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  1. itt

    Post pic's of yourself.

    You cant fatten a thoroughbred! And beards RULE!
  2. itt

    Post pic's of yourself.

    Me watching the wife adding to global warming.
  3. itt

    Your fondest Atomic memories

    IvanTheTerrible Hero 20/07/2002 Superhero 13/12/2006 God look at the dates. :-)
  4. As has been said about a million times before, if you think there is no content then you post some. Classic disclaimer, btw. Right up there with "I'm not racist, but..." I did try to post content but found that most people preferred to flame or troll than make a decent contribution so thus I remain a lurker.
  5. This forum is shit! Thats why it's numbers are dwindling. I'm not going to start with the "this forum was better in the old days" crap but back there we had a reason to post, and that reason is no longer here. I lurk in the vain hope that that reason will return but I haven't seen anything in a long while. I loved this forum like no other and it still pains me to see it die such a horrible death. Love IvanTheTerrible.
  6. And here again is a demonstration why this place is dead and why I left.
  7. More video and an interview with the owner.
  8. I agree, it is the massive spoiler that throws you. Have seen quite a few pics of this model on the net with either a high or medium rear spoiler but they all seem to be on the later updated models with the round rear lights.
  9. But this is a genuine Lamborghini Jalpa build number 387 he just fitted a more powerful motor.
  10. Well it's a genuine Jalpa. Got to love the experts here. He's not "blipping" the throttle. it's the rev limiter. It runs a Mazda transaxle and he's having trouble with the clutch on gear changes. youtube decide to stabilize the image. It was shaky because I ran from the start line back to the pits, to film the first bit, and then ran back to the startline to film the run.
  11. It's a Jalpa. Who said it was a Countach?