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    It's so true, it's shamefull people base their opinions on which is easier to do what you listed above ^. I will always stay desktop, the fact that if something goes wrong, i can replace it and if something is outdated i can upgrade it. Unlike tablets which render themselfs useless when noones come out with new firmware etc. Desktop 4 life
  2. unr3strict3d


    I'm back to Atomic a little bit older and a little more wiser, and what's a better way to get back into it then to start a nice debate. I had a discussion recently with some family and friends about the topic of Laptops, Smart TV's and Ipad's. For some reason or another, in their thoughts, apparently Laptops, Smart TV's and Ipad's are equivalent to today's desktop towers. I sat their bewildered, and left to argue my case. How could you even compare an Ipad to a dekstop, the functionality of the two is completely different let alone the fact the I hate apple. But that aside the function of an Ipad no doubtingly is impressive but enough to even compare it a a desktop. Maybe i am behind in all of this tech craze, but i would much rather a desktop then some shitty, awkward Ipad or laptop that doesn't provide the feel and aesthetics of a dekstop. Then there comes the cost, the yes you can get a laptop that is as powerful as a desktop but the price is astronomical with the restrictions of upgrading it. Now don't get me wrong I love the portability of a laptop and the functionality of a Smart TV but i can't see them all becoming one like my friends suggested. Have a gone mad? Have the aesthetics taken priority over functionality? /wall of text
  3. Hey guys, been inactive on the forums for a while. But i'm back and in need of advise. I have my main PC but also a Compaq Presario V4000 which is pretty old but still works, but its become incapable of doing day to day tasks. I have tried reformatting but it works for maybe 2 weeks before it starts slowing down again. Now the CPU is a : Mobile Intel Pentium M 735, 1700 MHz (17 x 100) on socket 478. (I think its 478 as that CPU only supports socket 478, yet CPU-Z says 479) 512mb generic ddr2 ram ( 4, 3, 3, 8) Now i don't want to have to buy a whole new laptop, so hopefully thats not needed. Is there a better cpu i can get that will extend the life of my laptop. Money is a factor as i don't want to spend to much. Thanks guys
  4. unr3strict3d

    Bad drivers or bad card?

    I acutally think its the drivers, when Nukey gave me his 4870 i had issues like this. Lock ups and windows saying the drivers had failed. I cant really remember what i did, i think i uninstalled and used drive sweeper but also downloaded an older version of ATI's drivers. It took me ages but after it was fixed the card worked fine.
  5. Download gigabytes @Bios. Its a flashing utility that lets you do it in windows. You simply select the file and click flash. Wait, you don't have windows installed do you.
  6. There should be a 24pin thick cable, plugging into the motherboard as well as a skinnier braided cable that has two plugs on the end. two 4pin connectors. The go in together into the 8pin slot on the motherboard. The graphics card cables that plug into the Power supply, make sure there pushed in as hard as u can. and at the other end of those cables where they connect to the graphics card make sure there pushed in all the way. The clip on the graphics card connecter should clip on.
  7. there are two PCI-E in the GPU both are connected to the PSU is that the problem? He means what PCI-E slot is it in on the motherboard. But looking at the pictures its in the top one. quick edit: I have a 650 and noticed when pluging in the PCI-E cables they are hard to push in. Make sure there pushed in all the way and the clip on the PCI-E plug is clipped onto the ledge on the graphics card itself. Also make sure its plugged in all the way into the psu.
  8. unr3strict3d

    Spray Painted, Case "Fan" Mod

    Looks good man, and yes you can post IMG. Welcome to Atomic
  9. unr3strict3d

    Show us your Rig

    Nice but clean those cables, a couple cable ties makes a huge difference!
  10. unr3strict3d

    Show us your Rig

    st8smn i love that all black look, fucking impressive. And smakme those white tubes looks sick. Nice and neat. Water will come my way...one day
  11. Looks awesome mate, that 480 rad is insane!
  12. unr3strict3d

    favourite browser?

    Firefox here
  13. Fuck yeah updates ! Sick as man i wanna see pics. Was looking at xspc a while ago, good to see how it performs
  14. The window is sick man, and the u-channel really looks awesome. Keep it up mate
  15. If im not mistaken, do not ask. Demand. YOU are the one that had to come back to the store to return YOUR pc. If i was in the situation i would demand it back.