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  1. <.< >.> =^.^= that ebay store had me purring. Grrrrr.
  2. meowkitty

    WoW and AVG

    I ditched AVG. I enjoyed it a few years ago but then it changed (man) Avast was recommended to me and I am happy with it's performance and level of visibility.
  3. And so it begins. took the MS 7525 out of the HP case and put it into a Thermaltake V9, because it was free, on hand and had more drive bays. put a Corsair VS350 PSU in and transferred all the other stuff from the HP case. Also got a stick of ARAM 2GB DDR2-800 to reach the minimum required for freeNAS. BIOS did not like the idea of booting from a USB so tried an OCZ Agility 3 (120gb) that was around to see it we could make the hardware work. It didn't. The install disk was going great except for installing the FreeNAS OS on the SSD. Went to the garage and popped open all my computer boxes and got out a 500GB Segate SataII HHD. worked 1st time. installed and launched and told me to open my web browser on another computer. all like it should do. powered down and installed a PCIE 2 port SATAIII card, plugged in 2x 3TB segate NAS drives, set the IP on the modem/router to fixed for the NAS and rebooted. logged in, found that FreeNAS had found the SATA card and was ready for me to set up the drives. went tot he plugins and installed PLEX. (just need to test the mobile app now) Left the HD4350 as part of the system, even though it has onboard graphics and I also have a silent HD5450 or GT440 but I have yet to look at the benefits of any of those bits of hardware, I still have 2x SATA 1 ports on the Mobo which I plan to set up as other dedicated directories, to music and documents and such. so i'm a happy camper. the next hurdle is that while the PC's can see the NAS, a lap top can not and the wireless blueray player gets prompted for a password. But it's early days yet.
  4. Update. spoke to the guys at the shop about it while buying stuff, like a new HDMI cable. they were nice and receptive to my desire to return the monitor to check and swap. got the new HDMI home and swapped it out. even when then PC was turned off, the monitor decided it would behave differently and went into standby mode. Problem solved with new HDMI cable. No more fights with monitor cables and rebooting twice and windows + P, it just work properly now. It even goes to standby and resumes properly. next will be the hibernate test but still.... $7 part fixed it. Thank you Dasa, your time and suggestions have been appreciated.
  5. meowkitty

    Licences, What Do You Have ?

    Car, Bike and I got a sewing machine licence in Year 7.
  6. meowkitty

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    R9 285 Corsair RM750 PSU Corsair 750D case LG 24mp56 LED IPS monitor. very excited.
  7. Sadly, the LG only has D-Sub and HDMI, the Diamond Digital D-sub and DVI. the card has 2x DVI, HDMI and a display port. I would have to get my hands on a DVI - DSub adapter. Update. will need to look at drivers, if the system saves power by cutting signal to the monitors, there by hibernating them, the LG turns off and the drivers stop supporting 2 monitors. forcing a reboot.
  8. Your previous response now has the desktop set as extended at startup, thank you very much for that. the new monitor (LG24') turns off completely while the older one does what I would normally expect and goes to standby. The new monitor is on the HDMI while the old one is in the DVI. I shutdown twice to be sure and, I have to manually press the button on the new monitor to turn it on, it does not automatically wake. The manual say it should auto standby and the super power saving features are off.
  9. I have acquired a HP Pavilion p6130a I want to turn it into a file server thing. It has not been turned on since it was 1st registered by the previous owner in 2009. It has a clean install of Vista with HP bloatware. the spec is E5200, ATI HD 4350, 1x 2GB DDR2 800, 500GB 7200rpm drive via a Sata 1 interface. so my questions are, • do I use Vista or switch to FreeNAS? With 2 Sata1 ports I was looking to get a PCIE1 2x SataIII card to run 2x 3TB drives. will freeNAS be ok with this card and am I over reacting to the 2x Sata1 ports being only sata1. or 3rd ly, it is apt considerign how few ports are on the board. • The power supply has no sata power cables and is 230W, I am looking to get a Corsair VS350, which has 4 sata. is this reasonable or should I just get Molex to sata power things. if it is reasonable to get a new PSU, is this one OK?. • Graphics, I have a lazy GT440 on a shelf, will this help the system to upgrade or not? • I watched Tek Syndicate and they liked FreeNAS, XBMC and PLEX. this box will be storing music and TV series/movies and some documents to use on PC and wireless Bluray drive. Is this software good and are their other things that will help with a 1st time NASer. I have watched a video on XBMC set up and was impressed. Tek Syndicate have this week added a FreeNAS setup vid which I have yet to watch. and and All advise appreciated.
  10. I installed the hardware, uninstalled the Invidia drivers from the old card, rebooted and installed the CCC. Tried the detect displays, set to detect when CCC is opened. Plugged both monitors in and used Windows + P, was a bit flaky but did the trick. except I had to turn the new monitor on. the new monitor is the other factor in this, it is not dropping to standby but turning off, which seems to upset CCC a bit. I have CCC 14.30.1005. Thanks for the tips, the CCC is new to me and I think it gets my vibe of low confidence. If i do a reinstall, what do you recommend as core components or just start with graphics and go from there.
  11. Update, it boots in dual monitor but when it moves past the swirly window start screen it drops 1 monitor. I'm hunting for a new HDMI but will also look at Catalyst. any advise on CCC would be appreciated.
  12. I Upgraded 2 things at once. My graphics to an R9 285 and my monitors. The monitors are a LG 24MP56 as the main on the HDMI port and Diamond Digital DV191V on a DVI port. half of the time the card will only run 1 monitor. if I plug in a monitor on the DVI it turns off the HDMI, thats on either of the DVI. I say half of the time because I have had them for 3 days and half of that time I have been less than please to be plugging stuff in and out to try and work out what it's problem is. Is it the the card, the CCC, the HDMI cable, that I have not rebooted enough.
  13. meowkitty

    So guess what happens tomorrow?

    not now it hardly exists. How long, that you know of, has Haymarket been preparing for the sell off and how long has Nextmedia been interested in PCTA? I ask becasue "Signs were slowly appearing that Haymarket was looking to downsize after rolling niche computing title Atomic into PC & Tech Authority in late 2012." and that they were expantionist "Nextmedia already has a raft of technology titles including Hyper, Camera, PC Powerplay and Popular Science, which it recently acquired from John Southam-owned Australian Media Properties." From http://www.adnews.com.au/adnews/haymarket-...stralian-market
  14. meowkitty

    So guess what happens tomorrow?

    I see this sale took place in Septmeber. Any comment on how the merger of Atomic into PC&TA appears to remove an obstacle to the sale of the 2 haymarket titles to Nextmedia, in so much as Atomic was no longer a competing brand?
  15. meowkitty

    WOW 5.4 Seige of Ogrimar

    they updated the warchest to cover up to Cataclysm and have priced it at $20. (ATM)