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  1. dreed

    AMD vs INTEL

    Oh? Should I wait then. I am not really in a rush atm and can wait 4 weeks or so.
  2. dreed

    AMD vs INTEL

    Quick simple question: I am putting a basic budget gaming rig and I have trouble choosing a CPU. Either i3 2130 or FX 4170? It seems that majority say that FX sucks and i3 even as dual core cpu will be much better choice. Just need final confirmation before a purchase. thanx for any help.
  3. dreed

    Windows 8 Information ?

    how one does get an invite for one of those parties?
  4. dreed

    Windows 8 Information ?

  5. dreed

    what would you choose?

    how are the asus monitors?
  6. dreed

    what would you choose?

    The real estate is not that important as i barely keep any icons on my desktop. atm not even three columns. been to apple store yesterday and a)man that stuff is overpriced b)27inch is much bigger than i expected. Might go 24 but 27in is tempting as it would allow to play and watch movies from bed.
  7. dreed

    Planescape: Torment

    Running PST at 1680x1050 on 20in monitor with widescreen mod, fixpack and bigger 120% fonts. no eye straining whatsoever.
  8. dreed

    what would you choose?

    Hijacking the thread. Currently I am sitting on 20.5" LG monitor and I am considering getting a second monitor. Since monitor is a long-term investment I believe spending extra cash on bigger one is worth the expense. I am considering this http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=15022 500 bucks with delivery. Is it worth the price or should i just get 24 inch monitor for half the price?
  9. dreed

    Issue 114 Feedback

    Just little thing: In AP review DH made big deal of not being able to jump... Just kinda weird thing to point out. Neither Witcher, nor ME1 (not sure about ME2 and DAO) had it and everything was fine and dandy... Anyhow great issue.
  10. dreed

    Alpha Protocol is out.

    playing it and loving every minute of it. Graphics? not important. seriously. I get as immersed in Hl1 as i do in HL2 as i do in Batman AA. Great characters, great storyline, choices. who lives or who dies. Piss of big hidden organization or make friends with them. What to do with Crime boss who lied to you? Playing as sneaky goodie marital artist. Killed only two guys. One i had to as part of the storyline and I don't know whether you can avoid it, another one got shot with a rocket (accident: Aimed it at a tank and he just run at the line of fire trying to hide behind some obstacle). Everyone else i throat punch or beat in ol' fashioned fist fight. also shot few guys with tranquilizer but try to avoid guns as much as possible. Already cannot wait for second play through as I want to see what will happen if i don't execute one guy and not piss another one.
  11. dreed

    Woman fired from bank 'for being too hot'

    firing someone who is too hot to work in a bank is no different than firing somebody because he/she is too ugly. so yeah. hope she wins.
  12. dreed

    Fallout 3 - vanilla or modded for a first timer?

    On first playthrough i would recommend graphic only enchantments as well as patches. They don't change the game so it is still vanilla just make it look a bit nicer. ... this one is a must in my opinion as standard menus are just frigging horrible: http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2304 then after 15 hours or so you should start modding throughly
  13. hehe. but if it works doesn't matter that it ain't the newest driver.
  14. dreed

    Alarm Clocks

    still connected. since my pc is only 0.3m away from my ear when i sleep that option is not possible thx for suggestion anyway.
  15. dreed

    Alarm Clocks

    it does not store mp3 does it? it has to be connected to PC to stream from there right?