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    Sick of Abbot's Hospital Cuts?

    Fun little game, interesting factoids. Nice find :D
  2. Thank you for the info, I will be calling them again tomorrow.
  3. Hello, I am having some troubles getting a Gigabyte motherboard to post (or do anything really). The Story: I purchased the motherboard via a website and had it sent to my house (as you do) when it arrived I immediately went about building the system (I had purchased the rest of the system elsewhere). After completion the computer failed to do anything once the power button was pressed (this includes emitting no noise through the PC speaker, all that happens is some lights turn on on the motherboard which according to the manual relate to the northbridge's load), after testing with various combinations of parts and still nothing happening it was decided that the motherboard was the broken component. I sent the motherboard back to the supplier the next day under a warranty claim (I had only had it for one day), I got a email 3 days later saying some of the CPU pins had been bent thus my warranty was void so I must pay postage to get it back. After getting the motherboard back I inspected the CPU socket and located the 2 bent pins, they had been lifted up (away from the base of the motherboard and bent over 2 other pins, one thing that seems odd is how could this have happened by accident, surely more than 2 pins would have been bent and their location would have been different, the pins themselves were away from an edge and in line towards the centre (picture below)). Under the advice from the supplier I bent the pins back into place so that the tip of each pin makes a square with each group of 4 pins. Upon testing the motherboard again it still doesn't work, the same problem occurs (all that happens is some lights turn on on the motherboard which according to the manual relate to the northbridge's load) even with every component disconnected the mother board still does it. There is no noise through the PC speaker so the motherboard is definitely broken and it is not due to the bent CPU pins. The Question: Is there anyway I can determine exactly what part of the motherboard is not functional? Also am I in the right when requesting a refund? (according to the dept of fair trading rules I feel like I am) Kind Regards, Nipples TL;DR I have a brand new broken motherboard and I am wondering what to do. The bent CPU pins: