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    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Textbooks for uni and some electronic bits from jaycar to torture some life back into a kit, still waiting on some more pieces from ebay to finish it completely.
  2. evilengineer

    Upgrading to AthlonXP

    Capacitors can be easily replaced (unless they are smd), everything else around then is a different story.
  3. evilengineer

    Cleaning motherboard/graphics card

    I generally just use compressed air, either from a compressor or recently I have been using air cans bought from aldi, both clean out nearly all the dust very fast.
  4. evilengineer

    25 Microchips That Shook the World

    Excellent read, also nice to see how cheap ICs have become
  5. evilengineer

    Curious CPU question

    When transistors heat up their internal resistance rises and they will require more power to do thier job, which increases the amount of heat they output which in turn increases their resistance etc. so very quickly one will end up with a dead transistor if it doesnt have enough cooling. As for the temperature difference inside a cpu, my i5-750 is the same with about 10* difference between the coldest and hottest core, I think thats 'normal' for a cpu.
  6. evilengineer

    Power down or leave on?

    For me its a case of how long will it be before I'll use the computer again, if I think I might use it again within 30mins or so I'll leave it on, if one the other hand I might not use it for more than half an hour or so I'll put it to sleep.
  7. evilengineer

    PC Case Gear

    I have bought stuff from them twice and both times my items arrived very quickly, usually the day after my payment should have cleared so I'm very happy with their service.
  8. evilengineer

    Blast from the Past - 486DX2 system

    This is a really awesome thread! Brings back some memories, its also nice to see these machines still working. I'd like to be a part of the fun and I got something that I can try to get to work but theres a problem with that, the machine in question is a laptop but I have no idea what it is, as the previous owners tore off all the stickers so identifying it is proving to be extremely difficult, and identifying it is also necessary because there is no power supply brick for it. I have started it using a variable power supply connected to the battery terminals and it does work, except the hdd is toast. So what I really need is to figure out what voltage/current is needed for the power supply brick. Heres some pics of the laptop btw: Thanks in advance for any help Edit: Forgot to add some system specs: its got 8mb of ram, (had) a 116mb hdd and either a 486dx or a 487sx (even the computer isnt sure)
  9. evilengineer

    Help me build a playstation.

    Any more progress on the project Girvo? Or are you still trying to get everything together?
  10. evilengineer

    Questions About PSU's

    I would say that you really should get a proper PSU, not some $20 piece of junk. Because at the moment I have a Shaw 750w PSU sitting in my old system, which is a e6750, 8600gt, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd and a few fans, which isn't that much to handle for a 750w PSU but the computer has already rebooted itself a few times since I installed it and the only thing I can think of to blame is the PSU.
  11. evilengineer

    Help me build a playstation.

    I had exactly the same idea a while back, similar budget too. Havent gotten around to buying anything for it tho, besides a dual action logitec controller. This topic is going into my favourites for future reference
  12. evilengineer

    Adobe + Microsoft = super-software company?

    This has the potential to end in a big all-encompassing blue screen of death, especially with microsoft at the helm
  13. evilengineer

    Found RAM.

    You could send some this way too, have a few laptops that can use some of that ram Hell, I'll pay for postage to make it worth your time
  14. evilengineer

    "Hardly anyone plays FPS on PC anymore"

    I play FPS on PC as well, and no matter how many times I'v tried to play FPS on consoles it never really worked for me anywhere near as well as it does on PCs, this whole 'hardy anyone plays FPS on PC anymore' is rubbish
  15. evilengineer

    Vintage Gaming PC

    Depending on where you are, I could give you a socket 370 1ghz celeron system that I found thrown out just today. Theres just one tiny problem: theres no agp slot :(