and hard, while others like it mellow and drag abit.
  13. I find this rather stupid. do we (world) make such demands when they suicide bomb everyone? I say get a grip and just have a laugh about it and all will be 4gotten in days. with this stupidity, this cartoon will be remembered for long time. making nothing out of something.
  14. elmo198

    Headphone suggestions/recommendations?

    Thanks Logic, atleast you know what I am try to say. :)