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    Wifi Hotspot or Squid Box

    Hi I was looking into this but i never got around to it, at the time i found a plugin for ipcop but you would need to download ipcop and use a plugin called copspot but you would need a spare computer (966mhz cpu, 256mb ram) i ran ipcop on but you might get away with a virtual machine like e.g virtualbox is free I know 99& you can run a squid proxy and i know 100% you can ability to shape bandwidth and add user restrictions and use dhcp on it but im not sure about squid filtering the hotspot. Best way to check out the forums it might help :) sun virtualbox www.virtualbox.org ipcop (hosted on sourceforge) http://www.ipcop.org copspot plugin http://www.ban-solms.de/t/IPCop-copspot.html Just though ill sigin up and help you out :)