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  1. barbatus

    Bulletstorm and Crysis 2 demo out now

    Couldn't even get Crysis 2 join a game for me. It kept complaining about firewall being too strict when I can play every other game on Xbox Live perfectly fine >.<. Anyone else get that message?
  2. barbatus

    Crysis 2

    Still gives us an idea man. KInd of sucks though all the same.
  3. barbatus

    Crysis 2

    THe first game I pre-order/pay full price for in about 5 years and people are telling me to wait haha =]. Yeah it should run okay on mid range systems because of it being designed for consoles as well. I'll be checking out the Xbox LIve demo of it tomorrow to see what the online experience is like even if it's only Xbox testing. Gives me a basic idea. I think it will be a pretty sweet game all uyp
  4. barbatus

    Portal 2

    My mates and I were just talking about something like this the other day. Being able to purchase a game on any console and then vs'ing not only people on the same console but cross platforms to Xbox and PC alike.
  5. barbatus

    Crysis 2

    @Brock - sweet. Wouldn't mind doing a PC upgrade for it myself but that'll have to wait for me lol. in March. Can't remember the exact date though. @Dan_2 - ah yeah, Haven't looked into it on steam, they have it listed? And yeah the multi-player looks pretty nice. I pre-ordered the Limited Edition version. Weird thing is that it costs the same as the normal version in at EB so why not =P This and F.E.A.R 3 are the only games I'm purchasing on the launch date. Anything else I just sit and wait for the prices to drop to a reasonable level or bargain binned. I really enjoyed Crysis and Crysis Warhead so that's my reasoning for pre-ordering it. Same deal with F.E.A.R 3.
  6. barbatus

    Crysis 2

    So pre-ordered my copy of Crysis 2 for PC the other day and I'm just wondering who else is going to be grabbing this game at launch?
  7. Hey jdog, motherboard installation is easy. Screw it down on the mounts and then just plug everything in. Front panel headers are all clearly labeled so you won't have a problem with them either. Give it a crack, it's the only way to learn it and you'll feel a lot better knowing exactly how your machine is built and that it was done to your best. I'm same age as you man, 19 years old and I build all of my machines myself. It really is the best way to do it. Store warranty is worthless in the end. Only people it's good for are ones that have no idea about computers and just didn't buy an Acer/Dell or whatever.
  8. barbatus

    ODD Mod

    Yeah it's heaps worth it. And simple to do to boot.
  9. barbatus

    ODD Mod

    No worries, it looks really good! Especially when you hardly use the drive, like most people with Steam and whatnot :) See my guide :) exactly, and especially when there's a perfectly good SATA drive just above it for retail purchased games ;-)
  10. barbatus

    ODD Mod

    yep you can. Just press in the lower right corner and it ejects like normal. Cheers to the Mods for moving this. realised after I'd posted it was in the wrong section
  11. barbatus

    ODD Mod

    Hey, Inspired by the Frunj's ODD mod a little while back I decided to make the old IDE ODD in my main system stealthed. Worked out rather well and I'd like to say thanks to The Frunj for the inspiration
  12. Nevermind, didn't read through the comments before posting
  13. barbatus

    ITX - micro media/gaming rig

    Yeah, the cost of buying the item at it's cheapest from all different stores does add up because of inflated shipping. I'd recomend PCCG. Excelent service, prices are pretty good and just a great all round experience. I've used them a fair bit this year since my first bulk purchase.
  14. Going from the name are you a Tassie dweller?

  15. barbatus

    ITX - micro media/gaming rig

    I leaved.. get it? oh the irony... lol I'm sorry but turning a reasonable decent debate into a swearing fit just because some people pointed out some mistakes in your information is a touch childish IMHO