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  1. Just out of curiousity, why the crazy sound card?! lol
  2. Velociraptors are a poor choice these days. 1TB and 1.5TB regular HDDs are VERY close in speed, and lightyears ahead in capacity. You can probably get three 1TB HDDs, put them in RAID-0, and come out with several times the storage, more speed, and still have some change. Velociraptors are a complete and utter waste of money. The giant platter density on the 1.5TB+ harddrives easily makes the large terabyte class drives competitive with the Velociraptor in transfer speeds. As for seek times, SSD's make the Velociraptor look like a 1960's magnetic tape drive. Stay clear of these overpriced beasts; they may have made sense 5 years ago for enthusiasts, but not in today's market of TB drives and affordable SSD's -- especially given the price premiums on these Velociraptors.
  3. tyft

    PSU NEEDED FOR 2 5850

    I'm curious on this too, I'd like to know for peace of mind that my Thermaltake ToughPower XT 675W could handle 2 5850's later on down the track, as I've heard of power draw's of over 350W for a single card!
  4. This is just a rough idea from PCCasegear the kind of system you can get for 4500 ish. Change things around, use it as a guide but pretty much top end. Mind you this is can be had for cheaper on most parts like places such as MSY. Intel Core i7 980X $1439.00 Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 Motherboard $369.00 12GB of 6x2GB OCZ PC3-12800 Intel i7 Edition DDR3-RAM $518.00 2X HIS ATI Radeon HD5870's (iCooler V Edition) $998.00 OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD Extended Capacity $269.00 Western Digital Green 1.5TB WD15EARS $125.00 Thermaltake Black Xaser VI with FREE LCS $243.00 Corsair TX-950 Power Supply $208.00 Samsung XL2370 23 Inch Widescreen LED Charcoal Black $389.00 Sub-Total: $4558.00
  5. Nice budget, very large budget too! Is that 4500 for the computer system or other stuff as well? Take twin 5870's over the 5970, they are faster. Drop it down to 7 Pro unless you're getting ultimate for free or a reason. Ultimate is a waste and offers no benefits over Pro. I'd recommend the new 50-60GB OCZ Vertex 2's over the outgoing Agility, much better performance. For such a price cap though, I'd recommend a 100GB Vertex 2 as a OS and program drive, dumping the velociraptor altogether. Put in a 500-1500GB drive depending on space needed. Nice tower! Why such low end choices for such a large budget? Is the budget just a limit or a recommended guide? 4500 goes a very long way, you're talking very high end there. Systems you're quoting with your listed specs come in under 2500, 2000 on a squeeze.
  6. I'd recommend the 212+ as well, I was considering it when shopping around but the ram clearance concerned me as I wanted a memory cooler as well. Short RAM shouldn't be a problem.
  7. Thanks for the help with the mobo.

  8. If you're going for overclocking, get the Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5. Beats the MSI in overclocking ability by a decent margin. Good board and can personally recommend it. The bulldozer is meant to be a drop in upgrade for the AM3 socket, but don't 100% count on it. I'm on the same boat as you and hoping it is. There is probably a dozen cooler's around that might suit you bill, with both the CoolerMaster ones mentionedbeing rather good. Just make sure you shop around and find the one that best suits your case, motherboard/platform and needs. In regards to platform be careful about AMD(AM3) compatibility, most require an extra bracket to fit, and clearance with the RAM is an issue to note on the AM3 platform.
  9. tyft

    Upgrading my PC

    That's why I always recommend Intel brand boards. I've heard a few people who swear by the Intel board. I personally have never picked one because I like the enthusiast features of the ASUS/Gigabyte boards, more then the run of the middle vanilla Intel boards. Any particular reasons you prefer Intel?
  10. tyft


    Not to sure where you might find a etch friendly logo but perhaps in the wallpaper section of the site? Where abouts are you getting the etching done and do you have any pictures of examples?
  11. The 1055T is good for gaming but probably not as fast as the i5 for gaming, depends on the exact chip it's up against for comparison. The 1055T is only a good choice if you're heavily developing CAD or other multithreaded goodness, otherwise go for the i5 or the AMD quad then if only casually. Someone else might be able to answer with exact numbers. Motherboard for AMD depends on overclocking/crossfire. You can pick up a 890GX (Mainstream) for $180-190 or the 890FX (Performance/Overclocking) $240 and upwards -- any of the 890's from MSI or Gigabyte are fine, ASUS for the 890GX as well.
  12. tyft


    I work for a company that installs a lot of PBX and VoIP solutions. We've used mynetphone for a few clients and can't say we've had a problem with them. Just avoid GoTalk like the plague!
  13. If you pick the i5 however, you're better off again going AMD by getting the 6 core AMD 1055T for $235 which in multithreaded aps like CAD will run circles around the i5.
  14. Lol its part of the tooless setup of the lancool cases, no screws holding it in, guess it breaks up the grey!
  15. I've decided to upgrade the videocard as I can't stand the look of the old one in there ruining the colour scheme. So far I'm looking at the Gigabyte HD5850 OC Radeon. Performance looks decent, cooler looks good and it matches the colour scheme! My other option is the HIS 5850, any comments or suggestions? Picture of the Card Itself Installed Card Example - I really like the heatpipes, makes it unique.