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  1. Trying to put together a rig for a friend. Have MB Z77X-UD3H, I5 2500K, 16gig Corsair vengeance CMZ16G3M4A,Win 7 home premium 64, 560GTX, running Corsair 620 PSU. Problem i am having is the system loaded up fine,seemed to be stable, then when i tried to open a 3d app, game etc system just tunred off. Rebooted it again and same thing happens. It can sit fine for 10 mins then just turns off. I have flashed bios to latest version, tried running one stick instead of the 4 sticks of ram, still doing the same thing, pulled out 560 GTX, same same. Got me baffled. Currently i am trying to increase the ram voltage slightly along with the CPU voltage slightly. Thought maybe there was not enough juice getting to it. Any help would be handy, brother down from NSW need to get this sorted tonight if possible. Q
  2. chemos

    Z77-UD3H Build Issues

    CPU running at 60 stable. Upped voltage to the CPU and it has been running stable for 12 hours now under stress testing. i noticed under cpuz that the voltage was dropping significantly under stress test for some reason, once it was increased slightly everything seems to be good.
  3. chemos

    Z77-UD3H Build Issues

    Running prime 95 now to stress test it. Seems to be alot more stable with Voltage increase. Anyone tell me a safe voltage to set the 2500k at? There is next to no cooling in the case so not thinking of clocking it greatly until new case in the future. Just want a stable setting for now. Like wise withRam, has anyone had to increase the corsair vengeance ddr3 and if so to what? Cheers again. Q
  4. chemos

    Senn 360 game PC

    Did not want to hijack previous thread but curious about your comments Cyb3rGlitch re your 360 Headphones give away. Pricey giveaway. Could you elaborate a little as to what you didn't like about them? Cheers.
  5. chemos

    Senn 360 game PC

    Agree 100% re price. Not big on a single review. Plenty of decent u tube and from what I can see independent reviews on the 360. I hate buying gear based off one persons experience.
  6. chemos

    Senn 360 game PC

    That review is of the PC350 not the new 360. The other point is some reviews may have hidden agendas. Not saying that was the case with the 350 review however its interesting to see the 350 got a 91% Atomic rating. However both are still the 350 not the new 360.
  7. chemos

    Senn 360 game PC

    Well after a week testing these out, I have to say I am impressed. The ear cups are large, which help for my slightly enlarged ears. Nothing worse than squeezing into a session and the ears know about it afterwards. The sound is very good, music and movies both are clear and precise. Stacked up against my AKG phones with audio cracking you can notice that they just can't match pure audio phones. But these things are made for gaming and I have not used a more comfortable or clear phone microphone combo. The microphone is amazing, clear and crisp and considering they are made for the gamer I really can't fault them. Granted they do not stack up to a $500 pair of AKG's but they are simply not made to do that. They are pricey but for me I did not want a separate Mic on my desk nor having to worry about positioning into the stand alone while I'm trying to blow things up in my Tiger! Perfect for me, for what they are made for. Just my take.
  8. chemos

    Sennheiser PX 360 Collapsible Headphones

    They are impressive. I bought them only for gaming but they still are excellent with music and movies. I still put my AKG's on though when I am just listening to music, but those are built purely for Audio so its horses for courses really. Nice review here though check it out. http://www.hardwareheaven.com/reviews/968/...ing-bundle.html
  9. chemos

    5xxx Series Benchmarks

    Just finished the rig. (have not reloaded photobucket yet ) How do the scores look? Will start pushing cpu now. Unigine Heaven Benchmark v2.1 FPS: 62.6 Scores: 1577 Min FPS: 34.1 Max FPS: 162.7 Hardware Binary: Windows 32bit Visual C++ 1500 Release May 21 2010 Operating system: Windows 7 (build 7600) 64bit CPU model: Intel® Core i7 CPU 960 @ 3.20GHz CPU flags: 3599MHz MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3 SSE41 SSE42 HTT GPU model: ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series 8.732.0.0 CrossFireX 1024Mb Settings Render: direct3d11 Mode: 1920x1200 fullscreen Shaders: high Textures: high Filter: trilinear Anisotropy: 16x Occlusion: enabled Refraction: enabled Volumetric: enabled Replication: disabled Tessellation: normal Unigine Corp. © 2005-2010
  10. As my delivery did not show up I have some time to amend purchases. Could I get opinions please on whether i should go 2*5870 as I have ordered or 1 5970? Cost difference is neglible and it will be powered by a 960 cpu. OS will be windows 7. Cheers in advance.
  11. chemos

    To crossfire or not

    Just posted my first benchmarks in thread above. Be interested to see your thoughts on scores.
  12. chemos

    Fermi Benchmarks

    sorry just noticed topic heading. deleted, will post in another topic
  13. Ok so awaiting my CPU and HDD to arrive. As per my upgrade topic recently posted will be trying to piece together the following: TJ09 X58A UD3R WD Velociraptor 600G Intel I7 960 Corsair Hydro H50 Auzentech Prelude XFX 5870*2 Corsair 850 psu Windows 7 home pro Read the issues booting up win 7 with the X58 UD3R and need to boot from sata2, is there any other suggestions or things I should know about to get max performance from this rig? Only built one pc before and that was a few years back. *should i look at complimenting the WD Velociraptor with an SSD?*
  14. Ok new PSu in. The pc is only detecting one of the GPU's though. With the crossfire bridge does it matter which connectors I use here? Ok crossfire up ands running. all working. Still cannot get my second HD running. Its listeed in devices, listed in Bios , detected on boot up, but still not showing in my computer where only the SSD is detected as C drive. any ideas?
  15. Apologies did not mean to hijack the thread as suggested.
  16. I just installed one. Obviously too early to comment on reliability but it is super quick and quiet. So far so good.
  17. Any ideas? I am running SATA cable to SATA2 on mb. Thinking maybe its a BIOS setting I have screwed up. Just picked up new Corsair 1000w Psu. Over kill I know but never know what I might add later.
  18. Yes its listed in Bios
  19. Built my old pc about 3 years ago so do not know where i would have put the spare cables. Moved too many times since then. I am thinking I will just buy a new Corsair PSU tomorrow morning as the one I have is a corsair 620. Soon as the shops open I will get this finished. I am having a problem with my WD Hard drive however. When I double click on my computer the only drives i find are the SSD and two dvd/r's. However when I go into device manager it appears listed with no issues in the hard drives section..... Any ideas?
  20. Ok seems I did not blow anything up. Yet... SDD is flying, very nice. Will setup the two 5870 cards tomorrow. Thanks for the assistance. Now to try and import all my old settings to win 7!!
  21. Thanks muchly. Only prob I have now is I do not have 4 pcie cables for my two cards. Will stick in old card until I can buy them tomorrow. Here goes.....
  22. What about the ssd connection? Is this correct?
  23. really?? wonder how that will work.. sounds interesting It would be enabled by default seeing as it has been supported from the get go when Vista launched... but one needed drivers in XP. Ok bumbling my way through build.I have connected SSD and 2ND HD via SATA cable to the two 6gb SATA connectors on mb. SATA 6&7 on this board. Is this correct. Also noticed pretty quickly that with 2 5870's installed I cannot fit my prelude sound card in. Hope the on board sound is ok, else I will need another mb.
  24. chemos

    To crossfire or not

    picked up two 5870 XFX xxx cards. Time to build.