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    New Gaming Rig

    I've got that exact 5870 and I love it. It's actually the cheapest of the bunch too. Only problem is it 'feels' kind of cheap, with the flimsy plastic fan cover. Just doesn't feel as solid as some of the other designs. My only query, (apart from what you need 12tb of storage for!) is why you're going for the WD Greens - they're cheap, but I keep hearing bad things about them. Everyone warned me off them for my HTPC rig.
  2. dixie_flatline

    Battlefield 3

    My only pre requisite for BF3 is it has to be HUGE. And by HUGE, I mean FUCKHUGE. How is it conceivable that with all the advances in technology no game has managed to rival BF2 for the sheer size of those maps. That's the whole point of the game. It's called 'Battlefield', the point is to have a massive battlefield full of players. No other game in the BF stable has acheived that since.
  3. dixie_flatline

    Fallout: New Vegas Street Date Broken

    Just got a call from EB to say it's available for purchase tomorrow, so they're breaking the release date by 24 hours. That's going to get anyone who fronted for an AU Steam purchase pretty pissed off - so the situation for PC gamers is - early birds got a $50 pre order that activates on the 22nd, US account holders / tunnelers gets it at $50 on the 19th, late Steam pre-orders get it for $89.99 on the 22nd, or in store purchases for $99.99 on the 21st... WTF. So in return for supporting digital distribution by a (usually) decent company that supports independent developers and PC gamers, we have to wait a whole day? If we pay a premium, we can get it whenever EB feels like releasing it, but our money goes to the store that helped kill off independent games retailers and props up a toxic game trading industry that rips off developers and consumers. Or else we can wait until JB Hi-Fi or K-Mart knock the price down to around what the US pays anyway. It's a complete mess. It's a disincentive to play on the platform. I'd completely forgot I'd pre-ordered it for XBox before I upgraded my PC. Now I kind of wish I got it on console instead. What they should have done, is if they absolutely had to change the Australian price to rip us off, is give us the game on the 19th. Why the hell would you enforce a delayed street date for an online distribution platform? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of online distribution? Then these guys wonder why piracy is an issue. After you navigate that minefield of trying to find a game at a decent price at the genuine release date, why wouldn't you consider just pirating it and being done with it? After the woeful effort that was Medal of Honor on PC, and the inability to return or trade PC games in stores, I wish I had have pirated it. I would have played it for 30 minutes and deleted it. Instead they got my money dishonestly and I have no way of getting it back - can't trade the game, can't sell it on eBay because I used the CD Key, you're basically stuffed - lesson learned? Don't buy physical PC games. So you switch to an online service and you STILL get screwed. At least if you pre-order crappy games on XBox without playing them you can take them back for a trade in, or else a full refund within a week. It's like they don't want to sell any games on PC. It's like they're making the purchase of PC games such a difficult, disappointing experience that we just won't bother anymore, sales will drop, and they can stop making them completely. You think about the consequences of PC game decline - we upgrade our rigs religiously to play a handful of games, if they stop, we stop upgrading our rigs - your AMDs and your Intels will survive a decline in enthusiast sales, but what about your smaller enthusiast brands? Unlike Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, the PC Game industry supports jobs and innovation at levels beyond itself. It encourages independent game development - now you look at the 'indie' games on XBox and PS3 - they're designed and built on PC, mostly for PC gamers, and those that aren't were designed by people getting their start in indie PC game design and modding. If you take PC games out of the equation, then where are your next generation of game developers going to come from? Those over priced university courses in 'game design?' The best game designers taught themselves everything they knew. They'll be gone soon. Let me strap on my tin foil hat for a second here: Gaming is a multi billion dollar buisness now. And a handful of companies are able to control that industry at every level. At a hardware end - Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo - from a software angle - Blizzard-Activision, EA, Konami, Ubisoft. Valve isn't even in the top 25 gaming companies. You think about the buisness model for those companies - PC decline makes perfect sense to them. Fewer PCs means more control, less upstart developers out of Asia like NCsoft and Atlus, more control over the labour force, who will be made to go to gaming design and programing courses that only emphasis the skills those companies need and become requirements for access to the industry instead of independents in their bedrooms churning our great, cheap, simple products and distributing themselves. If they can reign in PCs as a gaming platform, they can excerpt greater control on the industry, which means they can make bigger profits with fewer competitors. This is the only thing that keep me from pirating games and it should be for all PC gamers. Pirating isn't an anarchic act of rebellion against the gaming corporations milking out hip pockets - it's buying into their scheme.
  4. dixie_flatline

    Blue Void

    I have the exact same problem with my 5870 in my R2 case. For some reason, the mobo just mounts about 50mm closer to the inner case wall than in most cases, making big PCIE cards fit not quite flush, but not so bad as to not connect. You can barely notice it unless you look really hard. It's even worse with my Powercolor 5870, which are pretty poorly manufactured in the first place - I ended up having to dremmel off a bit of metal on the external bracket to make it fit. Do yourself a favour and install extra fans in your R3. The bitchumen sound proofing is a bastard for heat, and while the 5870 stays cool, your ambient temps will be a lot higher than they should be. I have an extra 4 in mine, 3 120mm Fractal Design fans and 2 140mm on the top. I leave the front two on low with the door closed, with the two on top and 1 below on medium all the time. You can barely hear any difference with the silent fans - if you take out the sound proofing you might as well have bought a cheaper case.
  5. dixie_flatline

    Fallout New Vegas, great game!

    I have a US Steam account on my work VPN that I use to gift myself games at the US price. This tactic is really unreliable and at times I've found my credit card charged full Australian prices for US games. For example, I got Left 4 Dead 2 from the States, opened my US Steam account locally and played the uncensored version, then gifted copies to three friends - two copies at the US price, 1 came through at the Australian price, two of them downloaded censored, one didn't. Wasn't able to figure out from the card charges if the one that went through at the Aus. price was the one that got censored. Weird. I tried something different with Fallout last night - I used my PayPal account instead of my credit card. Whole thing worked perfectly - but get this: I bought from the US store, after the US release date, gifted it to myself, then opened up the VPN on my home computer using Corinoco's strategy, got the game working - and after going through the intro / character creation sequence I found I had access to the pre-order items, even though I'd bought the game after the US release date. I suspect that the pre-order items might actually be in the game, just not available unless Steamworks detects a pre-ordered copy somehow. Sturdy Caravan Shotgun is pretty awesome.
  6. dixie_flatline

    What PC game should i get

    Wow. The whole FPS community has been saying this for months.. If we have a community, I do not want to live there.
  7. dixie_flatline

    What PC game should i get

    Wait 4 days, get Fallout: New Vegas. MoH is shit beyond belief.
  8. dixie_flatline

    Pre-load Medal Of Honor

    Singleplayer campaign is worst game of the year, all years. I stopped playing in the second level, where you have to move through the aircraft graveyard and had flash backs to Modern Warfare 2. Are there so many plane graveyards in a country with only one major airport and no international flights for the last 30 years that both games inexplicably have them? Gameplay was clunky, repetitive, voice acting was terrible, enemies identical and stupid, weapons unsatisfying - they claim to have been doing research with real special forces operators - do real special forces operators play Star Wars: Rebel Assault because that's what the game felt like. I liked that the main characters wear realistic Pashtun head wear. The rest of the game was shite. I'll stick to playing ArmA 2 single player. Multiplayer is a better game by a better studio - I feel sory for DICE they let their game be packaged with this load of tripe that manages the herculean task of being boring, and offensive - a feat previously only acheived by dried, grey turds and Daikatana.
  9. dixie_flatline

    What does gaming mean to you?

    I worry that I'm losing the sense of wonder about great games that I used to have. I'm not sure if it's me, or the games themselves. Every time that's happened, something has always come along to restore my faith in them - I remember playing Daggerfall, back in the long, long long ago. That was a mind blowing PC experience, probably the point at which I thought - these games are going to absorb my life. Sure I'd played console games, I'd played Wolfenstein, Doom - but there was something about Daggerfall, that vastness of it, that made you really think about the possibilities of what games could do. And Daggerfall was in no way an easy game to love. It crashed randomly. Whole sections were unfinished. There were strange bugs everywhere. The AI was simply awful. But there were saving graces. The genuine feeling of discovery and adventure, wanting to see what was over the horizon, finding things out in the middle of nowhere and wondering how the got there - did someone mean you to find this strange dungeon filled with sentient slime? Or was it randomly generated to fill in space? And what was the strange ring in the chest at the end that had no effect on your character except leaching 1 hit point ever few minutes? I had Daggerfall without the manual as well, and without the internet. So the first time I encountered the Dark Brotherhood, or became a Vampire, or a Werewolf, or bought my own three mast galleon to store my impressive loot was just awe inspiring. I admire the way Bethesda managed to cram even more detail into those games even as the limitations of technology forced them to shrink the game worlds, but there's just something so amazing about having world to wander around in real time that I worry we'll never see again in games. Bethesda games are really the only ones I look forward to every time they're released now. Because even as the engines change you still get those glimmers of nostalgia.
  10. dixie_flatline

    Call of Duty Black Ops vs Medal of Honor

    At the moment, I'm getting Medal of Honor on PC and Black Ops on XBox. While both are console shooters, playing the MoH Beta was fun and I think I'd enjoy it more on PC. Any iteration of CoD since 1 is basically an arcade game and I prefer playing casual games on XBox - also the community doesn't take itself quite so seriously, XBox Live multiplayer is just more fun. Hopefully they'll have fixed some of the Australian ping problems that crippled MW2 early on. Then I'll just wait around for a real PC shooter to come out. Which at this rate will probably be never.
  11. dixie_flatline

    Desert Trip Game List

    Rome: Total War and Barbarian Invasions. Play the entire Roman campaign, meet the victory conditions, keep playing until about 300AD, then load up Barbarian Invasions and play it through as the Western Empire. I'm not ashamed to confess I've done this, and it took me about 3 weeks on Very Hard. I challenge any one to make it through without having their Empire decimated by barbarians. I ended up losing Rome and every European settlement, managed to keep my empire afloat on the British Isles but Pirates blockaded everyone of my ports. Three weeks of my life I don't even want back they were so awesome.
  12. dixie_flatline

    Is this the cheapest HTPC money can buy?

    Right.. that... is frightening shit. It's making think twice about the whole thing. I mean, right now if our T-Box goes on the fritz, my girlfriend tries to physically murder me. Not the usual, metaphysical murdering of cold stares, silent treatment, impatient grunting. No, last time it accidently deleted her recorded episodes of Big Bang Theory my very life was at risk... I don't even want to think about what would happen if the HTPC blows up. Another issue that I didn't go into earlier is that I stubbornly refuse to buy a new television. I've got a 4 year old Samsung LA32R71BDX and it still works perfectly. That was a $3000 TV back in the day and I got it new for $1300 from a Police auction. Only problem is the internal HD tuner broke so the only way to watch television is through HDMI. So whatever I do, the HTPC will be the only way of watching television in the house, so screwing it up is not an option. Do you notice any difference in 1080p playback on an HTPC compared to a dedicated HD tuner?
  13. dixie_flatline

    Is this the cheapest HTPC money can buy?

    I'm not going to game on it... and I probably won't overclock, although I will for whatever twisted reason sleep more soundly knowing I conceivably could. One thing I am thinking of doing with it is running Linux. I mean, my goal is to build a cheap HTPC but no matter what I do, I'm always going to get slogged $100 for Windows. I've been reading about Mythbuntu, does anyone have any experience using Myth TV on an HTPC? It strikes me that you could shave $100 off your set up by running open source - and since all you're going to be doing is watching TV, movies etc you don't need any of the other Win7 features.
  14. dixie_flatline

    Can anyone suggest a good gaming mouse?

    I've had three mice in the last five years - MS Intellimouse, a Razer Lachesis and a Razer Deathadder. Of all of them, I like the Deathadder the most. The Intellimouse was more comfortable, while the Lachesis was more responsive - the Deathadder sits right in the middle and is perfect for my huge hands. The Lachesis was also plagued with problems, dodgy drivers, lag - great mouse, but get a warranty for it, especially since they're still so expensive. In comparison, you can pick up a Deathadder for around $75. At that price, you can afford to find you don't like it.
  15. dixie_flatline

    Is this the cheapest HTPC money can buy?

    Just out of interest, I noted a lot of you gravitated toward the 235e - is this a better CPU? It was rubbished in reviews, and I just assumed the 250 was the better option. The other thing I was considering, and the reason why I like the idea of a full ATX rig, is that I might I use the cheaper Athlon to try my hand at over clocking before I do it on my main rig. Also, having an overclocked HTPC roaring away in my entertainment unit and annoying my girlfriend would please me.