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  1. thanks a lot for the info lew!
  2. thanks for the info guys aliali, do you really need a licensed installer? how does it affect your house insurance? I dont know about any of that stuff lol, so any info would be good. The sparky that is rewiring the house is a licensed installer so i may have to get him to do it. Also, i will definitely be using a central filter. Never knew i could use the data line as a phone line as well. Thanks for the tip. That would come in real handy. fajw, the loungeroom is def the area where im not sure about. I will be wanting to get some sort of server, maybe a NAS drive to stream all my movies and music to areas of the house, lounge included. The 5 cables may be a good idea. I'll have to think about it.
  3. Hey everyone. I've just recently bought a new house and I'm currently renovating the entire interior. When it is all finished, it will be a 4 bedroom house with a massive loungeroom, dining and kitchen area. While i have all the interior of the house gutted, i'm getting the whole house rewired electrically and i am going to wire all the bedrooms and living areas for networking. I know roughly how to set up a network but what i'm after is some input from more knowledgable people about what equipment to use, cabling etc. Below i am going to give you a rough outline of what i am planning: 1) I have a central spot in the house (in-built cupboard) where i will be storing all the required equipment for the network eg, Router, server etc 2) All four bedrooms and the living areas are going to have network connections with the wiring all running back to the cupboard. A phone line will also be installed in the cupboard for internet connection. 3) The living area will have multiple items that will need to be connected to the internet. These are an xbox360, ps3, tv, wii and maybe a blueray player. I do not want to have to swap and change cables so the need to be connected all the time. 4) each bedroom will have connections. I wont really be using these connections but i will be putting them in while i have the opportunity. They may be used for a computer later down the track. Now to the fun part. I am looking to get the most efficient wiring and useability that i can. There is no budget per se, i just want the best i can get. All the wiring is going to be CAT5e but i was thinking of using CAT6. Is that overkill? I want a media server which will be located in the cupboard. This will be used for streaming movies and music. Any recommendations would be great. Now for the router, modem whatever lol. The Network is going to be predominantly wired but i would like a wireless N access point for when i use my laptop, phone etc. Also, because of the amount of permanent wired connections i am going to need at least 8 ports plus i would like a couple spare. I will need about 5 permanently wired connections in the living area. Would it be better to have a switch here and 1 cable back to the cupboard or better to run five cables back to the cupboard and have one big switch here? Opinions would be good. I need as much info on the required hardware as i can get, guys. Sorry for such a long post but i really need some help with this. Cheers
  4. pizman

    So... I Want to get a Dell 27

    absolutely nothing wrong with the AG coating. The screen is awesome!
  5. pizman

    So... I Want to get a Dell 27

    hey jdog I have a Dell U2711. I have to say it is awesome. The IPS panel is absolutely awesome, the colours are great and the picture just seems to jump out at you. I was Previously running a 17" screen and there is just no comparison. I got it about a year ago and i roughly remember paying about $650 or so for it ( that was with a dell special at the time and a coupon code.) The one and only gripe i have about it is that there is a slight bit of ghosting in fast movement sequences in games but its nothing that would stop me buying it. I play games at the screens native res ( i think its 2560 x 1440) and its great. I do have some fairly decent GPU's though as im running Dual watercooled HD 5870's. I haven't come across any games that really stress the cards as yet as anything i've played is well in playable framerates. I also have my Xbox 360 and PS3 hooked up to it and watch blu-ray movies on it alot. The picture is great and i cant fault it. If you can afford the screen i recommend getting it. You wont be dissapointed. Hope the info helps.
  6. pizman

    Origin pc laptop

    thanks mate but i want those specs. I want dual cards and the momentus is better than a normal drive and i dont want to spend a stupid amount on the same size drive in an ssd. I already have a smaller 32 gig ssd sitting at home that i can use in the laptop, if i really need too, in a caddy.
  7. pizman

    Origin pc laptop

    Thanks for the info HeavyLancer. I had a look at the link but the specs are definetly not the same. The differences are that the system im looking at has: DUAL 6970m graphics cards. The logical blue is only single card with no option for dual. 8 gig ram at 1600Mhz. Logical blue only 1333Mhz Win7 pro 64bit. Logical blue no OS 500Gb Momentus hybrid drive. Logical blue only standard 500Gb drive If i add the extras to get the same specs (obviously can't even add the second graphics card) the price comes to $2146. the prices are almost the same if you include another graphics card on top of that. Origin pc also has australian offices and they are supported in australia. Their offices are in adelaide.
  8. pizman

    Origin pc laptop

    Hey guys I've got a fairly decent main system, (see specs in signature) but im looking to buy a new laptop, as my current one is getting a bit long in the tooth. I really want something that will run the games that i play on my main system. I like the alienware gear but way overpriced so i have been looking at the origin pc offerings. I dont want some huge desktop replacement system as i still want it to be fairly portable, also battery life is not hugely important as i can always plug it in. I am seriously considering getting the EON15-S system with the following specs: EON15-S platform with 1920 x 1080 15.6" LED Backlit Glossy LCD Screen Dual 2GB GDDR5 ATI Radeon HD 6970M (4GB of Total GFX) Intel Core i7-2720QM Quad-Core Processor (2.20GHz), 6MB Cache 8GB Kingston HyperX Dual-Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz - 2 X 4GB 500GB Seagate Momentus XT 7200rpm SATA 300 Solid State Hybrid Hard Drive 8X DVD±R/RW/4X +DL Super-Multi Drive & Software Integrated High-Definition Audio with 4 Channel support Wi-Fi Link 802.11A/B/G/N Wireless LAN Module Genuine MS Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit Edition 1 Year Part Replacement Guarantee and Free Shipping Warranty Total Price $2609 If i went an alienware system, the closest would prob be the M17X system but its alot bigger and no dual Video cards at that price. I'd have to spend over $3000 for roughly the same. My question is, has anyone had any experience with origin pc and are they any good? i've only heard good things about them and i want to hear of anyones experiences. Any other recommendations would be great as well. Thanks guys
  9. Yeah that setup looks awesome. The case won't be moving around much at all. It's my main rig so it just Sits in my room. I've got other systems I use on the move. In response to your comment tunsky, I got the two smaller rads mainly due to the tubing. I would have had a very tight bend getting back into the case as the barbs on the 4x120 rad would have been right at the top or bottom. With the two smaller ones, the bottom rad will have it's barbs right where the holes are, straight in. I can then just link the two rads in series and have the res right next to the hole so both hoses have a straight run into the case. I might even do a build log on this for a bit of light reading and get some temps once it's done. I'll prob have all the parts in the next fortnight so stay tuned! Lol
  10. I've bitten the bullet and bought the following WC components: 2 x Blackice GT Extreme 240 Rads 1 x EK supreme hf full nickel CPU block 2 x Swiftech MCW80 GPU blocks 1 x Swiftech MCRES Micro Rev2 Reservoir 1 x Bitspower D5 Mod Top V2 Acetal 1 x Laing D5 12V Variable Speed Pump 3m of Tygon 3606 1/2" ID tubing I still have to buy the fittings. Will be all Bitspower but will wait and see what i need exactly before purchasing. Will mount the two rads in series on the back of the case along with the res and the pump will go inside, similar to the pics in the link on my last post. Should be sweeeet!!
  11. Now this is what i'm talking about! Im sure this wouldn't be too hard to pull off.
  12. Thanks for the explanation nuke. I understand what your sayin but elegant really isn't at the top of my list lol. All I'm really looking for is cold hard numbers. The build could look like shit but as long as it cools well I'll be happy. Surely a 4x120 rad would cool much better plus there is heaps of room inside the case for the pump and res. Im prob going to get a res pump top which would be ideal. With the crossfire and CPU being in one loop, it would be pretty warm so I'm thinking the bigger the rad the better. Especially if i can fit it on the back of the case
  13. I'll keep the radiator in mind tunsky. Thanks for the offer
  14. thanks for the pics nuke. I really want to keep the case so i've been looking around at components. From what i see, the hardest part would be mounting the rad. I could prob mod the case a little to fix it to the back without much fuss. From the height of the case i could prob get a 4x120 rad on there. If so what im looking to buy is this: XSPC RX480 Rad (maybe RX360 rad if i have to due to size limitations) Swiftech MCW80 GPU blocks for the video cards Swiftech Apogee XT CPU block Swiftech MCP655 pump 1/2" ID tubing with suitable fittings I dont know about the reservoir yet. Dont know about a pump top res or seperate res altogether. I was looking at maybe a Primochill Typhoon III pump top if i could find one. If anyone has any recommendations or advice on this setup, feel free to tell me its cool or not.
  15. Thanks for the info Nukejockey. Really though, im not fussed if the rad isnt mounted to the case. I dont move the PC alot so im not against a rad box, plus i really like the case lol. If i was to change the case though, what would be suitable for a good WC setup?