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  1. peterbigeyes

    Global warming advertising

    Wow lol, kinda caught me by surprise when they exploded
  2. peterbigeyes

    Best ever homeless beg.

    Nice link. I enjoyed that
  3. peterbigeyes

    Planescape: Torment

    Never played this before but sure as hell going to
  4. peterbigeyes

    A man walks into a bar carrying an octopus

    Well at least the octopus talks
  5. Damn.. it looks sick. Bummer for bad reviews
  6. peterbigeyes

    WD VRaptor or Seagate Momentus XT?

    Thanks for the input guys. I'd probably go for the VRaptor as the votes say. A friend got it recently and he has given me very good reviews bout the VRaptor.
  7. peterbigeyes

    Today I found a pretty girl on the internet

    Better then average voice too
  8. peterbigeyes

    WoW first timer, guide me please

    Yea a sub rogue has never been good against several enemies since vanilla ( and even with FoK now). Blade flurry is probably the only decent solution to multiple targets of your level
  9. peterbigeyes

    whats a good laptop

    The Toshiba F60 is a pretty one imo.
  10. peterbigeyes


    Works fine on mine
  11. I'm thinking to buy one of these high performance hard drives, Seagate Momentus XT or WD VRaptor but I cannot decide which is better. Any recommandations and opinions?
  12. peterbigeyes

    WD Assasin's Creed II promo?

    Many thanks for the input guys : ) Promo is over now anyways, I was a little late
  13. peterbigeyes

    WD Assasin's Creed II promo?

    Just found it here: http://wdthepowerofchoice.com/pages/promotions?globLang=aus Buy a 2TB WD Caviar Black Hard Drive and get a free Assasin's Creed II* game worth US$49.99. Register your purchase to recieve the Assasin's Creed II Activation Code. Anyone heard of it?
  14. peterbigeyes

    L4D comic

    Can't wait!!!!