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  1. Hi, my question is whether a second hand logitech z5500 5.1 system is worth $180? If not, can anyone suggest to me a decent set of 5.1 speakers that i could use for gaming, watching movies and annoying the hell out of everyone with my dubstep, trance and techno: -I'm on a budget of $200 (for now) but willing to stretch that to maybe $400 at the most for a really good value/quality set. -I'm not an audiophile so i don't need to be breakinig the bank just to get a set that'd be wasted on me -I just want a set that'll let me hear footstep from behind me and to be able to decently feel/ hear the impact from an explosion. I'm also willing to consider wireless headphones if they can provide better
  2. Can you provide a link with a sandisk that offers better value than the vertex 3, i'll probably consider it
  3. Hey all, Finally got around to actually getting a new rig but i just have one more addition to figure out. Would it be worth forking out extra to get the OCZ Revo 3 SSD ($354) instead of the OCZ agility/vertex 3 ($129/144)? I plan on using for my OS so i can load up windows as fast as possible and for a few big games like BF3 and such. I'm not sure if it's just overkill and if it'd make worthwhile difference to have the Revo.