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  1. Or you can ignore them. True. As I said. Laptop ordered. I'm going to enjoy playing games whenver I'm travelling overseas. And wherever I go.
  2. Apologies guys. Some people turn out to be tools and you have to put your foot down.
  3. Its not worth me wasting my time to compare it to such a shit laptop. Does vantage take all those LED's into account I hear it gives you an extra 1k points cause of the wank factor. WOW Can you be any more of a jealous jackass? Seriously man.. I lol'd at that.. I tell you what.. walk to the next room and tell me how good your scores are... oh WAIT.. you can't because you have a desktop! Or do you never get out of the room? I'll still give $100 bucks cash in hand if you find me a laptop with a better score. Because you can't (probably because you don't leave your computer room).
  4. Tell him to take Physx off. Physx boosts the score hugely. A true number would be without Physx.
  5. lol thats pretty shit for 2 cards. Find me a laptop with better scores. I'll pay you to find it.Infact.. all I hear is talk.. show me your desktop scores 3d Mark Vantage. Only retards compare desktops to laptops and think they'll be competition between a high end laptop and a high end desktop. This is as close as they come right now.. all I hear is fkn this is shit that is shit etc... nice community my ass.
  6. Dual lol. They're as powerful as a single Desktop 5870, which is quite powerful. With updated scores - http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/9299/16kvantage.jpg This is the fastest laptop run in the world as of now I believe.
  7. Well Machines been ordered. Here's a preview of the score my friend got with the EXACT same system I'll have. Link - http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/6662/numberonebaby.jpg I'm pretty impressed with it for a laptop, with tuning it can go higher. This was done with absolutely NO tweaks, no extra cooling, no LOD tweaks, nada, zip. And only 5% overclocking.
  8. If you think about.. I've told you I want the laptop for 2 things. Raw speed and Performance which can be transported. IF the Asus could give that to me, and save me cash.. I would. I only go hesitant because my friend had the G73, and it gave him so many problems he gave it up. Compared to me who *had* an Alienware and never had to call Dell support for anything (except ask how to update the bios on a laptop). I agree Dell Aus is just the XPS branch, but with my last laptops, whenever I've had a problem I've called Dell and the next day they were at my house (even though I was trying sleep.. but thats besides the point). Personally no I have never had an Asus (unless you count a netbook), so I suppose my comments are unwarranted, but regardless, I've tried calling up Asus support for my friend.. and it was a hastle and a half. Maybe it was just that call.. but first impressions last.. and I was not impressed. Now as for scores.. you saw the benchmark scores I did with my M15x.. if I had a 920XM processor I would have easily bested them. Point is those scores are comparible to medium desktops. One thing that sucks about Alienware's is battery life. They don't last for shit. Other than that, I haven't really had problems. Prices are much more comparible than when my system would have costed $5000 a few years ago.
  9. Basically everything I wrote to do with build quality has been copied from NBR. I've seen it so many times I just put it into my own words. (minus the friend bit). If telling you people's opinion is throwing it back in your face.. then so be it. It was pretty much civil till mudg3 started telling me he thinks I'm full of shit. Absolutely uncalled for.. just because he got ruffled up by me telling the truth.
  10. Google it then idiot. Go to notebookreview forums. They are the BIGGEST forums in the worlds to do with laptops. Just type in Alienware versus Asus. They subsidize build quality for price.
  11. What you may not understand is that even if the ASUS has the same specs as the Alienware, it doesn't mean performance will be the same. And lets face it.. if you google it, you'll see that there's a considerable difference with the scores. A 15 inch Alienware comes close to beating a 17inch Asus. Infact there are some scores where it beats the Asus. I would never ever go an asus though. Asus are notorious for - Build quality is low grade plastic, cooling system is disappointing to say the least. It tends to overheat alot, get the Blue Screen of Death, and worst of all... has POOR Asus Warranty services (they are absolute useless.. try calling them up in Australia). My friend had the highest one.. I think it might have been the G73 or another one, but he dumped it once he ran into all those problems. I'm pretty sure they only have LCD screens versus WLED screens. I like overclocking, so i'll probably go the 940XM route. The Alienware build quality consists mainly of magnesium alloy and high quality Plastic for the sides and grill, which is very high quality stuff used in a laptop! You won't find better build quality on a laptop (or cooling for that matter.. especially in Australia). 4 hours of Crysis on my laptop on very high settings, and the top of the laptop was still cool. It did stutter a bit every now and then, but overall it was flawless. Youtube link here - (You have to watch it in 720p otherwise it looks rubbish) Btw before I sold the laptops I did a few more benchmark scores: 3D Mark Vantage - http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/594/officialtest6.jpg (According to Notebookreview forums: 5th fastest M15x in the world, 3rd fastest GPU score) 3D Mark 06 - http://img686.imageshack.us/img686/1579/officialtest5.jpg (According to Notebookreview: 5th fastest M15x in the world) BTW: I was under the impression Evga didn't work with machines UNLESS they are a 920XM processor (for laptops). I tried it with my 820QM and it refused to work.
  12. Why not? I want raw power, in portability (or something along the lines of portability). I travel every now and then. There's no cost diff between 2x 5870m and 2x 4870m. Laptop was sold for $2800 (I would have put it up here for sale, but didn't really think anyone would pay for it)
  13. GTX 480M is gonna be a major fail. It'll first probs cost like $750. Then it outputs 100watt of heat. Compared to the 120watt from DUAL 5870's. Looking at benchmarks on my thread on notebookreview, its only slightly better than a single 5870. Might as well throw your cooker away so you can fry your eggs on your laptop. SO I'm still gonna go ahead and order the CF5870's... because trying to get dual 480m SLI - 200watts. Might as well burn your hand now.