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  1. anthony2.0

    McDonalds Grilled

    Honestly what did we expect of corse it was going to be very pro Maccas. I was watching it with my partner who works at maccas an even she thinks it was just a bit of maccas propaganda. Hear are a few news articles ive found about the show last night. Producer defends documentary http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and...0401-1w67r.html Hearld suns right up about it http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/...f-1226316860463 and channel seven defending them showing it http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/telev...i-1226315593719 I dont think they went far enough into it and if they really wanted to do an look at maccas then McDonalds should have had nothing to do with it so they could not affect the outcome.
  2. anthony2.0

    Ghostly Visitors

    Who You gunna Call?
  3. anthony2.0

    Skyrim Freezing

    Thanks guys. Yeah very funny. It's all fixed now thanks Official Boy Toy
  4. anthony2.0

    Skyrim Freezing

    Sorry about that. I have it on PS3.
  5. anthony2.0

    Skyrim Freezing

    Hey all I got Skyrim at Christmas but im having some problems with freezing and the game lagging. Is their anyway to fix this? Thanks for all the help.
  6. anthony2.0


    At the moment Skyrim lol. cant stop playing it when im home lol.
  7. anthony2.0

    Centrelink comedians

    Haha nice one
  8. anthony2.0

    Steve Jobs. Dead

    R.I.P he will be missed.
  9. anthony2.0

    go the geeks !

    Woot nice work. way to repesent.
  10. anthony2.0

    Good completed tv series

    Don't know if it's been mentioned but The Tudors is a very good series just finished watching it. Recommend it
  11. anthony2.0

    Why did the programmer divorce his wife?

    Haha thats good.
  12. anthony2.0

    Learning languages online

    Im learning Mandarin at the moment using books, online and CD to listen to. I think its good. I can speak fairly good but still needs improving. the problem is if you are saying it wrong then you have no one to pull you up in it.
  13. anthony2.0

    Best 1 minute of video you'll see today

    Haha made my day :)
  14. anthony2.0

    Right or wrong?

    What a dick. but while there are some police officers who are good there are still some who go mad with power. and it's these guys who make it bad for the rest.
  15. anthony2.0

    Video Hits axed

    R.I.P ill always remember waking up as a kid and putting you on and listening to you. even though you did introduce me to the back street boys and Eminem. I will remember singing along as a kid. Rest In Peace