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  1. sirtrancealot

    Bad Company or Black Ops or New Vegas or ... what?

    I'm patiently waiting for Half-life 3, I found Medal of Honor and Black ops really disappointing. and yeah as a few people have said above, Bad company 2 is only really epic multiplayer. bit burned on the last lot of Fps's to come out, for all sorts of reasons. but Valve always seems to set the bench, so lets hope they do it again with the source2 engine
  2. sirtrancealot

    Looking for a CPU cooler

    I <3 my H50.. my comp is virtually silent now, sure it's not as good as a full water kit, but hell it's easy as to install, and less than 1/2 the cost.
  3. sirtrancealot

    "Consoles Are Holding PC Games Back" - Crysis Devs

    totally agree that Consoles are holding quality games back, but there are a few exceptions.... i've always been a solid PC gamer from an Amstrad that took cassette tapes to the AMD/ATI powerhouse I have today. but there has always been places for certain games on consoles throughout my life. california games on the mega drive mario all stars, donkey kong country, mario kart on the snes goldeneye on the n64 and after that it was all PC as I totally agreed that PS2/Xbox/360/PS3 just seemed like a rort and an extra few hundred bucks on hardware i didn't need since I already had a perfectly good PC i used for 1000 other things. that topped with overpriced accessories like memory cards, additional controllers etc etc I've definitely missed some quality titles as a result of deals between console manufacturers and developers for exclusivity, all so they can code games easier, make more money, and comply to the lowest common denominator. which is a shame, but I take solace in the fact that i've been playing games with better graphics, better controls, more options, and a little thing called MODS! CS anyone??? But I think the wii really changed a few things in the market for games and needs credit.. and it's place. but also opened up a few new problems. they brought gaming back to all ages, from toddlers to your nan they brought motion controls into the mainstream by patenting tilt sensitive controllers in 2005 they took gaming into a whole new area by making them physically interactive, (moreso than sitting mashing a gamepad like a chimp on the feed button) they made games that were never intended to have cutting edge graphics, it was all about gameplay and the way the user interacted with the game. great games designed to run on far from cutting edge tech, wii sports still has to be one of the best games on wii and its worlds apart from a title like Crysis on PC. Trying to force games to comply with the motion control fad has also caused some serious issues, I can think of about a dozen wii games where you just long for classic controller support and want to piss motion controls off to never be seen again. but it only seems to be getting worse... now you can even get a blow up friggin dingy for you Kinect so you can paddle up a virtual river... WTF!!!!!! seriously!!! so basically what I think i'm trying to say is that some games belong on PC.. some on consoles... and that's how it should stay. similarly some games should have motion controls and some just really really shouldn't! Trying to force games between platforms hurts everyone, but PC games moreso, if anything it should be coded for PC first then scaled back and ported to console. that way games will always look great if you've got a great system, but also work on your now quite dated 360/PS3/Wii. and support a variety of control methods. unlike titles like Dirt2 that have been ported from console and won't even pick up a friggin generic logitech gamepad.. >.< and require 2 mins of menu surfing to exit the game because some dev didn't think it would be a good idea to put a close button somewhere more convenient since you can just hit the power on a console (tho CRT+ALT+DEL certainly fixes that) if sony, MS, nintendo could all agree on a coding standard that was also compatible with PC then all these problems would go away. games would be made intelligently and have a range of support despite what hardware you had cause after all consoles really are PC's..... just with custom BIOS' and OS's purely for games. they obviously make these games on a PC so why not leave it at that.....
  4. sirtrancealot

    League of Legends DOTAS BACK

    I haven't actually checked it out myself yet, but Ive heard it will be pretty much exactly the same as DOTA was for wc3 which sorta makes sense, as i'm sure it was all done using the map editor just like the original. I really am glad that Blizz decided to include the map editor in sc2, cause it really does open the game up for a whole mess of user mods. might see you on there some time :)
  5. sirtrancealot

    League of Legends DOTAS BACK

    just for those who haven't discovered this yet... http://www.playsotis.com/
  6. sirtrancealot

    League of Legends DOTAS BACK

    Heroes of newerth is pretty much the same, cept faster and more dotalike.. either that or just wait for Icefrog to finish his Sc2 port.. :)
  7. sirtrancealot

    Mumble - Open Source Ventrilo alternative

    Mumble app for Android imo works better than ventriloid for vent, i was never able to get it working well. but the mumble one, worked first go, decent quality, only caveat is it doesnt work without a headset.. but then again, you really would want to be using a headset anyways. works perfectly even on 3G, but I suppose that will really depend on your handset and carrier.. i'm using virgin mobile on a HTC desire.. and have no probs.
  8. sirtrancealot

    Mumble - Open Source Ventrilo alternative

    yup, I currently run this on a sempron LE 1650, with 1gb ram, and it also runs IIS and a 1/2 dozen other things. that and my internet connection can't even stream youtube.. (damn TPG) but seems to handle this just fine! I am very very impressed with it.
  9. sirtrancealot

    Mumble - Open Source Ventrilo alternative

    Hey all, just thought i'd pop in a quick post about a lovely bit of software I found on the interwebs the other week. I've been running a private ventrilo server for ages and ages, but have never had it working well, would always stop transmitting and catch up 5 mins worth of push to talk in 30 seconds, and then die until the service was restarted. so I did a bit of a hunt and found this http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ has some top features that ventrilo doesn't have.. like certificate auth, on-screen overlay of who is talking, android client and the quality is exceptional! so if you and some mates prefer to use non-ingame voice services.. this is by far what i'd recommend!! anyone who's up for some Bad Company 2 or Starcraft2 some time, feel free to PM me and i'll shoot you the details of my mumble server! apologies for the double post... proxy server at my work is crud and decides to timeout occasionally.
  10. sirtrancealot

    Any good monitor deals around?

    I just got a 27" Dell 2709 for $150 from a dude from work!!! HAPPY DAYS!!! why he sold me a 1y/o monitor for 10% of it's value is beyond me, but hey I'm not complaining!
  11. sirtrancealot

    what is the best LAN case

    scout scout scout!!! least it has a handle, not too heavy and yeah I can even strap my 22" LCD to the side of it and carry with 1 hand! WIN!
  12. sirtrancealot

    Help me troubleshoot - please :)

    Chrome... nuff said firefox hasn't been good since 3.0 has become far too bloated and would be my 2nd last browser choice these days. last being IE of course
  13. sirtrancealot

    PC won't POST ... halp!

    did you end up getting it workin?
  14. sirtrancealot

    Woman to pay $US1.5m for online piracy

    I think an interesting statistic to see in the news would be the total gross amount received by the RIAA and such from suing people in the last year. I read something like 40,000 individuals have been sued since 2003 and probably a ridiculous amount each time, even with rough math that's a lot of 0's....
  15. Punishing dude, that sucks when that happens have had a few DOA boards myself over the years and it's so disappointing. you could always get get a PCI-X nic if everything else is working. or try flashing the BIOS also. all things worth trying before being without a precious gaming rig IMO.