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  1. shannonsavageau

    Samsung i5700

    Yeah, I most likely will root it, there is a forum dedicated to this phone (Samdroid) and rooting it, and looks like developers are already trying to port Android 2.2 FroYo to it, which should be interesting. Thanks
  2. shannonsavageau

    Samsung i5700

    Hey all, I'm looking at buying a Samsung i5700 from eBay at $285 which ships with Android 2.1, which I'll probably reflash and root anyway cause it will come with Chinese firmware. http://www.samsung.com/ie/galaxyspica/ Would you say this phone good for its price, say because it has a 800MHz processor? Most phones I've seen around that clock speed are $400+ Or if not, could anyone suggest a better phone around the below $350 mark that runs Android and has a close enough clock speed? Cheers
  3. shannonsavageau

    Delete a topic

    Oh yeahh.. I've got a sex changeee and moved to US.. XD
  4. shannonsavageau

    Delete a topic

    Oh whoops lol. But also, he shouldn't be revealing personal details such as my mobile number. That's right, I shouldn't. Which is why I didn't (look closely). You, however, did. For the sake of your privacy (such as it is), I'll not reveal on here how I found the information out other than to say: don't use your real name as your user name on a public forum. I am absolutely crapping my self now.
  5. shannonsavageau

    Delete a topic

    Oh whoops lol. But also, he shouldn't be revealing personal details such as my mobile number.
  6. shannonsavageau

    Delete a topic

    Who are you?
  7. shannonsavageau

    Delete a topic

    I know it doesn't, but I want to be extra cautious.
  8. shannonsavageau

    Delete a topic

    There could be a court case looming, I don't want to somehow get involved.
  9. shannonsavageau

    Delete a topic

    Arghhh, Are you stalking me!?!
  10. shannonsavageau

    Delete a topic

    why can't he just edit out the content, or something? Good idea Cy3berGlitch :D
  11. shannonsavageau

    Delete a topic

    Hi there, I have a topic that I have created a while ago, but I want it deleted due to personal reasons.. is this possible? Cheers
  12. shannonsavageau

    Free hosted blog with FTP access?

    I use 000webhost to host several of my websites. Absolutely brilliant! Although they arn't a blogging service, You could upload wordpress :)
  13. shannonsavageau

    RDP OSX from iPad

    +1 to Linux_Inside V2. I believe you would need a VNC client app iPad. Remote Desktop Connection is Windows only I believe. Mac from 10.5 up has native support for Screen Sharing via VNC in the Sharing thingo in System Preferences.
  14. I'm quite sure you will have to reinstall your OS again after changing modes, as the AHCI files wasn't installed when installing windows
  15. Hi there everyone, I'm trying to overclock my CPU to a considerable high amount... 3.5GHz or somewhere around there, or even higher if its possible. I've got it set to 3.06GHz atm, which is about high as I can get stable, just adjusting the FSB, I don't really want to mess with the voltage until I get some good advice... Oh by the way, my multiplier is 14x. Cheers