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    all matter of things: Computers,cars,video games,PC hardware etc<br /><br />
  1. jdog

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    My sister get a Gold Medal in the S4 50M freestyle.. :D
  2. jdog

    Australia comes 2nd in Eurovision

    I watched and enjoyed it. iceland got robbed of getting into the final.
  3. jdog

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    W00t for you jdog. If you bought them yourself out of your own pocket then keep the receipts as you should be able to claim them on tax as protective clothing. I know which is why the next time I buy something ill keep the recipts. This time round it was paid on behalf of me by the employer. go the workers ! congrats, and don't forget that your protective clothing is tax deductible - keep those receipts ! I would had but they where brought for me by the people who put me in the work so it kinda did..:D its working with plants so kinda fun plus I learn about something I didnt know much about before. Plus you gotta start somewhere right?
  4. jdog

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    A pair of steelcaps and a hi vis jacket for work as I finally got my first job after looking for months. :D
  5. jdog

    Skylake reviews

    I have sandy,ivy,haswell but dont have skylake. I can do my own test if people would like me too as a comparsion?
  6. jdog

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I too got a new guitar recently. This beast: It has custom handwound pickups, All hand made, pro setup and plays great. Also the logo up the top was put there just for show as it is meant to be a replica, im ok with it and it doesnt bother me.
  7. jdog

    Trans Pacific Partnership agreement leaked

    didnt this get rejected in the US?
  8. whilst the finns idea is good, putting in practice along with other suggestions here may not work. The current Australian system fails, badly. I know as I slipped through the cracks but still mangaged to get into uni and pass with a degree..:D but that was still sheer luck and pushing from family and others. have more practical based learning instead of sitting rote learning.
  9. lovely build!! I really enjoyed reading the orginal little big project and this one is just as good! :D Fantastic work! Im working on a Matx build myself, just need to find a good GPU to fit with the other planned bits (have case and some parts already). my title for it is "the little green monster" as the inside will be all green and the outside black..:D
  10. jdog

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    I have a few that ive been working on. i5 2500K and Asrock OCF and various PSC Gskill rams. My 5ghz run was done just with the XMP profile of a hyper kit. 4ghz 8M 19s 5ghz 6M 56s super pi 32M http://hwbot.org/submission/2714124_jimba_superpi___32m_core_i5_2500k_6min_56sec_492ms
  11. jdog

    Why Does Everyone Hate The European Union?

    the EU has a place in alot of things and without it the world would be messy. I am pro EU even though I have not been there. Alot of inovation comes from europe so why stop it?
  12. jdog

    My Latest Project. Whats Yours?

    wow! that is awsome! very cool theme and everything fits it great..:D its just lovely..:D Fantastic work!
  13. jdog

    Which email service do you use?

    Gmail for most things and hotmail for other stuff (mainly junk and stuff I signed up to ages ago) im trying to find a cheap/free way to set up a "paid" email address so I can keep access to stuff the requires it. No idea how to do it though.
  14. jdog

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    I will be grabbing one in a couple of weeks along with a gigabyte SOC force..:D I have a heap of 32M scxores to submit here..maybe claim top spot in something..:D
  15. jdog

    Free FarCry 3 key

    i would love it thank you!