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  1. Ok so Iv done a litle bit more on it when i had the spare time, assignments still pouring in :( but Iv basically been pushing the fsb up to see where its stopping then going from there. Iv just tried 16.5x238, ht link 2149, 2629 cpu/nb, 1910 ram and trying all this with 2T timing just to give it a little more of a chance. Passed 3dmark06 fine, 30 mins of OCCT linpack gave me 50 degrees cpu temps and 60 degrees nb, this worries me, I was getting 16x250 but ram at 1600 with temps MUCH lower. Any ideas to what I should lower or raise?
  2. yea tried 2.5 and 2.25 but no good. 1 thing i noticed is that in bios after i updated it to the latest version i cant disable c1e and coolnquiet. Iv set epu to high performance - and iv read that u cant disable it. What exactly did u have ur settings at when ur ram was at 2000?
  3. I do realise that i might not get 4ghz cpu and 2ghz ram at the same time, however I want to see myself the difference between ram speeds - run my own benchmarks and decide myself for my own usage what is best. I do a range of things from rendering, gaming, photo editing, movie editing, and basicaly have heard that 2ghz ram can be handy, I am getting close to stabilizing it and want to say that I have achieved it. What I have managed to get to is: 13x250 @ 1.4v cpu 2000mhz ram at 1.7v ht 2250 @ auto volts 2750 cpu/nb @ 1.325v nb @ 1.3v I started at low voltages - changing the HT and CPU/NB around and this seemed to get the furthest in stability tests. Passes 3dMark06 but fails in OCCT around 20 min mark. Wondering what I should change to stabilise this. (Side note I have tried upping the cpu alongside the ram and seems to be the same stability - and all temps have been just fine)
  4. Cool il try to reach that aswell then, but first things first i want to get this ram at 2000, how did u set it up for 2000? I cant get it stable anywhere. DOCP or manual?
  5. Thanks for the reply, I am fairly new to overclocking but how did u set ur ram to 2000 with the fsb at 200? I can only set to 1600 manually and if i choose DOCP then it automatically sets it to 250x16 and ram at profile #1, and what voltages were u running?
  6. So far iv tried lowering the speeds, 2500 and 2250 loaded into windows but then crashed, 2000 didnt make it. Now Im lowering voltages at 2250 (looked the most stable) then if that doesnt work il try upping the volts, anything else you recommend?
  7. bladerx

    help overclocking ram to 2000mhz

    So far iv tried lowering the speeds, 2500 and 2250 loaded into windows but then crashed, 2000 didnt make it. Now Im lowering voltages at 2250 (looked the most stable) then if that doesnt work il try upping the volts, anything else you recommend?
  8. bladerx

    help overclocking ram to 2000mhz

    I havent, i just used DOCP profile #1 to get the rated timings, do you recommend i slow em down to try getting stable? 9-11-9-27-1T is what its rated at, what would you recommend? Thanks for the reply.
  9. k thx, i guess i read a bad post a while ago, I will try tonight when I get time. 2400mhz with as low volts as required.
  10. Noctua NH_D14 for the cpu, got the HAF X case, nothing else at the moment, so basically lower the speed of the NB and up the voltage at the same time? Or just lower and if that doesnt work keep it at 3000 and up the voltage? Am i correct that ram:nb should be 1:3? Also what should I be looking at as maximum temps for the NB? Thanks for the reply.
  11. Hi guys Iv been playing around with overclocking this setup for a while now, and Im wanting to get my ram stable at 2000mhz, here is what Iv managed: 20x200 with ram at 1600 (stable) 14x280 with ram at 1867 (stable) 16x250 with ram at 2000 (however crashes in 3dmark06 around 1 minute) voltages for my stable settings 1.4v cpu, 1.3 cpu/nb, 1.65dram, 1.2nb. HT and CPU/NB @ auto max (I tried under these before and kept raising up) voltages attempted for 2000mhz, 1.45v cpu, 1.35 cpu/nb, 1.7v dram, 1.3v nb. HT at 2000 CPU/NB tried 2500-3000. As I boot i notice my nb is at 33 degrees, cpu is always good temps - got Noctua NH-D14. Any opinions on what to change to get this stable with ram at 2000mhz? My end goal is 2000mhz ram and 4ghz cpu.
  12. bladerx

    Reaching 2000mhz Ram on AMD board

    Just hit 200x20 with 1.375v stable after 20 mins stress test, cpu/nb (1.2v) and ht (1.2v) at auto speeds. Temperatures for the test leave me with bout 34 degrees on the cpu and 45 peaks for nb averaging at 40. Ram is at 1.65v and its highest multiplier at 1600mhz, where should I go from here? Also out of interest I tried upping the cpu multiplier to 20.5 and 1.4v and error after 4 minutes of stress.
  13. bladerx

    Reaching 2000mhz Ram on AMD board

    Thanks for the reply, As for the multiplier if I have fsb at 200 the max option I have is to set it at 1600 which is why I have tried raising it instead of my cpu multiplier. Basically what you are saying is I should set NB and HT at stock, 20x200, however I am a little confused at how you propose I get ram to 2000. Also which voltages will I need to change for this? Raising the cpu as the multiplier goes up, DRAM at 1.65 as rated, what about NB, CPU/NB, VDDA? As for NB temperature what should I be looking at for a maximum temperature and what is getting dangerous?
  14. bladerx

    Reaching 2000mhz Ram on AMD board

    I did try that at an early stage - however I cant remember the results so I will try again, however to set ram past 1600mhz if i get 20x200 do I set it as DOCP? As for my nb speedfan has it on around 43 on load, am I correct that this is a little high? I heard a couple posts saying that a basic rule of thumb is ram:nb is 1:3? Is this correct or should I be lowering the multiplier.
  15. Reached 250mhz fsb easily, kept raising by 10 and when wasnt stable upped the voltage a tad. Ran at 250x16 for a while with ram at 1667 but want ram faster, changed to 280x14.5 with ram at 1867, not 100% stable - crashes in OCCT after 87 minutes, stats: 1.45v cpu 1.65 ram 1.3 cpu/nb @ 3080mhz ht around 2000mhz any ideas getting this stable and moving forwards to 2000mhz ram?