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  1. Ooo thanks very much for the replies guys. Here's where my innovative side comes into it: The motherboard is horizontally mounted, relieving stress on it from heavy GPU's and coolers. The case is designed to accommodate for liquid cooling. I.e, specific places for pump, reservoir, and of course, the front radiators. I've already decided with the acrylic fan holes; can't change that, although I have some spare acrylic if it looks le shitteh. And with the 'getting spec's direct from atx motherboard, that's what i'm doing-don't worry. oh and what did you mean with the 'Don't put vents in places that it doesn't make sense.'? Here's what I've started to build so far. I will be doing all of the aluminium work in two weeks when I do some work placement OK, so there's the plans, Now here's what I've started to build so far. Here's a sheet of 2mm acrylic I'll be using. Forgot to take a pic of the 1.5mm sheet. I went into the local plastics place and asked for some offcuts for 'testing' and they gave me enough 1.5mm and 2mm for the whole project. I offered to pay, but no complaints from me when they refused. Cut up into the appropriate sized pieces with a scrollsaw. The larger piece is 2mm, for the top. fan holes cut out and cleaned up with a vertical sander. It doesn't look very neat, i know. It's just the covering on the acrylic hanging over the edges. Test fitting the 200mm fan And again. I was originally going to fold up my own I/O plate. Then I remembered I have an acrylic case, and took it out. Stainless steel, and pretty good quality too. I'm now in the process of cutting up the front and rear panels. I was originally going to get them CNC cut, and stopped feeling guilty about not paying for the acrylic when the same guy (only place with CNC close that I know about) offered $250 to cut out the front panel. I laughed, cried a little inside, and never replied to his email.
  2. Well, I'm new to the forums, and need some feedback on my build. I'm a regular on OCAU, but decided I'd like some more feedback from a wider variety of viewers. Plus, who doesn't like looking at watercooled worklogs? This is a project I am doing for my HSC Major works (Design and Tech) and is supposed to be an innovative design. Just to give you an idea on the size; the case is 450mm long, 350mm high, and 350mm at the widest points. The front, rear, motherboard tray, and framing will be made of 2mm aluminium, the outer parts that mount the acrylic will be 1mm aluminium, and the acrylic is 1.5mm and 2mm. I only drew this in Sketchup, cause it was an easy to use program, and represents fairly well what I'm building. Sorry about the quality. I'm not a photographer. I just point and click. Here's a side view of the case. The top section is where the motherboard will be mounted horizontally, and the pump + reservoir right in front of it. The front four fan holes are for two 240 radiators to be mounted. The bottom section is where the HDD/SSD's + PSU will be mounted A front view, also some holes up the top for switches to be put in (just an estimate, might be more or less holes) View from the other side. Here you can see the rather simple HDD mount's (just two pieces of Al teehee) Another view And another Here's a rear view. You can see the PSU mount, I/O plate, and the HDD exhaust fan. In each of the blank parts in the drawings above, the following acrylic pieces will be mounted. The top two will have 120mm fans in them, and the large top piece will have a 200mm fan in it. And finally, a big thanks to Greig @ GAM Mods, for agreeing to a sponsorship for my project. Let me know whats you's think and I'll post some pics of what I've made so far up