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  1. I just spent like $2000 on parts lol, thats all I could afford :P
  2. 180degrees

    most epic single player game of all time?

    Goldeneye on N64
  3. well I could say the same for you... you remind me of this anyway I have a life to go live and not fritter away over such a stupid argument.
  4. 180degrees

    Fermi Benchmarks

    Figured I would post up some benchmarks of GTX470 SLI Unigine Heaven will post up some 3dmark vantage and Cop benchmark
  5. Well it lives! wouldn't post at first I was like ah fuck what a pain cause its not like a regular case you can easily get to things, then I remembered the memory channels have become retarded where dimm A1 is now where B1 used to be on all previous Intel boards :/ sure enough a RTFM on my part revealed yea I had to move the ram oh well all good now, SSD perfromance is jusst crazy warp speed mr Sulu :D and the 2 GTX470's are not to bad well one has a much more agressive fan profile then the other, I am quiet pleased with the reults, cpu is idling under 30c to. Anyway remember you have to go about installing things in a SFF pc differently to a normal one so here is the process I used 1. Mount all your hard drives and dvd drive ect 2. Run the front panel headers under the motherboard, make sure they are not cut or anything cause to have to pull everything out to get to them would be a cunt of a job, also install the cpu cooler now then screw down the motherboard and plug in the front panel connectors. 3. Connect to their associated plugs and rout as many cables downwards as you can and tie as many down as possible, not an easy job but there are plent of areas you can afix a cable tie to then install the PSU and connect up the cables. 4. Install the video cards makig sure they have a bit of breathing room and airflow from the bottom fan and keep their 6 pin cables tidy! 5. Close her up and give thanks to the god of computers with a cold beer to celebrate the hour and a half process and also to keep him appeased to make sure your machine posts. Mohawk, I have owned one before and just always installed the PSU's like this since I think it looks better fan inward but the Seasonic X series the fan won't start spinning until about 250-300w power draw
  6. then you need to get your eyes checked
  7. 180degrees

    Unr3strict3d's First Build :)

    well make sure you buy a decent PSU, shits me to tears when people build systems with generic crap ones and 3 months later their system is dead.
  8. Thats that retarded case with the dvd drives off to the side, can't understand how anyone would want to pay money for it plus its pretty big for a cube case its like the berlin bunker sitting on your desk lol anyway I painted the case last night/today although I stupidly got black enamel instead of black gloss (fuck) so some parts came out a bit blotchy. also got my dvd drive corsair ram and 2 antec green fans today. fingers crossed I get the motherboard today cause its just killing having to watch all this cooltech just sit there :(
  9. I'm sure the Seasonic is a good PSU, but I don't think it will be putting the Corsair variety to shame. You realise Seasonic make most of corsairs PSU's apart from the VX550, TX750 & 850 and HX1000 which are made by Channel Wells Yep, they are not 80plus gold as far as I know except the HX 750 and HX850 which classify for gold but are only rated silver IIRC and also not true modular like this one is oh and they are about an inch longer. Put some stuff in the case to check out the fit, glad I only got GTX470's as anything like a 5870 or GTX 480 wouold be really tight, well a 5870 would require a different fan I think. edit: when I say put to shame I don't mean like how corsair, antec ect put like yum cha models to shame.
  10. In terms of quality it goes TN>Spva>IPS and also in price.
  11. Got some more toys today Seasonic X750 looks like one awesome PSU that puts offering from corsair to shame, box art for the GTX470 is fucking ugly to lol but boxes only end up in the cupboard anyway. GTX470's are surpringly light compared to say a 5870 edit: hmm didn't mean to get my dog in the shot :/
  12. Figured I would post my progress over the next few days as I build a really powerful SFF machine (not your average HTPC :D) Anyway parts list is as follows -SG03 case looks like this: -Core i5 750 -ASUS maximus II gene P55 mobo -2x GTX470 SLI -OCZ 50GB SSD OS drive -2 Seagate 500gb 7200.12 storage drives -Seasonic X750 fully modular PSU -cheap dvd drive -BenQ G2420 monitor (already have this) So I got the case, SSD and CPU today but the PSU and video cards come in tomorrow but I can't get em till Wednesday :( and the motherboard was a special order from PCCG which I won't get till about Friday. Since the SG03 is a hospital grey color inside I was thinking of grabbing a can of spray paint and painting it all enamel black, thoughts? oh and I think I will use my dremel to cut some small holes behind the mobo tray for sata cables and front panel cables. Will upload some pics tomorrow if I do anything :)