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  1. That's if you accept that the crap they teach as RE has anything to do with actual history. It's obvious that the majority of it doesn't. Why does this garbage have to waste the time of students who are trying to learn real history? That's my whole point in a nutshell. Why should anyone in a place of education be subjected to this abuse? "Oh, they need to learn about religion just as they need to learn about mathematics, blah, blah, blah..." Well, do they need to learn about how to murder people? How to lie convincingly? How to gain the trust of vulnerable people so they can be used for sex? How to make yourself throw up to stop weight gain? How to con people you meet on the internet? There's heaps of stuff we could add to the syllabus. But some of it we don't,....... because it's wrong to push things like that on a child who isn't even 6 years old. At what age is it okay to teach our kids about all the garbage adults are interested in?
  2. Now that some christians have hijacked this thread it has become truely frightening and evil. :(
  3. uncle krunkus

    Homo Modernus, Tractatus Philosophicus

    Thanks Kimmo. Very interesting.
  4. Philosophy is actually the opposite of religion, in that you have to be actively involved in finding answers to get anywhere. Unlike religion, it is mostly about teaching people how to think.
  5. uncle krunkus

    Religion can be dangerous

    All. Any kind of mystical garbage leads to just more mystical garbage.
  6. Philosophy, by it's very nature, is about asking the big questions, and questioning every possible answer. It's not about plastering over every big question with lies. Religion, by it's very nature, is about force feeding a load of shit.
  7. uncle krunkus

    Religion can be dangerous

    A nutcase by any other name would smell as rank.
  8. How many other classes are taught by people with no training in education? People who are not answerable to anyone? Who can just hand out piles of photocopied garbage to our kids? Kids who are not even 6 years old? It is sick shit indeed.
  9. uncle krunkus

    Religion can be dangerous

    I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to entrust their child to a priest and a bowl of water. Nor that it could possibly invoke quotes from the bible! (I can't LOL,.... it's just too sad for that.)
  10. So would it be okay if some freindly lay people wandered into our schools and started teaching the kids about how great it is to have sex with adults? As far as I'm concerned it's the same thing. One group wants to fuck with our kids arses, and the other want to fuck with their heads. It's child abuse either way. Hmmm,.... I wonder if the parents who want their kids to be abused should actively decide to send them to a religious school. That way, our public schools could be non-child abuse by default. What's wrong with that?
  11. uncle krunkus

    Songs to Bawl Your Eyes out To

    Four Seasons In One Day – Crowded House Pyramid Song – Radiohead Nightswimming – REM Blackbird – The Beatles Never Let Me Go - John Foxx Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel By This River - Brian Eno
  12. uncle krunkus

    Three things you should know about Islam

    All religion is evil. I'd like to see it eradicated. All religions, everywhere, gone. The problem is that it's legal (even encouraged) to infect innocent children with this desease. Only when that form of child abuse is stopped, will we begin to move towards sanity.
  13. uncle krunkus

    The gall of Kevin Rudd

    Yes, wouldn't it just be smashing if we were all born with a silver spoon wedged up our arse!? lol!
  14. uncle krunkus

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

    I've only ever been a member of one other forum, and I would think long and hard before expanding into the endless list of subforums. You end up needing more, and specialized, mods. This leads to the whole thing becoming a lot more fragmented. Now that could be a good way of hiding the "nasty little arguments" which arise from time to time, but it can also encourage them. It's a fine balancing act. I sometimes think the "loud and proud" approach can be exactly what makes it hard to make new friends. Thankfully, I am patient, and sometimes I'm persistent too. :)
  15. uncle krunkus

    OK, so WTF is going on with Atomic?

    As a fairly new user here, I just had to reply to this thread. I'm not exactly sure what to say, as I already feel like people here talk between themselves about old issues and politics and ignore posts by newbies like me. It's probably an unrealistic observation, maybe I just haven't been here long enough. Maybe the people you really want to hang out here,...... are already here.