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  1. msy. http://msy.com.au/default.jsp?category=155 just bought a 775 board for my home theatre p.c. project. Amazon.com was the source. It is ASUSP43 LGA775 MAX-16CBDDR3 Atx.. Features: (2) PCIEx16 (2) PCIEx1 Max memory 16GB FSB 1600MHz overclock, normally 1,333MHz. Memory: (4) slots 240 pin dual channel. I think 64 bit operating system was recommended. Tigerdirect.com: ASUS PP5P43TD dual channel DDR2 Atx P43 Chipset memory Intel ICH 10 Soputhbridge I/O FSB1600MHz Memory: 240 pin DDR3 1600MHz or less (4) slots Max memory supported 16GB 64 bit Channels: 8/ Slots: PCI (3) PCIEx1 (2) PCIex16(1)/ SATA headers (6)/ ATX Power 1-24 pin/ SPDIF(1) Fan:(1) CPU and (1) chassis. Also try Directron.com in Texas (USA) I don't know much on the shipping. I think many of these US companies ship all over the world. Hope your clients are delighted.
  2. might want to try newegg.com in the united states. tigerdirect.com in canada. I still like socket 775--the xfx 790i sli ultra really performs well for me and has great features. According to Tom's Hardware, EVGA versions of this board are made on the same floor as the xfx brand boards. This was in response to constant EVGA bashing on their 790i Ultra. I think shopping for parts that harmonize well is so much fun!! You can rattle my cage anytime for new leads. I'm a good scrounger.
  3. normco

    Well, at least he's not blaming video games

    hardly fair. the bloke acknowledged his addiction, and went to rehab - of course he had to go doctor shopping.....his crime is just having a big mouth, and pissing off people with (quite often) is the truth (mind drifts back to Assange) a lot of people have problems with prescription painkillers - I know that I do: I have, scoliosis, osteoporosis, 1x fucked kidney, diverticulitis, a titanium femur/hip joint, 2x dicky knees, liver damage etc etc. (I'm getting depressed, so etc etc will have to suffice) when I was in hospital for a month, early last year (getting femur/hip repaired), I was very, very well looked after painkiller wise (morphine on demand, plus ketamine [yes, special K!]) the pain was excruciating...... then, they booted me out and gave me a voucher for a taxi home, and 8x Panedeine Forte - kidding I wasn't going doctor shopping! it's taken me the last 12 months to get off the shit, and just put up with the pain......well, kind of - now I drink too much instead. what do you do? virtually everything hurts, can't sleep more than a few hours, sleeping even hurts. First off, I think you need to find a doctor that can integrate your care, and make sure that some of your meds are not causing osteoporosis. For example, Diuretics can hinder calcium absorption.Regarding your osteoporosis, if you are female it may be due to estrogen imbalance. Being laid up for a long time can cause limbs to decalcify--like maybe your leg that had the hip socket replaced. A decalcified limb from being immobilized can very quickly recover. Get a bone density scan and rating for your bone density. Ask a doctor if light weights might be safe because in some cases light weight lifting can really strengthen your bones--oddly enough. Broccoli is one of the highest sources of calcium. I know, not thrilling. Maybe just alittle cheese sauce to make it more appetizing.Diverticulosis can be greatly helped by going on a soft diet during flare-ups. Bananas, rice things like that. Once the flare-up is quiet--a slow increase in roughage can help to sweep debris out of those tiny instestinal pockets or diverticula. Fatty foods can cause a flare up, as can foods with too many seeds in them. Some people with diverticulosis have real problems with blackberries, strawberries or even tomatoes. Hip replacements can take over a year to recover. You are doing a great job in a truly nasty situation. One of those giant overstuffed cylinders can help you sleep. They are like padded upholstered cylinders that are body length. Med-supply houses have them. Wrap your body around one of these giant 'bed caterpillars', it will take stress off of joints, hips, and spine--allowing you to maybe find a decent position to sleep for awhile at least. Do the best you can, that is usually pretty darn good for most people. Set smaller goals than TV heroes, and try super hard to like yourself. Maybe you are a good singer? Maybe a good cook? Maybe just a good person. I did some remodeling in that area myself. Post when you are down. People care. When I was having problems I learned that there are so many nice people out there.
  4. normco

    I'm not bored

    That seems an odd declaration. I accept that you are busy and productive. even if you were lazy and doing nothing, i might like you anyway.
  5. normco

    The Insanity of Religion

    Maybe use some of that to clean up your mouth. I agree. here we are in some really tough times and some blog starts a dust-up that is derogatory and disrespectful to a book that is giving many of us courage when we are afraid, hope when we are in dispair. What a filthy diaper for a blog. disgraceful and just plain mean. another blogger that can hide behind a computer screen and be mean.
  6. normco

    The Insanity of Religion

    I like it. Animals and insects are cool. I'm would consider that some kind of meaninful interaction. Perhaps more rewarding than with some horrible blogger. What about those who used to believe and now don't? Or for that matter, the other way around? I don't know whether one can gain or lose that 'sense', surely either you have it or you don't. Using humor as a metaphor, I don't laugh now at the same shit I used to laugh at when I was younger. Your sense of God doesn't need to be the same throughout your life I guess, its no real problem for it to change over time. the observation that a person's sense of god needn't be the same, that it can change over time. You are one smart guy, and I like that thought. Never looked at it that way.
  7. normco

    The Insanity of Religion

    You're not still falling for that old myth are you? I was talking about you lot. I use thirty. :P For god's sake--I can't even determine saturated fat from polysaturated fat when I go to the grocery. I sure want to thank this fatheaded rumble that sees no beginning or end.. Is 10% of super intellect better than 50% of average intellect? I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours. I'm just glad it provided momentary distraction from the male obsession with inadequate woo-woo size. Thank you.
  8. normco

    The Insanity of Religion

    like lightening from above. Love it. If we can't learn humility from spirituality--the stock market will teach it.
  9. normco

    The Insanity of Religion

    Thank God you came along. Not joking. Great minds, leaders, and scientists are often forced to work with incomplete datum(is that right, or is it data? hell, I always get it confused.) Anyway. I really like your insightful and sensitive post. faith is to believe in something even when the information is not complete. Just to believe in something that gives us courage when we are afraid, hope when we are in dispair. Yes, the Bible is a literary mess, and perhaps a sloppy transcription. Some even believe the aprocrapha where women played a major role in biblical history. Mainly, just believing in something good in these hard times. Believing in 'not believing'--I want to intercept that game of gotcha reply. Just believeing in something greater than ourselves, some special power. It can really be a help in these tough times. Atheists, agnostics--just give it a think. No pressure. God is infinite, and time means nothing to God. There is no hurry.
  10. normco

    Is it possible to save a Million Dollars?

    Rule of "7" for doubling your investment. Rate(return on investment expressed as whole percentage/ not a decimal) X Time(years)= 7. This is a rough tool, but works. If you get 35% on your money it will double every two years. If you get 15% on your money, it will double every 4 and 2/3 years. Factor in taxes, currency devaluation and pray regularly. Yo atheists and agnostics--maybe try it--just in case.I think to make wealth, it takes income sure--but it is amazing how people waste money they don't even have. Frugality without being miserable is probably the ticket. As a casual observation. Fidelity Select Energy or Fidelity Select Energy Services looks good. Energy companies with focus on petro. got beaten down, but in my opinion are heading for a significant rebound. Also, Eaton Vance India Fund is a personal favorite. Hot returns but volatile. China and India are growing--and need LOTS of energy/materials. BHP Billiton sends huge amounts of coal to China, as I am sure you know. India has the same population as China--wow. Microsoft and Dell are investing huge sums to build technology campuses in India, the workforce is well-educated, and they have a massive, burgeoning middle class with disposable income. It looks good, but do your own due diligence.
  11. normco

    Is it possible to save a Million Dollars?

    And then get hit by a train the day after... ;P Oh God. I needed a good laugh. Christmas makes me weird.
  12. normco

    This is what happens when you go too far

    Look, I'm all for government transparency, but releasing cables that are essentially gossip in the embassy circuit achieves nothing but inflame tensions. It's not like we didn't already know that Gaddafi was a nutcase or that Berlusconi was a corrupt Putin-loving arsehat... But putting it out there just makes the US lose face on the basis of gossip. This is the clear thinking we need to hear. I think that once the world 'tries on' China as the new SuperPower Barn Boss--well let's just say the naysayers and footdraggers will really have something to whine about. And the hip intellectuals thought the united states was bad?! Would Arrange, out of a sense of duty publish any leaks that go against his obvious underlying anit-government, anti-U.S., and anti-Afghan war? He seems so smart and gifted--I know the U.S. wants to jail him to shut him up. The U.S. can get nasty--I concede that point freely. I saw Assange on Larry King live--fascinating character with a deep voice and piercing eyes though they jetted about nervously. I think you show great insight on the Interpol thing, it is suspicious. Me. . . I'm afraid to look at the Wikileaks for fear I'll end up on a FBI watch list or something.
  13. normco

    help on uploading image onto posts

    Thank you for that help. I want to post my rig photos, am a newbie. Don't know what I am doing--all the time. Much to learn.
  14. Problem is that you are talking about America and thinking in Australian. Nothing that happens over there seems to surprise me any more. The more ancient history that I read the more I see an empire in rapid decline. Thank you. And how was your day? I am american, and not such a bad guy. It was WWII and an american GI was talking to a captured U.S. soldier, sharing chocolate, cigarettes, and pictures of loved ones. He said, 'it is not people that can't get along, it is governments.' I hope you can give me and my country a chance, and not write us off as an empire in decline. We have so much in common. I have hung out with lots of Australians, and I really like them. They have the same 'can do' attitude as Texans. Both of our countries were formed by revolution. Both of our countries cherish freedom of speech and thought. We are not in decline, we are changing and are in late stages of economic development. We are plagued by social ills because we are at some kind of moral crisis. Yet, our technological prowess, and entrepreneurial spirit may create a dramatic comeback. Just because real estate is up 30% in Melbourne, don't let it go to your head. So you've got an economic hump up on mining activity. One day China may come for your coal, and they won't say please. Then you will call the barbarians of the United States to fight at your side. And we will proudly do so. We are your friends, but not perfect.