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  1. azamoth

    It is that time again...

    I had a dream... it wasn't about little white girls and black girls getting with each other... but it was about a secret awesome massive cool scary party place, its very hard to explain in fact... I had this dream many months ago... Anyway, back to the ranting.... I want to rant about ranting and how I am fed up with Bill Cosby and his ranting and how I am so jealous about how I can't remember what I want to rant about... wtf is ranting? fuck knows... I don't even know... google... urghhhh Sense 1 ranting [bACK TO TOP] Meaning: A loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion Classified under: Nouns denoting communicative processes and contents Synonyms: harangue; rant; ranting Hypernyms ("ranting" is a kind of...): declamation (vehement oratory) Hyponyms (each of the following is a kind of "ranting"): screed (a long monotonous harangue) I feel like I just jizzed... anyway back to me about ranting what I want to rant about (no I am not a politician in question time- although some of that stuff is really scary it makes me want to hide in a dungeon of zombies)... without protection! <-- is this a rant? Am I a rant? Is a rant a rat without the nth power of ranting sense? Wow... ranting about something I didn't know what to rant about actually helped me stop ranting... I think I just vented? (I have just jizzed again). wtf is venting? 1. VENTING match: 100% (1 sense as a noun) The act of venting Now I know why I am ranting, because ranting is much better than the outcome of venting... Urgh...
  2. azamoth

    How to deal with your boss...

    And you had to edit that? wow...
  3. azamoth

    How to deal with your boss...

    Incorrect. I found it, and am using it right now. Omega 3 is apparently good for the joints and bones. Bending over all the time results in alot of wear and tear hence the reason for increased intake of Omega 3. For the little input I put, I have generated a very productive discussion... therefore this actually makes the OP (yes me) extremely efficient.
  4. azamoth

    The Boat People Solution.

    ooops.... sorry I like previous ideas... but hey, that's what you get when you get front line chicks behind the command! God bless YourAsia!
  5. azamoth

    We are living in the future!

    Yes we are living in the future.... and what is your point?
  6. Any suggestions because I'm running out of Omega 3...
  7. azamoth

    The Boat People Solution.

    Malaysia and similar countries in that region already have massive amounts of illegal citizens that even their governments can't deal with. Maybe if it wasn't so hard for legitimate people to come here the correct way, people wouldn't need to get on a boat. We don't exactly have the easiest process for allowing even genuine immigrant skilled workers into the country!
  8. azamoth

    The Boat People Solution.

    I'm sorry, sarcasm is not examined in their Australian Citizenship Test.
  9. azamoth

    The Boat People Solution.

    Ok, I'm gonna be serious now. Who are these people smugglers? And why are they so hard to catch? To me they see an opportunity to exploit our system (because its not a good one) and they are doing it. It really should be our fault that we are letting the people in with our failed systems, not because they can mange to come here in a floating shoe box. To me, these 'smugglers' seem to know Australia's weakness. They seem to know more about our legislation than we do. It is almost as if they are a rogue government official working at toppling the Australian government and making cash doing so. It would not surprise me at all if an Australian national or someone with connections to Australia is behind these smuggles. If that is the case- they should be easier to catch! If my Google maps can show me my letter box address number, how is it hard for ASIO or satellites to track down the ports these boats are leaving from and set up a surveillance unit there?
  10. azamoth

    The Boat People Solution.

    We can run an annual Malaysia to Broome swimming race. The one who gets here the quickest wins the price of a visa for the whole family. This serves a few purposes: 1) It will ensure that only the best swimmers come to Australia. If they fail at their job or society, we can have them winning medals in the Olympics as swimmers. 2) The majority of the unfit and unhealthy ones will either die drowning or from sharks, and therefore will save us costs in vaccinations and medical expenses. 4) An instant free visa for a whole tribe will mean workload can be relieved from the overworked immigration department and related government bodies. 3) By the time they get here, we would have had time to fix up our immigration policies and set up the NBN for them to call their other mates to come over making the race bigger and bigger each year.
  11. azamoth


    There is a lot of bickering going on in the back ground. May I please speak to the owner of the business?
  12. azamoth

    NEW info to upset conspiricy fans.

    From the documents I have, there actually was no aluminium. It was taken out just before the attacks- hence the reason why the buildings fell.
  13. azamoth

    The Boat People Solution.

    There has been a lot of controversy about the boat people in the past days. I have come up with some of my own solutions that I will be presenting Parliament in days to come. I have split them up into a few categories to make it easier for feedback. OHS during transit 1) Teach asylum seekers how to swim- this will ensure that if a boat does sink, they won't die. 2) Install life jackets, fire extinguishers and tracking beacons on boats- this will ensure that if they can't swim, they will float, if they catch on fire, they will not burn and if they are missing, we can find them. This covers all bases and will safeguard the government for any more scandals. Economic Growth 1) Assuming they follow the OHS procedures above, and they do arrive in Australia intact, we can employ the Aboriginal population in the North to teach them bush stuff. How to dig for water, how to hunt for lizards- basically how to survive off the land. This will mean minimum drainage from the economic pool, and provide them with greater appreciation of their new heaven- in 40 degree heat (the irony). 2) Teach them English- if they can't speak English, then they can't work. If they can't work, they can't learn English. So teach them English. 3) Provide them with ipad's and 3G connection so they can learn about Australia in their own language using google translator. The NBN should be ready very soon, and this can be coupled with their continuous educational advancement in providing the Big Australia, with Big ideas. 4) Have them prospect for gold... I hear it fetches a good price these days on the global market. Religion 1) There is no need to do much here... Australia is a BYO. 2) Provide alternative names to places such as Christmas Island. Since these might be construed as religious discrimination it might require subscript amendments such as Islama Island. Border Protection 1) Not much is known about illegal border crossings within the country by refugees. Recommendation to consult the Americans and Mexicans for advise is highly advised. Government 1) Without governance there is no government and without a diverse population we can't have a democracy. We need more foreigners so that we can get them involved in politics and become future leaders of this great land Asia. Mind Control 1) Top secret experiments on matching a potential mind control agent with the host DNA of certain races of asylum seekers will allow for greater mind control and therefore reduce the risk of rioting and conflict in detention centers and society. 2) Have each immigrant continuously recite with pride and joy the Australian National Anthem and Waltzing Matilida. Assuming they don't adopt the Ned Kelly approach, our satellites should still be able to track their micro chipped head. 3) Train dolphins to attack the boats or lead them to safety depending on the intake quota of asylum seekers. War 1) As America has the War on Terror, the Australian's, if all methods above fail and only as a last resort, should have a War on Smugglers. Depth charges around Australia will prevent boats from popping up on the radar but rather popping up from the water. Providing smugglers with misleading information of a safe route into Australia, but of course, giving them the route to the depth charges and coral reefs would be recommended. 2) Declare a War on War. If Australia strengthened its stance on the War on War, then there would be no war and therefore no influx of refugees. 3) Provide all Australian Citizens with firearm licenses and firearms. Power to the people. Soap 1) Unless methods are used to reduce influx, to sustain hygiene among populace, production of soap needs to be increased by 34.2% by the year 2013. Please, if you have any feedback, I would like to hear. I want to make a stance in Parliament today and not sound like a total idiot among my colleagues debating this.
  14. azamoth

    Can old games still be fun?

    I have them both still. Even 4 expansion sets for Hero Quest. Return of the Witch Lord, Kellars Keep, Against the Ogre Horde and the Wizards of Morcar. I have the World of Warcraft board game too, but I never really had 1 day to set it up, 1 day to read the instructions and 1 day to pack it up. Then you got the good old Risk and if you are that old school, Diplomacy. I could go on forever... somehow when I get this nostalgia... I feel gaming has taken the wrong turn... Board games really were the first LAN games ever and you had that human interaction which made them unique.
  15. azamoth

    Seriously- stop being so lazy!

    Adds are as misleading as you want them to be. Almost as much as you want to believe a politician is telling you the truth. At the end of the day you need to make an informed decision from what you know and what you think you know. The thing that convinces buyers what to buy the most, is actually what their family and friends say and buy, not advertising.