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  1. lordsid

    Redhatter's scenario

    AAAAANNND FOUND! Gotta love that internet archive - Linky here Quite a good problem if I remember correctly Cheers
  2. lordsid

    Android users ahoy!

    In that case I would be happy to lend you my sword phone for testing.HTC Desire S, running Saga LBC mod, Email sent, and sounds like an interesting idea I have to say Thanks dude
  3. lordsid

    How many watts down Cat5

    This might be of use to you http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_over_Ethernet Take from that what you will. Cheers
  4. lordsid

    Firefox vs Chrome

    Its interesting the differences that occur system to system But as I've said again and again - Opera FTW Cheers EDIT: OCD
  5. lordsid

    Is there any way of Limiting?

    I'm assuming by "not every program gives you an option?" you mean that not every installer gives you the option of where to put it. You can change the default install directory by following the guide here What you're referring to redhatter are junction points in windows i believe - well not really but its the closest that windows comes to it IIRC A great link to what you want to do is here - Probably more what you want to do that the first one really Cheers
  6. lordsid

    Imaging tools?

    I'm wondering how many people know about Clonezilla. Admittedly I'm not all that clued into the customisation options but I've used it once or twice to backup my harddrive to an image file. Considering your linux background it might make more sense than say Nortons Ghost. Cheers
  7. lordsid

    f1 key default behaviour

    You can often disable the F-x key behaviour in bios - unfortunately its often a case of all or none You could always just install a program like autohotkeys after disabling it and setting up the functions you want Cheers
  8. lordsid


    What program were you using? Outlook, thunderbird, etc? Until that can't really help you
  9. lordsid

    Sleep, or lack thereof

    My two cents worth Definitely not recommended for long-term use - a couple of once of uses would be alright - if used too often it could cause your brain to stop producing melotonin circadian rhythms to get stuffed up which is bad Insomnia is ALWAYS a result of an underlying condition or circumstance - It can be cause by physiological condition such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, medical pills (even sleeping pills, and antidepressants), or underlying medical condition such as depression In terms of psychological processes, insomnia can be caused by either -an uncomfortable sleeping environment (too much light, noise or an uncomfortable bed) and/or taking midday naps/irregular sleeping patterns or -by the association of the bedroom with active thinking, anxiety, stress or sleeplessness This can then snowball as you start to associate the bedroom with the inability to sleep, anxiety about sleep or insomnia Cheers EDIT:Spelling
  10. Installed latest LAN drivers? What Mobo? Im guessing its different to the other computers Does disabling/renabling the network adapter fix it without a restart? Cheers
  11. lordsid

    ghosting a drive

    ^What he said - although when making a backup image I generally use CloneZilla it should do what your looking for, might have to just read up on it
  12. Should be interesting to see the fallout of this...
  13. lordsid

    PS3 Owned

    Just giving more people reason to hack their ps3.... quite stupid really
  14. lordsid


    Comes out on Jan 26th according to their blog. Looks promising, its a shame they don't have any decent length gameplay videos to see how much they've improved it though. But for $15, I'll probably get it EDIT: According to site's admin in the comments, it will be coming out on Steam EDIT 2: Stupid me didnt see subtitle
  15. Very cool mate. The case's lighting will look epic when done