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    Acer Iconia A500

    You can visit the swype beta website and sign up to the beta for free which gives you the links to download swype. Will have to check to see if devive is supported.
  2. russty1978

    Which Android phone should I get?

    Im about to replace my nexus one, Think im leaning towards the motorola atrix. Being released by Telstra here in Oz next week.
  3. russty1978

    Free Fable 2

    sweet thanks for the tip
  4. Ebay will usually have vga cables for next to nothing
  5. russty1978

    water cooling xbox360.

    I think its definately possible, but i think you would need two h70's to cool both gpu and cpu. Would be rather expensive. Backing plates and clamps would definately need some customising to fit
  6. russty1978

    Nintendo Tube Dress

    LOL press start now to play game.
  7. True 120 x on my qx9650 Just upgraded to i7 950, GB-x58a-UD5, 6G kingston hyper X. Now i'm not sure what cooler i should try for this setup. Wanted to go the Theralright Silver Arrow but hyper X ram causes clearance issues. Now i'm thinking maybe a Corsair H70 all in one water cooling setup. I just hope it wont be too loud!
  8. russty1978

    Where to get cheapest xbox live 12 month card?

    $62 buy it now seems to be the norm on Ebay at moment. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/XBOX-360-LIVE-12-MO...=item2a0a4566e3
  9. russty1978

    Jailbreak now legal in the US

    May be legal but they still try to stop it. I believe an iphone 4 on 4.03 is nou un jailbreakable, well at least for the time being.
  10. russty1978

    Another new phone thread...

    I have the nexus one currently running cyanogens cm6 rc3 and loving it, tried the desire rom had some cool features but love cyanogens rom so much more. The galaxy s look like a decent phone, especially if you root and and run a custom rom. Cyanogens roms rule, very stable very polished.
  11. russty1978

    An Android phone for $349?!?

    thats a great price to get in on an adroid 2+ operating system. Sure the galaxy s, nexus one etc have twive cpu speed, ram etc but the price tag is also doubled to achieve this.
  12. russty1978

    How can I tell if a Nexus one is real?

    definately a chinese clone, On the plus it is a quad band but it doesnt actually state anywhere that it is running an android operating system. It also does not give any hardware specs.
  13. russty1978


    There is a rumour that logitech wii be releasing an external UMD drive soon. http://pspgohacks.com/rumor-logitech-to-br...port-to-psp-go/
  14. russty1978

    Phone for Flash/Javascript?

    In my opinions Android are the kings when it comes to flash enabled phones. Would be looking at something like a HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S or the Google Nexus One. Plenty of power and the run flash just fine.
  15. russty1978

    Android Apps

    Awesome use of this app. That had never occured to me. Will definately keep that in mind if i run into a similar problem.