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    The great forum re-shuffle

    Seeing the gr and other non tech related stuff has now moved it makes a lot more sense, it is a tech site after all. However I'd prefer Atomic articles at the top but no biggy.
  2. It should be the other way round tbh, those wobbly pins are a pita sometimes and it would take me ages to get the buggers to connect.
  3. d-code

    coolermaster HAF 912/ 912+

    You're drunk. The cooling systems on the Antec 300 and the HAF 912 are almost identical and would have about identical airflow. The Antec Three Hundred has very good airflow with: I was actually referring to the cable management system(this is evident in darkfleet,corsair 800d,haf series and many others) of the 912 which the antec 300 does not have whatsoever, best you can do is tidy up cables with some zip ties and call it cable management but that doesn't always help if you've got a crap load of cables and want to maximize airflow especially within a tight enclosure, having all those cables choking up space instead of neatly tucked away underneath the mobo could render the cooling system pretty much useless.
  4. d-code

    coolermaster HAF 912/ 912+

    Looks like a mini me version of the haf 922, good airflow and cable management something the antec 300 doesn't have.
  5. I don't think budget hexacores are high on intel's priorities list given that their quadcores perform at the same level/price as amd's top end offerings.
  6. if you plan on getting a second 480 you might wanna stick with the 1kw psu.
  7. d-code

    GTX 460 - Opinions

    Ask sceptrecore he'll be happy show you.
  8. Taken from this: http://www.pcauthority.com.au/News/219843,...-redundant.aspx "The rough path to smooth sailing Of course, the reality is somewhat different. The major challenge faced by streaming games is latency. When you push a button the software needs to register the event, send it to the server, have it processed and then render the resulting image and send it out. Delays in processing these signals would lead to 'laggy' controls, where you would push a button and notice the delay before the game registers it. The combination of this and the need for high bandwidth to cope with the high resolution video stream means that services like Onlive are highly dependent on building datacenters close to populations enabled with high speed internet. Onlive quotes a minimum 5Mbps connection for its service, which currently only runs at 720p (1280 x 720)." Anyone up for some laggy 720p action?
  9. d-code

    Q6600 Overclock

    Yeah I kinda jumped to conclusions.
  10. I think bling factor also plays a part in there as well and the rampage is a good example if you want everything, but if you want something more practical look at the mid range boards.
  11. what games do you play? games are a huge factor depending on which and how you play it.
  12. Yeah cloud computing won't be the be all end all, theres a bigger cloud and thats the internet and if every process was done over the cloud they're gonna need some fat ass bandwidth.
  13. d-code

    Q6600 Overclock

    You need to complain about the ridiculous amount of voltage you're feeding the ram. What is your pc spec?
  14. I chose all in one and custom water cooling only because I don't like fugly big ass looking heatsinks and purely the fact that water is better at transfering heat.
  15. Generally it depends on the OS/software used and how much ram it is needed to run smoothly, the only way I see the amount of ram going backwards is if the requirements for all software needs less memory and I doubt very much thats gonna happen considering the trend in which technology is progressing.