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  1. ekythump

    Elite Dangerous out soon

    I agree, As long as it's in British pounds not happening.
  2. ekythump

    Lord of the Rings Online - Helms Deep

    I haven't actually played in years but I logged in today and unlocked helms deep for my account so i might jump on again.
  3. ekythump

    PC rebooting with new chiop

    Thanks heaps guys. I LOVE you ALL :) I took of any auto settings i found for the RAM and its working. The BIOS update probably helped also but its all up and running now. Thanks heaps guys. That's why I love this community its AWESOME!!
  4. ekythump

    PC rebooting with new chiop

    Thanks for the advice guys, need to do the F5 bios update first and try that. The update software provided only was able to find F4 so i thought that was the latest. I'll let you know how i go.
  5. Hey guys. Hoping someone can help me out again :) I've bought a i7 3770 on Saturday, i installed it onto my Gigabyte G1 Sniper 2 the same night. I started it up and it rebooted itself once within a second of the start up happening but then it booted up fine. Come the next morning i booted it up and it restarted itself a few times before it booted up, the pc worked fine no issues after wards. I turned the pc back on later that day and it did the rebooting again but this time didn't boot at all, it just kept rebooting itself. I put the 2500k back in and it works fine. I updated the bios and put the 3770 in again and still the same issue. Any ideas what it could be? The only thing I could fine on a Google search was that someone had the same issue but after they put in a 1200 watt psup it stopped doing it. I already have a 1200 watt in my system but its about 7 years old. I'm running a GTX 660 Ti with it with 6 drives. Thanks guys.
  6. ekythump

    Sanits Row the 4th Being banned in Aus

    Steam may not be able to allow access to Australia if the game is banned so even if you buy a key on line you might not be able to activate it.
  7. ekythump

    Anyone played GRID 2 yet?

    I've only played the first couple of races and yeah it seems more arcade then sim. When I can bounce of the barriers crunching my front end a couple of times and keep racing its leaning towards more arcadish. it is fun though and i think it'll be more fun in the multiplayer mode then anything else. I think you can modify the cars too, which is probably about as sim as it gets.
  8. ekythump

    Bioshock Infinite is infinitely boring.

    No I feel the same. Its not as good as the first 2 and there were parts i was getting bored with, I just basically powered through the game to finish it cause I was getting sick of it. I also felt they took some of the spirit away from the game. In the first two you had consequences to your actions which then affected the ending of the game, Infinite just felt like your basic linear shooter with a couple of nice touches to it but I wouldn't call it the best game to come out.
  9. ekythump

    sims 3 help lost disc

    Yeah there is. You can download EA's Origin client and activate the key there. That's what I've done. Activate all my keys on it in case I lose the disks. http://www.origin.com/au/download
  10. ekythump

    Fan speed controller

    I figured as much but he wouldn't take my word for it. Thanks :)
  11. Hey Guys. My brother is now happy with his new PC but he wants to add a fan speed controller on the front purely for wank factor. I've never installed one but I can't see it being to difficult but he wants me to ask how difficult it is to install one.
  12. ekythump

    World of Warplanes - Closed Beta

    Thanks for the link...got my key but i'm at work so now I hate you ;)
  13. ekythump

    WoW - The Thunder King 5.2

    I haven't actualy played WoW since the start of December last year.
  14. ekythump

    GPU Help

    Ta dude, hopefully I'll now be able to convince him.
  15. ekythump

    GPU Help

    Hey Guys I'm building a new PC for my brother and I promised I'd ask this question. I'm looking at putting in a GTX 660 or maybe a 70 in his PC but for some reason he has his mind set on Sli'ing cards. Is it worth Sli'ing cards at all, and he asked if he Sli's two GT610s will it out perform a single GTX660, I've told him no but he seems stuck on the idea. Mind you he really only plays STO and maybe some counter strike and an odd game here and there but he wants to future proof it a bit. What do you guys think? Or what can he Sli that will out perform a GTX660 and be cheaper , and yeah I've already told him if he Sli's to cheapo cards it probably won't out perform it but he wants other opinions.