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  1. letinmad

    Bet With Cousin

    Thanks Dasa for the stats
  2. letinmad

    Bet With Cousin

    lol nesquick
  3. letinmad

    Bet With Cousin

    Thanks guys I will take this opportunity to ring him up and gloat saying how I was right and he was wrong and more.Thanks for the quick answer matty and Uber
  4. thanks for thread reminder
  5. letinmad

    Bet With Cousin

    My cousin is saying that water cooling uses as much power as an Air-Con obviously wrong, can use please tell my cousin how stupid he is. This is to you Nukejockey Addition My cousin also said that a Western Digital Green hdd saves power if so how much EDIT: My cousin just said that thermaltake cases are COOL and to which he added they are good
  6. letinmad

    RIP Jimi Hendrix = 40 years today

    poor hendrix
  7. letinmad

    Female Force: Sarah palin The Sequel

    well i laughed
  8. +1 aswell as the psu is overkill to high wattage and save money getting a cheaper one with lower wattage don't know wich one sorry but probably corsair.
  9. 2 5870's will be better than a single 5970 and only slightly more expensive
  10. 2gtx 460 more powerful and around same price as gtx 480
  11. letinmad

    Going to get a photo book made

    Yoyogi Koen - Greasers is probably my favourite
  12. letinmad

    Issue 117

    nooooooooooooo have not got it sounds sososososo so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!
  13. letinmad

    Behold the end of times!

    +1 to put it simply
  14. letinmad